Goru's Great Fireball Technique training. Days that it will take to learn the technique will be within a 16 day period started off with day one of reading the scroll. The scroll was given to him previously by his Sensei Sanada Hitomi, this will be recored as a Solo. Going through the day by day process of him learning the technique.

( Personal Written Note From Sensei: As I know everyone will be reading this, and wondering. I have given him perimission to do this. As this type of training, and format to train is only through me, and will be easier to do while I am busy with my RL. If anyone has a problem with how he trains and in this format. Please feel free to contact me via skype, or catch me while I'm on IMVU. As I do not want anyone to hassel my students. Please take any personal complaints or questions, or even comentary to myself. Thank you. ~Izzy~ )

Day 1 - "I hate studying.."Edit

There he stood, though who was he to be in that situation. The abstract glow on his face, the blend of his eyes refracting off of the Circular window style in which all Yukigakure buildings entailed. His skin scratching against the sheets, and his pillow sinking to the dwindling low because of the connection of his head to its base. He was not one to sleep long, especially today. He decided to open his eyes again, this time one at a time, as he pulled himself to an upward, sitting position. His hair shifting with the change of position. His chest was a slippery bare, which barely complimented his pale blue shorts at all. Along with the dark blue quilt on his bed, or the plump , Grandfather-Pillow that stood right before his bedframe. He decided to come to a stand walking just a small and few steps away from his circular, queen style bed as he whiped his mouth and attempted to open his eyes just the least bit. He walked over to the sink, and mirror. As he began running the water while reaching into the cupboard. He'd grab his toothbrush and then the sparkling blue paste as well, gliding it against the bristles before wetting and brushing. He began to strip slowly, running the water of the shower in the next room so it could already be warm, as he went back and spit into the sink. He'd rinse his mouth out then hop into the shower, washing himself profusely. When he got out he had put on his almost every day shinobi attire which stayed clean, and pressed. He wrapped his snow dotted headband around his neck, and then wiped the metal off with a cloth giving it a luminescent shine. He walked down a narrow hall then out of his room through a door, a huge corridor before him. The Sarutobi Clan symbol imprinted onto the roof in white. With a snow-chrystal chandelier pertruding from its base. He walked down the curving steps ad went to the eating chambers, bowing to his family before sitting down in their silence, devouring the contents of his plate. He then, walked back upstairs, his eyes looking about to see if anyone was watching. He reached into a huge gourd in his room which contained a scroll that he obtained from the library, with the katon insignia proudly stamped on its rope tie. It was a mid-level Fire Style Ninjutsu Technique that he hadnt known the name of nor its contents, though he'd learn it, he wanted to suprise and make his family proud. By showing them that he possessed the will of fire. He then ran down the steps, the scroll in a bag that was strapped to his back as he darted out the door, his sandals making a soft pitter pattering noise against the snow-patterned cobblestone walkway. The day was bare, along with the contents of the outskirts of Yukigakure. Sarutobi Goru, the child prodigy was one of the many young genin here in Yukigakure, he had just graduated ad been assigned to a team in which the sensei was someone whom he had never met. His hair was the often dark brown which occured in the sarutobi clan along with silver highlights. His eyes carrying a thin, golden glow. His face was still maturing along with his voice and height, He was only 4"2. He wore a tight, dark blue vest in which was diffferent from the official vest of the Yukigakure ninja. His pants were a bit baggy, following a plated ninja sandal from his shin down. He ran far away from the village itself, out into a snowy plain, surrounded by trees. The snow was calm today and he was ok with that so he aligned his feet to the ground in the middle of the area and looked around , placing the scroll down into the snow before unwrapping and unsealing it " 火遁・豪火球の術 , Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu (Great Fireball Technique)" It read.. "Awesome" He thought as he read about the handsigns and such along with it's prominant use in the Uchiha Clan. "Hm.." He thought, As he continued studying for hours, staring at that scroll senselessly for the duration of the day, as he watched the sun travel from its prime in the Sky down into the hills below. He Decided to call it a day, and continue tommorow.

Day 2 - "Playing a Monk.."Edit

"Yawn" It echoed throughout his room just another morning the soft tone against his neck replenishing the fact that he slept in a scarf last night, nearly suffocating his very being. Sadly, the sarutobi clan home had lost it's heat that night and well, this was the recovery process. Today he was a bit happy this was the beginning of his day where he actually began ttraining. "Ha.." He thought as he laughed a bit awakening from his sleep with a narrow smile stretching from cheek to cheek. What to do what to do. He thought to himself though already knew the answer to, this time he couldnt hold back it was time to try. He did his normal morning routine : Wash. Eat. And then it was down to him and his grandfather for they had always had odd conversations : "Grandpa Gen Gen!" Goru yelled, looking to his grandfather with a smile as they sat in the all white seating area of the house : "What's up?" Goru asked awaiting his grandfather's response : "Nothing boy.. " He answered quickly before a lightbulb seemingly striked his mind: " Where have you been dissapearing to?" He uttered as Goru looked away a bit scared before running away and yelling as he worked his way out the door. "It's a Secrettttt!" He yelled as his sandals were hitting the snow once more. He worked his way to that same spot as his eyes were a bit drifting with his voice . He was getting a bit sick, though that couldnt wait nor could it postpone his training. When he reached his spot he humbly looked around in fear before digging up from the snow that same scroll, and analyzing it again, practicing the hand signs in word also and in hand motions over.. and over again  : "Horse →  Snake → Ram → Monkey → Boar → Horse → Tiger , Horse →  Snake → Ram → Monkey → Boar → Horse → Tiger" He repeated to himself silently in his head, practicing the intricate hand seals physically as well. Though he believed if he actually tried to pull this technique off, he'd die from lack of chakra, and no one knew he was out here. So he decided to do some chakra practice. He'd pull out a thin Kunai and stab it into the ice, allowing the water to flow out slowly as the bits and pieces of surface began to drift away. The ice was thin and the water deep so he decided to use this to his advantage. Within the small pool in which he created was a spiraling rift. "Perfect.." He thought, as he walked over to it, focusing his chakra to his feet and then thigs to assume a pretzel style position on the water, balancing himself up with only his chakra while meditating silently, He then drew 2 senbon, and placed each of them on the tip of his small finger, balancing the thin needles on his nail, with just the focus of his chakra. By using this multitasking technique, the User's chakra is being put to work, so therefore.. it is improving. If he were to lose concentration for even just a second he would plunge down into the endless deeps of the waters below. During this time he listened to everything. The white dyed leaves of the sakura trees hitting the snow, the squirrels pecking at the bark, even the sloth bears roaring in the distant forest. He was perceptive and was trying his best to concentrate so he could have more experience with chakra manipulation in the future, as well as the not so different morrow, where he would try and do another exercise of the sort. Soon he opened his eyes, still meditating and mainitaining his balance, though insteead of balancing two things he balanced two, staring out at the scroll, studying it thoroughly some more, while he still sat on the water, and the senbon still danced on his fingertips. He'd sit this way for a short duration before calmly exhaling, the condensation refracting against the wind as he'd come to a stand and work his way back to the manor after covering the scroll up again, still repeating himself on the way home before he went to bed : "

Day 3 - "The Monkey .."Edit

There he stood, his eyes doddling about. THe lasting smirk on his face, allowing him to indulge his senses as so, so he did. The Hearing, Smelling, Seeing, as well as the most important the touch. Touch was the most important due to its abilty to embrace. As though touching is a physical trait, the embrace itself takes place mentally. What was embrace to him, he wondered often. His eyes were a bit wondered with these thoughts pertrudin a shallow smirk. Though, as his life was made in a storybook setting, he lived it as though it was a horror story. He was antisocial, and loved being as such, besides the fact that he rooted from a deep and rich clan. His eyes were a golden bronze, a hazel when the sunlight was refracted. Though, he still was a bit different from the rest of his Family, in which he had left. Sarutobi Goru, he was upset at himself, though. And felt like he dissapointed his family. He wasnt nothing extraordinary. His words often strayed from perfection. And his Ninjutsu capabilities, (Besides him being a sarutobi) Was nothing great either. He was a loner as well, never having any friends of his own. There he stood again, against the snow-toned , Cobblestone wall. it's figure hailing high over his own. The way it matched the ground was a blening sort of property in which almost every building in the village entailed. His hair was a wayward gray; Odd for his age. It had brownish-black highlights and hung just a bit over his left eye. His neck was soft, in tone and texture. Along it's reigns was his standard, Yukigakure neckband which swayed down to his collar bone. His chest was alligned with a soft, blue vest which overlayed a thick black surcoat. His pants were then, though baggy and leaned down towards his shins, as well as stopping on his sandals. His mouth was overlayed by a thick mask connected to his surcoat. He'd stray away from the wall, this young yukigakurian fraying along the streets, just trotting about the narrow walkways. Though he should have been training, because the day was simply wasting away he decided to make a stop or two first. He went to the library to get a scroll in the training section which he'd thought would help, before giving a small smile to the bookkeeper and then trotting out the building down to the famous ramen shop right before the gate. " A deng soup to go please.." He'd order as she passed the wrapped bowl to him within the next 4 minutes or so, he began to walk to his spot, taking a different way, just in case he was being tailed or followed. Upon reaching the training ground He would place his soup on a nearby rock. He felt as though he wasnt eating as much as he should when he was training, it keeps the body active. He then dug up the scroll for the jutsu itself, and then buried the one he picked up from the library behind it. He took the scroll out and unrolled it as he continued the gentle study, as he repeated himself and the handsigns over and over again or the second day : "Horse →  Snake → Ram → Monkey → Boar → Horse → Tiger / Horse →  Snake → Ram → Monkey → Boar → Horse → Tiger " Constantly laying one hand over the other. He took his soup into his hand after he was done his small bit of practice, devouring it comepletely. : "I have a stomach like an Akimichi.." He smartly remarked to himself before wiping his hands and mouth off before pulling himself up from his sitting position to begin the next portion of his chakra control. The Climbing, which was a popular form of the art, so he had decided to try it.. to practice it. He had blanked out for a minute, attempting to chanel the chakra flow into his feet before taking a kunai in hand and running towards the thickest tree he could find, He took a few steps, his foot bouncing up the tree beftinore he marked it and fell.. "That wasnt high at all.." He thought, as he continued to do it each time getting higher and higher before soon, he had made it to the canopy . He was proud, and engraved his name into the bark at the top of the tree. When He jumped down he wasnt satisfied so he continued, doing it more. Until he could finally stand flat against the bark without the slightest bit of distraught for a short while. He was satisfied for the day. He grabbed his bowl and recovered his scrolls, as he was not one to leave his junk laying around. Though tonight he wouldnt go home. He pitched up a tent just under the tree he was climbing and decided to sleep there "I'll get to it again first thing in the morning."

Day 4 - " X marks the spot.. "Edit

He yawned his eyes drifting a bit away from the arising sun. His legs shifting position as he tried to bring himself to a fertile stance. He ouched a bit, an endless pile of snow, sticks, and stones beneath his brittle and fragile figure. He hadnt slept well, What could he say. Between the wolves and the owls there was no contest. Nevertheless, today was the day where he'd focus on his chakra just a bit more. He was slowly getting a step ahead, one little foot at a time.. "Damn.." He though, as he sat up, rubbing his head. His neck aching a bit from the skinny pack in which he laid on and his head pounding along with the rest because of the noises. None of these things mattered, he would do what he had set out to . He smirked a bit, looking about, to his hole where he hid his scrolls, then down out onto the frozen lake before the forest. He had lifted his pack from beneath his head and used the tent post to come to a half-stand and then leave the tent, with the pack in hand. He rummaged through his hair, and then throughout his bag, looking for a Kunai. "Breakfast.." He uttered. Just because he was a genin didnt mean he was unable. He was going to catch and kill an animal, his grandfather took him hunting all the time. He argued with himself, as he began to creep around the outskirts of his training area. He used the technique he had practiced before to climb a nearby tree, waiting for a short duration of the morning for something to appear. But then, there it was, a snowgrazing elk. He used his kunai as well as he could, and glided it from his position, into the elk's neck. "Gotcha!" He yelled, as he dragged it back to his camp. as he was bout to skin the animal he realized.." This kunai didnt go too deep.." And as he began preparing it for a meal it clicked, what he'd do for training today. After the Elk was all prepared, and the meal all done and ready Goru ate, devouring the broiled elk like he did any other of his meals. "Now, let me start." He murmered, as he reached into that pack he had and grabbed out some red paint, dipping his two fingers into it deeply before walking to a nearby tree, just beside the one he had marked. He stood there and found a good spot In the middle of the tree for him to train with. He then marked that particular spot with the red paint, in the shape of an "X" Seeing that is the most common. He then drew a similair line in the snow, just a dozen feet away. This was also a common way to train if he had remembered. He pulled out his pack and grabbed out the 5 kunai. Holding 4 between his fingers in his left hand and 1 in his hand, his right. He'd focus his chakra as well as he could, hopefully into his fingertips, and then his weapon and then he released the first Kunai, though it barely even stuck in the bark, not to mention the lack of accuracy. He focused some more, throwing the next too, one grazing the bark, missing the mark comepletely. the other one hitting the X, not going directly through as it was planned, though. He practiced this particular exercise for hours, as the day went from blue to orange, and from orange to blue. He could barely see the X anymore, practically exhausted by the amount of chakra he was pouring into those same four Kunai all day, and the physical or respiratory distraught which took affect from the throws themselves, along with the retrieval of the Kunai. He stood there exhaling ghastly as he struggled to speak  : "One.... More... Time." He thought as he attempted to throw that last Kunai, though passing out in the process, the kunai never leaving his palm, It seemed as though he was spending the night out here again.

Day 5 - "Dude you're so in there.."Edit

His pants were wet, and his mouth dry, sleeping on snow is never a good thing, he thought, as he tried to push himself up from the ground. This wasnt nice. Besides for falling asleep in the worst place, ever; he had a nightmare as well. He had imagined that everyone in the clan would watch him perform this technique, and infront of them all he would fail and his close main branch relatives would be ashamed. God damnit... He thouht . It was really bothering him. He continued trying to get up as his voice cracked when he tried to speak. That cold he "thought" he had has just gotten worst, and sleeping wet and cold didnt help. He couldnt see himself, though Goru could feel that he was pale, his eyes low, and his stature brittle, he'd ignore the bottomless pit in his stomach growling from hunger. He didnt really care about any or every thing, unless it was mastering this jutsu, this technique he needed for chakra control and everything else he had to overcome in order to make his family proud, himself proud. Before anything, and I literally mean anything, goru wipes himself off, retrieves the Kunai from the day before and continue trying to split this tree up in two, through the middle. His determination, his will, was what kept him going and was key to his success to come in life. After retrieving the Kunai, he took his stance at the narrow, sloppily-drawn line and began concentrating as hard as he could Throwing one after another. The first one Hitting just a bit above the center, though penetrating nicely. The Second, Directly on the spot, though it was a shallow stab. The Third and Fourth grazing opposite sides of the tree with good force. While with the 5th, Half of the Kunai went through the middle, that was the most progression so far. He then walked to retrieve each Knife. As He was walking he remembered just because he was training to have the proper amount of chakra to control the Jutsu doesnt mean that he has to forget about the Jutsu itself.  So, Therefore.. He began chanting and practicing the handsigns as he walked to collect the Kunai : " Horse →  Snake → Ram → Monkey → Boar → Horse → Tiger / Horse →  Snake → Ram → Monkey → Boar → Horse → Tiger " He repeated himself over and over again while collecting the Kunai one by one. And Soon, when they were all collected he was back at the line. He tried throwing the first two at the same time, though it failed. One was too low, the other too high and both had shallow penetration. He'd Growl a bit under his breath as he threw the third kunai with just brute force, and not the helping push of his chakra accompanying him; that also did nothing. He then would stop for a moment before throwing the last two, frowning and covering his face with both hands as he bent down to his knee. "Gahhh" He screamed a bit, he was so frustrated. Though he knew this was necessary. He remembered a few days ago when he was meditating and tried to use that same channeling ability in this situation. He exhaled calmly, before taking his stance back at the line and wiping his tears away. He held the Kunai in his hand tighly, focusing as well as he could. He threw the first one while channeling his chakra into the ring around the Kunai for weight. It hit the spot dead on but only went 3/4 through the tree. With one last throw, Goru would focus at a nearly unimaginable level for his age as he gripped the Kunai between his knuckled and threw it side handed. It glowing with the  odd luminscence of his blue chakra color. The  Kunai went directly through the tree then directly through the one behind it. And from what Goru could hear, it pinned a bird's wing to the third . "Whew..' He said in shock his eyes nearly bulging out of his head. "I'm going home tonight." He said, as the sun went down slowly with each couple steps. The scrolls covered up, while he walked away with his backpack in hand putting out the fire. He ran into the Sarutobi Manor once the location approached and shut his door, passing out onto the unmade bed with his shinobi attire still on his body.

Day 6 - "Smarter than a Dumby.."Edit

He Yawned getting up out of his bed slowly before shaking his head and jumping up like a sprout. He was stil in his shinobi attire, so therefore it hadnt got washed so He switched it out for his alternate, which he put on after he had bathed and such. As he walked downstairs to the meeting hall he could see his grandfather sitting in a rocking chair just near the huge window "Grandpa!" He yelled rushing towards him, as he hugged him tightly and gave him the official sarutobi greetings/salutations shake which consisted of the greeter's thumb over the back of the person he/she is greeting's knuckle. which was a form of greeting which meant : "Tight bond. Live Together." He sat next to his grandfather in the chair and decide to start a conversation : " Grandpa how are you?" He said politely "Fine.. " He responded before allowing his lips to part again : " I never see you anymore.." He claimed, as him and Goru had a powerful relationship. "Im sorry.." .. " Im working on something.." He uttered, before rushing off of his grandfathers lap and then going into the material shed, where he gathered, sacks, straw and paint. And stuck it all in a HUGE bag. He walked out the door slowly with it, it was Drudging to say the least, dragging about on Goru's back. Ah Mid august, this was a mear week or so away from goru's birthday , though goru didnt care if he was still working on his Ninjutsu at the time or not but he had hoped to be finish. He carried that heavy pack along the forest paths out into the training area where the true figure of Goru could be realized and he was fresh and back on his feet. The new shinobi attire he had swapped out for wasnt that much different from his other one. It was simply a pale blue vest, over a belted and leather half top. It was for the "Warmer" Days here in yuki. As Goru reached his destination it sparked in his mind, the training prowess in which he had possessed was more fired up than ever, He began gathering wooden sticks from the forest, placing the parallel and of equal distance away from each other 10 in whole. Then, he used the straw and sacks from his bag to make a dumby-style  shape out of the sticks, then the bandaging to seal it, along with the paint to mark the heart. Goru drew another line, exactly 12 feet away from the first Dumby. Though before going to the line itself he walked over to the pile and dug out the scroll, though not even to read it, for he had memorized and studied it enough already, but to grab the Fire seal from its rope tie and paste it to his vest.. "For good luck.. I have the will of fire" He thought, as he began repeating and doing the handsigns again, It was a mind thing, it made him feel better : "Horse →  Snake → Ram → Monkey → Boar → Horse → Tiger/Horse →  Snake → Ram → Monkey → Boar → Horse → Tiger" He repeated himself over and over again before exhaling ghastly and taking 3 kunai out from the pouch in his vest. He knew that he had hardly mastered the Kunai throwing yesterday but he wanted to work on Chakra control and accuracy, today would just be a back up of that. He placed the 3 kunai between his Fingers and  threw them all one by one, enhanced by his chakra, and he wasnt getting tired which was good, he was gaining stamina, and his chakra pool was expanding. All three had gone through all the straw dumbies directly, and the day was growing closer to its end as he continued to repeat this process. For another half of the day until the sun went down he meditated, standing on the trees for as long as he could to stretch his chakra, before concluding at the moon's notice "I'm gonna camp here tonight" He pitched up a tent, and put on an extra set of clothes for warmth, he balled up close to the fire and closed his eyes, listening to the sounds of the night whic took him to the morning

Day 7 - "A leaf in the wind.."Edit

Goru awoke from his slumber far before the sun had woke from her's though the start o a day is the start of the day , no matter the amount of light that sheds accross the frostplains, he was a bit tired still but he was more devoted than anything. His Grandfather had missed him, which only meant one thing... He had to get this jutsu done as fast as possible. It was in his reach, he knew, only because of his clan's distinct ability for these things. Ninjutsu artists they were called at times. It was no surprise that they had such ability. It is said that those of the earlier generations could Learn ash pile burning in just a matter of days.. as Genin! Goru's history was astonishing, and it was one of the reasons he had such determination when it came down to these things, this paticular art. Goru had decided he was done for now with his chakra training and channeling chakra so that he could improve his chakra pool's capacity, now he was focused on manifesting his element, he had never tried before, and it wasnt easy without help, but sadly, he didnt have help. "It's time." He thought as he walked over to the pit in which he hid his scrolls, and pulled the one out he had stored in there a couple days ago from the library "Secret Training Techniques" It read, as he opened the book and continued to read aloud : "When training on how to utilize the 5 natural chakra natures, there are a few techniques that can help. If your element is lightning, try and disrupt some circuitry for long periods of time. If it is earth, try and raise the level of a grass patch, or hollow a tree trunk. If your nature is water, try and raise the tide of a pond or river excessively. If your nature is wind try and cut a leaf with just your chakra. And finally if it is fire, try and burn a leaf with your chakra. " He then closed the book after reading what he haad needed to know. "Alright then.." He sped off in the distance, ravaging through the trees to try and find just a bare leaf, with nothing on it. Which was nearly impossible in the land of snow. Throughout the forest he watched and was surprised. The bugs still would crawl, they arent afraid of the cold. He watched how the ants could carry more than 100 times their weight, and how the ladybug stood its ground without camouflage in the white desert. He wanted such strength. Such Bravery. He'd followed the ants for a moment until they had ran under a burrow and he followed them still, though with his hand, and look at that, he had pulled his hand out with a leaf at his fingertips, a bare leaf. The animal is always wiser than the man his grandpa always use to say though he paid it no mind, though He thought he should get started. Goru ran quickly back to the training field and stood directly in the middle, the leaf in hand. He'd concentrate for a while, before getting ready to begin, while holding his breath a bit, attempting to knead his chakra into fire. Though it wasnt working. Goru got frustrated, even though he knew for a fact that it wouldnt be that easy. He closed his eyes and tried again, holding the leaf tight but not tight enough to crumble. He'd try and concentrate, straining a bit, until "Brrrr..." His bodily odors were the only thing burning. His gases slowly releasing from his rear and consuming the area : " I tried too hard.." He thought to himself before giving up, noticing the absence of natural light itself anyway, He'd go to his tent, an pitch the leaf under the thin blanket he slept on and padded it softly. He chuckled a bit before nuzzling his nose between the sheet, and shivering a bit, closing his eyes as he awaited for his daylight memberment to be taken and the aura of the night to consume his very being, for he had a big day on the morning.

Day 8 - "Im never gonna be cold"Edit

Goru would be awoken rather rudely if he'd say so, the harsh growling of a frostbite wolf around the back side of his tent, and another to his front, he pretended to be asleep though he felt as though they knew he was awake. Goru was scared, though he wasnt a coward, he was smart. Goru snatched himself up from his pallet and attempted to run, but because of the snatching the leaf was pulled into the air and started flowing with the wind, now goru was trying to keep up with the leaf and run from wolves. Goru tried to use his ninja like speed but that alone wasnt enough, and the leaf began to rise. So he began to remember his training. He mapped his chakra precisely and used it to climb up the tree, hopping from bare tree to bare tree at immense speeds, trying to catch the leaf each and every time his hand would get close enough, which wasnt often. The wolves were still down there, and he could sense that they smelt his fear. Soon the leaf to a drastic detour and fled backwards a bit, reversing Goru's whole movement pattern which had him moving back towards the training area. Goru felt helpless, he felt like he was turning into something he isnt. Soon he got tired of the barking and howling. And even though they werent posing any threat, He killed the wolves. He pulled out 2 kunai from his pouch and threw them down towards the wolves, without even looking, and hit both of them in a nearly vital spot at the neck, causing the all too common moan of the dying dog to echo throughout the forest. The leaf was really getting him mad now, he couldnt caatch it to save his life it seemed like one of those specs of dust that are never really there, that you try and catch all the time. Soon the leaf was back directly in the training area and landed politely on the snow next to his tent, but as he looked down he started to remember something: ((FlashBack)) "He's not a problem child he's just... Odd." Goru's grandfather claimed, as young Goru watched through the door, " The Kid's a fucking nut!" The mysterious man said, as Goru began to cry a bit, a soft tear dripping from his left eye to his chin. Goru would walk away, and go to his room, sitting in bed, in the darkness as he heard at least two doors slam and nearly wake everyone in the house up..though goru pretended to still be asleep, he wasnt stupid, he knew what the problem was. ((End of FlashBack)) Goru snapped out of it a mere instant before, as he reached to get the leaf and was startle a bit by another howl, he grabs it tightly until he feels a small sting on his hand. As he unballs his fist you can see the large, oak style leaf withering away as a flame, and turning into a bare, dustless ash. Goru'd celebrate in his head, though outside he was calm, cool as a fan. He'd simply let whatever what was left of the leaf go and walk away into the forest once more, as he walked towards the corpses of the wolves, and took a Knife from one of their throats. He then skinned them both, wearing them back to the training area as trophies for himself, and symbols of warmth. He'd go to sleep early this day, and start again tommorow. As he'd lay down in the tent and pull the wolf fur over his body and head as he uttered under his breath in a quiet hush tone : "I'm never gonna be cold" He said harshly, for this training was more than a life changing experience for him.

Day 9 - "Tree Killer!"Edit

He yawned with an odd and easy scratch of the head and the shift of position. He smelled of course, he hadnt been home in days. Im sure they missed him. He was a bit grateful he had time to train like this before the acutal ninja season started. He was technically off on vacation and away from missions. But here in Yuki summer is neccesarily described as "hot" The high of our summers is usually about 25 degrees F. Pretty shitty. He shivered a bit as he shifted the wolf pelt from over his face, the fur giving him a slight rash on his collar bone. This 2 week remote training Idea he had set up for himself seems to have been working he thought, for him to be working by himself. It wouldnt be the first time that he was completely by himself on something , he was often a loner anyways. And that's why he was so strong. "You can only trust yourself and your children" Is what Goru's grandfather always said. Him and his wise quotes all the time. Goru would decided to get up anyways, as he walked over to that crack in the ice to get some fresh drink water, and to wash his face. He was a bit nasty if he were to describe himself. He hadnt washed in days, nor brushed his teeth, and the food was scarce as well. All apart of the training I guess, though what was apart of today's regiment? He thought. He figure he would work more on chakra nature transformation, as well as meditation, for tommorow would be the day he'd actually try it. Goru started by going Ice fishing with a kunai on a chain, handy he was . Thank god he could feed himself. Afterwards, he went out into the woods. Gathering a total of 5 leaves from remote places. The first from under a boulder. The second, the last one in the tree. The Third, In a bird's mouth. The fourth, In a bird's nest. And the 5th, in one of the wolves' corpses. He'd take them back to the training area where he'd channel his chakra flow into his thighs again in order to meditate, while holding the leaves in his hands. One in his left hand the other in his right. He figured this exercise could be use as a better chakra manipulation training technique. By balancing the different flows of chakra throughout both hands, and thighs it will be harder to burn the leaves. Though he still did it.  And one by one the leaves burned. Each one burning faster than the last. He was getting it, it was getting very easy for him, without having to even use much of his chakra. He chuckled during his meditation. He was excited. He was really doing it, all by himself. Though He couldnt get ahead mentally. He had to stay focus and make sure that everything he was doing was a consistant feature. So then He went and got more leaves, Trying to burn them, then more, then more then more. And sooner or later he had good manipulation of his fire chakra nature. He sat and meditating thinking about the affect this one jutsu will particularly have on his whole shinobi career for this portion of his life, he'd be practically useless without it. A genin with no Ninjutsu whatsoever. Seems like everyone can do something. The Nara and Their shadows. The Inuzuka and their dogs. Even the Shirogane and their puppets and I'm just "Goru with the Kunai.." He thought. Soon though it got late and he began to wander away from his meditational state. He decided to build up a fire and lay close to it in his tent, the wolf pelts surrounding him with warmth as he exhaled ghastly. The fire fluctuating with each breath: "Tommorow I will complete this technique..." He was too full of himself, and that'd surely be his downfall. He couldnt nearly hope to master it in the first day . I mean that'd be completely ridiculous for someone of his calibur and age, not to mention size. Wouldn't it?

Day 10 - "I cant get it to work"Edit

Goru had awakened on the hard soil again. He was a bit tired of it. It was really annoying him. Though nevertheless. His training was almost through. he would brave it out. Goru's eyes dwindled to a low and crept away as the morning birds flew, he was just a bit insensitive when it came to his personal feelings or family though he continued to remain in his bottled up form. Goru had a headache, a chestache an EVERYTHING-ache. It was really a pain having a cold out in the middle of the woods. Hah. He thought as he began to push himself up off of the quilt and fur and out of the tent's narrow entry way. The fire was put out already by the snow and his breakfast already caught and refrigerated. He had caught it yesterday, though the natural temperatures out here preserved its contents. Goru began eating the boneless fish as he picked away all of the scales and eyes, for he didnt eat them. Goru missed his family, and friends ( If he had any ) His bed, and  his continental breakfast every morning though, with sacrifice came triumph. He was proud to say, knowing that in a few short days his training would be complete and he will be one of the most renown genin around. Ha. He isnt one to gloat, mostly because he hasnt a single person to gloat to. Though he gloated to himself. Goru walked out into the middle of the field and salvaged together another dumby from the straw scraps and sacks. He'd place it out in the field itself and dig up his Scroll, where he'd brief the details of the jutsu to himself one more time before he began his gruesome training which aimed for divine completion. Without further adue he was off and trying to complete the jutsu. Though he hadnt known how to neccesarily start. He was worried just a bit, before exhaling and beginning to map out the hand signs... right. "Horse →  Snake → Ram → Monkey → Boar → Horse → Tiger , Horse →  Snake → Ram → Monkey → Boar → Horse → Tiger" He repeated himself in his head, while meditating and trying to channel and pool most of his chakra in his throat and mouth area to prepare for the attempt. throughout this time he thinks of all the training he'd done and all it's worth so he channels the fire nature into his mouth almost literally on the tip of his tongue. And then it began " Horse! " He yelled as he performed the horse hand sign, combining his hands by the knuckle and then meeting up ath the index finger with support from the thumbs. "Ram!" He followed, as he wrapped his right ring and pink finger around his left middle and index finger " Monkey!" He screamed, as he placed both palms atop each other "Boar!" he said, forming a paw type structure with his hands and turning the wrists upside down. "Horse!" He said as he repeated the horse sign again. "Snake!" He yelled as he simply clamped his hands together by the space between their fingers with the wrist pointed upwards. "Tiger!" He yelled as he  he placed his two index and two middle fingers together along with a clamp of the hand and placed it under his mouth for support of the jutsu : "Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu " (Fire Release : Great Fireball Technique) He yelled and waited for the response though nothing happened, "Must've forgot one" He said. As he continued to try it, steady messing up the handsigns "I chanted these a million times!" He yelled stomping his foot down. And soon the sun had gone down. It was dark and you could still hear him chanting animal's names , before giving up, and shoving his face into his quilt, crying his way to sleep and saying that he'd get it to

Day 11 - "We have Fireee!!"Edit

Goru awoke without the slightest smile on his face, and believe it or not, he was about to fall back asleep. He was extremely frustrated and discouraged. Not only was he angry at himself but he was angry at the world. he hadnt known how to fix this problem, who to tell what to say or even what the problem was. He damn sure didnt know the answer. He sat there meaningless for about 2 hours after the sun had awoken, staring into space and thinking about everything that is wrong, not pointing out a single thing good. Goru was always one to look on the negative side, mostly because he didnt have anyone to show him the positive side. His short stature was easily spotted out here in the wilderness, the cold.  northern surface lights glowing about the sky like there was nothing to it at all. Just stand there an bless the north with your luminescent stare. Figuratively speaking knowing that the suttle lights dont really bear eyes. Goru had thought of quitting doing the jutsu this day and had even thought of other combat possibilities.  "I could be a swordman." He thought as his eyes strayed far away from their sockets in thought. Goru didnt nearly look the same. His hair was nearly all over the place, and hardly the same color. His former pale blue vest was a navy color, and the black surcoat was white and brown due to the snow and the dirt. He looked shitty, and he felt shitty. It was sad in fact, how it all played out until Goru remembered his grandfather's words, along with the words of his forefathers. "The will of fire is within every child of the sarutobi." They all said, and meant it as well as it is read, though Goru wasnt sure. His family are Ninjutsu masters but he couldnt master a simple ninjutsu that's ranked c- class? What was he to them? He didnt take into count his age, rank, or amount of chakra. As said before, he always pointed out the negative. Though, Something snapped. Goru's whole attitude changed along with his facial expression and position. He had to get this down or Sarutobi wasnt his name ! He thought in bold and audastitic terms. Goru had walked back over to the unscathed  dumby and started doing the hand signs, with the most concentration he could put forward.He first quickly put his hands together connecting them at each knuckle and putting the index fingers pointed onto each other. Next he shifted quickly into the serpent form which connected both hands at the wrist in a paw type movement with the actual hands pointed upwards. He then followed with the ram sign in which his left ring and pinky fingers were wrapped tightly around his right middle and index finger while they were connected at the wrist. He presumed with the ninjutsu by following with the Monkey sign which placed both palms atop each other. Followed by the Boar hand sign, which consisted of his hands curled downward, while his wrist was twisted facing his toes. He then followed with the horse sign again, until finally finishing with the Tiger sign which consisted of the  index and middle fingers of both hands joined, with the rest of the hand joined between each finger. He placed his hands under his mouth for jutsu support before yelling the final words :"Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu ! (Fire Release : Great Fireball technique) As a small ball of fire extruded from his lips firing at the dumby, sending a scorching hole right through. "Again" He said. and again, and again, and again. He kept doing it, and each time the ball got bigger, though he had nearly any control over its direction. Just before dark he had made the last sign as a huge fireball came from his mouth and instead of going straight, hit the ground beneath him. Blowing him away and creating a huge crater which resulted in the exposure of the ice water. Goru had minor burns and decided to lay down, while planning to work on accuracy particularly tommorow.

Day 12 - "Burn baby Burn.."Edit

Goru was rather tiresome of this whole situation. The camping, the starving though he felt as if he sacrificed alot of things, it would be a better outcome when he was done. It was nothing for certain, though he sure liked to hope. Goru was the type who could live off of false reality, a dream if you may; could drive his whole life and wellbeing. Even though he was young he was deep, and has seen and heard more things than the next child. Goru's eyes reflected off of the pile of snow just a yard away from him, the pefectly clean and white surface acting as a mirror for the sun to tap Goru on the shoulder and say goodmorning. He was cold, way colder than usual. He had honestly adapted to living in Yuki so the temperatures werent THAT harsh. He also had his own little myth stating that the fire in his heart along with in the heart of all the Sarutobi kept him warm. He seemed to almost be religious, constantly quoting and rephrasing things into a higher power. Hah, that was funny. Goru shifted on his pallet into an upright sitting position on the quilt, the quilt was almost imbedded into the snow beneath seeming to almost cradle Goru's figure when he'd lay down. He got up, and walked over to the little pond, though no fish today "BrrrrGrrrr...." His stomach didnt quite agree with that, and neither did he. He held his diaphram and walked over to the whole in which he hid the scrolls, and dug the scroll for the actual jutsu up, leaving the training one behin . He followed his eyes today, not his feet, and practically walked faster than he thought he could. He was in a rush. Today he would get it. Today is the day he would learn to control the accuracy and potency of this attack. Goru braced himself slowly, before pitching up the dumby again, though far away from his actual figure. He then drew a line where he stood and prepared. He decided to lose any dead weight for the time being by dropping all of his Kunai, Senbon, and Shuriken on the ground beneath him, along with the slight weight of his vest itself. There he stood, his left foot forward, his right turned horizontally behind for bracement . He'd exhale ghastly a short wind stretching throughout the area before he began, placing his hands together in quick, rapid motions one handsign after another just as he remembered. Firs the Horse sign, then the snake and ram. Followed by the monkey and boar. Horse again, then finally tiger, as he placed his two fingers under his lip to brace the ball that was to come . He was trying to mold his chakra the best way he could and expel it out of his mouth like a canon did its balls. Or a frog its tongue, he ttried a different foot technique so the blast of the ball itself wouldnt  push him back and he'd lose control. that would be bad. In a second or two you could hear a harsh putting sound of fire as the ball fluctuated to grow in front of his lips. Though it did grow and grew to a good enough size where Goru could release it , and try to incinerate the dumby. Damnit. He thought. He could tell by the way the ball had release itself that it wasnt hitting the dumby, instead it hit far behind, and blew several trees into flame in the distance. "Crap.." He said, with his young and pale voice. He couldnt miss again, that would cause the village to send scouts out. So he tried again, though this time it was a bit too small but burned the dumby's head off. He was proud of that atleast. And on that final time, when he performed the handsigns he had performed 1000 times before with those clammy hands it happened, all in a rapid succession too. The handsigns the ball everything, It had been expelled from Goru's mouth at immense speeds and had incinerated the dumby to barely anything. As the burning pieces of straw and sticks fly down from the sky Goru stood there proud, taking ghastly breaths one by one Before leaving everything exactly where it was and walking off onto the hidden pathway : "I'm going home tonight" And that he was. He walked down towards the manner, walked in the door and fell asleep on his floor upstairs, snoring and drooling about the tan carpet, extremely pooped for the day.

Day 13 - "The Glow"Edit

It was then he had awaken from his sleep in awe he hand felt like this in forever, he was glowing practically, the happiest aura in the world surrounding his very figure. Though what for? He was one step closer to being that genin he wanted to be so bad. The one who could actually do something on the missions. He'd master this ninjutsu, and boy was he close. He wouldnt let his family name be used in vain. He wont be the Sarutobi who didnt have the will. He got up from his bed, someone must've put him there, because he remembered falling asleep on the floor. He slid out of his bed with fatigue, falling to the floor slightly as the curtains  in front of the window seemed to be blown away by a breeze. that seaped over top the window pane. "Brrrr.." He thought. That really woke him up. He jumped up without hesitation to close the bothersome window. Goru chuckled a bit though, he was disgusting. He hadnt washed in days. It was time for a full scrubbing. He walked over to the sink and grabbed his tooth brush and toothpaste. He slid a bit of the paste onto the bristles before wetting it and beginning to brush. As  he was brush he grabbed some mouthwash and poured that in along with it. His mouth felt nasty. He hated it. After he was done he'd spit, go into the bathroom itself and reach into a wall cupboard, grabbing a scrub brush. He would use this in replacement for a rag, it scrubbed more dirt up. He got in the shower and sang his life away out of hapiness, The bare songs of his foreign neighbors and family. He got out the shower, dried, deodorized and lotioned himself before looking over to his chair and realizing his uniform was washed. He happily slid it back on. He placed the movement tights directly over his boxers, then his undershirt. After that he put on his standard shinobi pants, which led down to his plated shinobi sandals. He then placed a dark black surcoat with blue outlines overhead, followed by his dark blue vest. Finally he'd pull up a mask fro his surcoat which stretched from chin to nose as his Yukigakure headband swayed valiantly around his neck. Without further adue he'd head out for the day and walk to the training field, he led with a skip, carrying more straw, sticks, and sacks down to the field for training. Upon reaching the campsite and training area there were a pick of maybe 6 wolves, rummaging throughou the campsite, even destroying the scrolls. He started to freeze and run but he didnt. Well he did run, but towards the  wolves as he wanted them to chase him, gathering them all up in the same area . When they fell into a nearby ditch while running he took hold of the situation and did the first thing that came to his mind : "    Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu !" He yelled after performing  a set of handsigns nearly so fast you couldnt see. As he mended and kneaded his chakra curling it a bit in his throat before expelling it as the fire itself, making the actual ball have a bit of rotation, increasing speed, momentum, and compelling force. As the ball expelled it was a great  size. Nearly 6 goru's could fit inside. The fireball was even accurate, aiming down into the crater and making it deeper with inpact, Incinerating and crushing the wolves down within to nothing but their pelts and bones. Goru didnt even plan on training today, though nothing was better than real life training. Still he wanted to see what exactly he could do so he used the stray sticks and sackss to set up four dumbies in a circular shape around himself. He used his agility to jump into the sky with a flip, directly above where he previously stood, Before performing everything needed and properly composing it again : "    Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu " He said as the ball hurled towards the ground below and practically cremated the dumbies to ash . This jutsu carried very high capabilities when it came to burning so it was here they were exposed. Goru was comepletely happy that he had mastered this particular part of the jutsu. He'd go back home and eat a bit, a few bowls of ramen for reward. As he went to his room and closed the door, getting comfortable in his bed so he could actually try to get a good night's rest.

Day 14 - "Like a go Kart"Edit

He yawned , his hair flicked in a way which was unreal to himself His chest bare though muscular for his age. He laughed a bit as today was what he was counting down for. Soon he realized what it was and jumped out the bed and hopped around with joy : "My birthday My birthday!" He yelled as he walked over to the calender all hype and looked at it. "My birthday My birthda-" He interupted himself as he read the calender *August 16* "Damnit! 3 more days!" He yelled in anger. He crossed his arms for today he had an additude. He went to the sink to do his usual brush and wash routine then walked along the ways to the shower to wash in there. Though there would be no singing today. He pouted a bit when he got out, finishing his morning routine then getting dressed, turning on his television to see the news. Though nothing interesting was on so he left, and walked slowly downstairs to the dining hall. His grandfather and others were sitting quietly at the table before he addressed them and bowed : " Goodmorning" And they responded back kindly. As he sat down he'd eye his plate analyzing what to eat first. The rice balls, The dumplings, or the soup. He ate them all at the same time soon finishing his meal and then his tea. Today he thought he'd go show off his technique to everyone but he'd left some things at the campsite he had to go get so he was off to there again. "Bye guys.." He said, before washing his plate off, placing it on the counter and walking out of the door to run on the light snow that had blessed the ground this particular day. As he approached the campsite and training area he began picking things up, before he came across one of the ripped up pieces of the scroll the wolves had tore yesterday. It was the jutsu scroll but here, it explained something different to do with the jutsu, using it as a continuous flamethrower like flame attack. "Sounds difficult.." He said. Though he promised himself he would master the technique, but you cant master it if you leave parts out. So he was back at it again. Goru unpacked everything and set  up more dumbies . Though before he did anything with them he meditated for an our or two, just to get in that right state of mind, and to try and leave his emotions out of his chakra. He walked over to the red painted line and stood, as he did almost all the days before. He smirked a bit, though he was stilll excited for mastering the first part nearly. Goru's eyes dwindled shortly. Their small, golden glow giving a quiet setting to the area around them. Though the boars still snorted, the birds still chirped , and the dogs still howled nothing had changed, though he thouht he'd begin. Goru performed the handsigns one after the other until he reached  the tiger seal and held it to his mouth as a brace for the flamethrower to come. Though when he finished there as that putting noise and out came a ball, still no stream. He was a bit upset so he tried again. And this time, nothing came out at all. Nothing but that odd noise that you hear when something runs out of gas. He kept trying and kept trying for the duration of the day but could only make the ball form of the technique or nothing at all. Throughout his training he nearly burned his headband to shreds, one of the balls extruded went awry and nearly burnt his head off his shoulders. Though he wouldnt ask for a new one this day, or the next. For it was a sigil of all the hard work he had performed this day and every day before. Goru did grow a bit frustrated though, so he decided to all it a day, but he'd spend the night here. He finished unpacking everything and put his pelts back in his tent, as well as pitching a fire just outside. He walked over and laid down on the thin sheet above the snow, preparing his mind as well as body for tommorow's events.

Day 15 - "Spitting Fire"Edit

Goru was a bit suprised at himself. Suprised that he hadnt quit already, I mean, its nothing new. He's a kid. Kids quit most of the time but still. He had to stay determined, just a bit. it really sucked to do everything he has been doing bu hey, what can we do? Its a bit agonizing to say the least the odd pain he felt when straining himself too hard. Though one thing was to look forward to. His birthday was in two days, August 19. He wasnt that good at keeping track of the time and days when he wasnt at home though he tried his best. When he got up from his pallet he reached into the bag he brought along with him yesterday and feasted on some crackers, for breakfast. And some goat's milk, as a drink. He was bruised and bloodied and therefore, he decided to take an ice bath, So he could bathe, as well as mend his wounds. He got into the small ice pit of water he had made in the previous week. He was stripped down to his boxers and extremely cold. But as he had always believed, his spirt would keep him warm and as they say: "No Yukigakurian can Freeze." Which I believe was medically true due to a specific bloodtype or something. Anyways here he was straying off topic in his mind. Soon afterwards he had gotten out and dried off with one if his pelts, though he wondered, because he was so cold, would he be unable to do the jutsu as well. It bothered him a bit as he begaan preparing the area for training. He went out  as far as he could until he found trees, that were spaced exxtremely far apart from each other. One was a bare tree with nothing on it standing very tall above his head, the other a bit smaller and several feet away. He would try to use the flamethrower-type technique to burn every tree down to the last branch from top to bottom in a quick succession. He pondered on how exactly he would approach this situation. But nothing came to mind. He  Grabbed his paint and drew a line far away from the trees as he began to think of a time where it was easier for him ((FlashBack)) "Goru, could you please complete the Clone Technique for me?" Nobu Sensei had said to him that day, as he awaited his very response : "Ok.." Goru responded softly, as he would do the proper signs to make picture like clones of himselves which practically mimic his movements and cause no physical disruption at all. "Thank you Goru, you're a prodigy..." Prodigy.. Prodigy.. Prodiggy.. It echoed throughout his head ((End of FlashBack)) As he'd snap back into reality and take a thorough stance. He performed the handsigns in order as he had remembered them best, ending with the Tiger sign, a strong seal indeed in which helped brace his jutsu, "Katon!" He yelled, though didnt finish his sentence indefinetly, only release a small bit of flames from his mouth which didnt even carry the length or potency to burn the trees, "Atleast I have the transformation .." He pleaded, as he braced himself to try again, him mending his chakra in the back of his mouth with a swirling type motion to portray the flamethrower appearance. Another flame was released from his lips, though this was a bit off in accuracy. He took an exhale and took the same position he'd take when trying the ball form, when before long, the final flame was released from his lips. First making a putting noise, sounding like a failing car almost, or a stove top. Until Goru pushed and Pushed, the flame coming out at extremely high potencies, Literally roaring as the base of the flames met the first tree then the second. Continuously he dragged the flamethrower like blast around until the trees were comepletely incinerated and his chakra nearly depleted. He nearly passed out, though he began walking home. His real Home. For he had accomplished alot today and wanted good rest. He chuckled a bit on his way back. Rubbing the back of his head as he walked, finally meeting the cobblestone pathed path way which led to a giant wooden door, and an open, warm corridor.

Day 16 (Final) - "Lo Hicimos! (We Did It!)"Edit

((Dream)) "The winner of the annual shinobi of the year award... Goru Sarutobi" The announcer says as the Sarutobi clan banner is pulled down from the backdrop. Goru walks on stage, in his suit... trotting and blowing kisses : "Thank you.. Thank you.." He says. And just as the announcer is about to hand him his award ((End of Dream)) His alarm clock rings, as he reaches to turn it off. He had grudged a bit "Always when I have a good one." He claims, while sliding out of the bed onto his feet and for the first time, making his own bed. First tucking in each corner of sheet under the pillow, then overlaying and cuffing the thick blue quilt. Before anything, Goru opened his curtains slightly to peak out, looking at the people in the distance, just a bit further away from his actual home. He could see lady Kage's house, as well as the academy in which he was previously tought, most of the things he saw excited him. He was ready to get out into the world as a shinobi, and this jutsu was the first step. " A whole year.." He said, meaning the time he had to train until the next chunin exams came . He shrugged. His particular class had missed the Chunin exams.. and I mean just missed. It was so close .  I had no particular Idea as to what vigorous training and missions I'd be confronting between now and then But I was ready. Goru was determined as always. Though He was a bit worried about something. He couldnt give the scroll back because it was tore to pieces, he was careless. Nevertheless he would start his day. He'd do his practical daily routine = Brush teeth --> Wash --> / Then he'd go downstairs after getting dress to eat. Though Goru's grandfather wasnt there this morning. He was sick, very sick and he was worried, so today, he'd train thinking of him. Goru ran out of the door extremely happy as he worked his way out in the forest. A clinging sound echoing from his figure. He was wearing something new. A sort of scaled armor on shoulders and thighs for defense. He found it in the attic. As he approached the training grounds everything seemed to be Normal, so Goru would get things started. He collected a few rummages of straw, sticks, and sacks to put together a rather numerous amount of dumbies around the area,probably 40 altogether. All placed at a random pattern all along the training grounds. It was then when Goru attempted at his best to remember every single thing he'd done so far, his two week regiment working out probably as well as he could have hoped. Goru smiled a bit as he stared out at the 10's of dumbies out in the field. Goru began balancing small amounts of his chakra between his mouth, throat, and feet. Before he began performing all of the necessary handsigns at that specific moment, using his chakra enhanced feet for speed, and jumping height. He lunged himself in the air, gliding a bit as he performed as he wanted to : First performing the horse sign, overlaying his knuckles one atop the other, connecting the thumb to the index finger. Then the two index fngers together. He followed again with the Snake sign which clammed his hands together with each finger in between the next, his wrist tilted upwards. He then rappidly performed the Ram and monkey sign. The boar, and the Horse again. He then finished with the Tiger sign as usual and began his hilarity of barrages and attacks he had concluded with the jutsu. He aimlessly fired the fireball portion of the jutsu down towards dumbies 1-15 which caused half of them to burn completely others partially. Then as his glide ended and he was on the ground again, He began running pass them all while releasing then reholding the tiger seal to his mouth, this time with one hand as he remolded his chakra to a form in which it curled and spit fluently like a flowing flame at the dumbies he passed in his running. He'd run a short bit with this flamethrower following his steps killing dumbies 15-30 nearly instantly. He was running out of chakra though, so he got creative and jumped into the air witha flip and a 180 degree spin as he hovered against the last of the dumbies. He'd place both hands together once more before exhaling deeply expelling a ball rather smaller than the ones previously, He'd manipulate his chakra and curl his tongue upon its release to sort of mend and knead the shape of the blast, Still a ball, though more similar to a star, which practically rained down on the last ones just as the other attack did, cratering the earth beneath. Goru fell down through the midst of the burning hay sacks and straw dumbies, as it seemed to wither away with the snow. He'd walk over to his tent, and go to sleep. Only though to take a nap. Pretty sure that he's mastered the technique fully and all of its contents to a point. He wakes up and rushes home to tell his grandfather. Though his grandfather is too sick to listen, nor see the jutsu itself so Goru becomes upset. Goru's eyes are fairly baggy and stag . He'd go to his room and sit on the bed a bit thinking about everything he's done and accomplished so far, whilst stripping down a bit. His headband first. Then his vest, and sandals. Followed by his surcoat and pants. Down to his boxers as he reaches into a drawer to grab a pair of dotted shorts. His eyes drifting away form he day as he walks back over to rest his head on his pillow pulling the quilt  over his eyes a bit before shifting position in his bed :" I'm finally done."