This is STRICTLY for Team Panda (Team Hitomi) Only. To help keep records of Role-Plays done together with the teams, solos, and team interactions if at all possible.

What This Page Is AboutEdit

The creation of this page is to keep logs of what the team has contribuated to make it a unified Team and to show character growth within KCRP, and within the RP in general between training/Combat, character ties to one another, and general goals within their RPC's life. (Group of 4 people possible within the group.) Logs posted within this page is STRICTLY for Team Panda (Team Hitomi) Only. The trainings or solos within this group is strictly Sensei/student only. The solos that would take place within this group WOULD ONLY BE GIVEN TO THOSE WITHIN THIS TEAM. Other Sensei's would do things differently. But I (Hitomi/Izzy) have other methods to have people training on their own when unable to do so. And this being one of my methods.

Also please refrain from stealing my methods of training my students. (ie: Solos) As I have told my student(s) that this method is only possile through me, and me alone. If you wish to have your students train the same way, please speak to me about it, and we can come to an agreement. 

Thank you,

Hitomi Sanada

(IzzyDaPada/ ~Founder, Sensei of Team Panda~)


Sanada Hitomi (Sensei)

Goru Sarutobi (Genin Student)

Hishigi Sarutobi (Genin Student)

Names To Come Soon (Genin Student)

Training LogsEdit

Please place training or logs within this catagory with dates of when the log was recorded.

Group Training Edit

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Solo TrainingEdit

Group Ativity LogsEdit

Please place group casual or group orinated logs within this catagory with dates of when the log was recorded.

Group BondingEdit

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Team Mate BondingEdit

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Sensei BondingEdit

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