Jutsu NameEditEdit

  • Wind Release: Great Storm 

Rank and ReasoningEditEdit

  • A Rank Jutsu
  • Large amount of chakra is necessary

Jutsu Hand SealsEditEdit

  • Bird > Monkey > Rat> Boar > Dragon > Horse > Ram > Dragon > Bird > Rat > Bird

Jutsu InformationEditEdit

  • The justsu creates a massive and violet storm like environment
  • can work as both offensive and defensive type.

Specific Users:EditEdit

  • This jutsu is not a Clan Jutsu
  • This jutsu is a Wind Release
  • This jutsu is open for all with Wind affinity to learn.

Jutsu CostEditEdit

  • This jutsu costs a large amount of the user's chakra to execute.

Jutsu PerformanceEditEdit

The User gathers a large amount of chakra within themselves and produced the long hand seal chain of Bird > Monkey > Rat> Boar > Dragon > Horse > Ram > Dragon > Bird > Rat > Bird, the performance of which expells the users Wind based chakra which flows up into the skies, creating a massive swirling air mass above the user for 300 meters around. The location soon becomes extremely windy and downpours heavily, wind speeds approach 110mph within the area (or 50 meters per second) equivilant to the force and speed of a Class two Hurricane, trees may begin uprooting, projectile weapons will be largely diverted, long ranged attacks will become extremely hard to accurately perform.

Jutsu ProductEditEdit

  1. The offensive type Jutsu creates a massive storm and heavily changing the environment
  2. The defensive type jutsu creates a high percentage of attack failures from the enemy
  3. Violent storm type creates both sturdy offensive and defensive qualities.


High wind speeds can destroy the ability to hit your enemy with projectiles or long ranged attack, A Kunai thrown twenty meters might miss the target by up to five meters. Can cause your allies to be unaccurate and unable to move freely.Restricts movements

Approved byEditEdit

Sanada Kihaku