Jutsu Name:  Whirlwind of Shadows

Rank and Reasoning

Rank: C Rank

A spinning cone of shadows engulfs the user's hand and the user then attempts to slam it into the opponent.

Jutsu Hand Seals

·         Rat

Jutsu Information

·         Creates a Spinning Cyclone

·         Can cause the target to be throne and disoriented

·         The larger the shadow gathered the bigger the cyclone

Specific Users:


  • This jutsu is for Shadow User
  • This jutsu is a Shadow Technique
  • This jutsu is open for Nara Clan only

Jutsu Performance

·         Performs the proper hand seals as they begin pressing chakra to the ground into his or her shadow.


·         Is a very quick and easy technique to learn.


·         If no shadow is present then the technique will not work.

Approved by

'''Nao Uzumaki '''