Jutsu Name:  Shadow Limitation Technique

Rank and Reasoning

Rank: D

-Depending on the amount of time holding shadow Possesion will amount of the chakra use. It does consume a good amount though as well as strain on the body.

Jutsu Hand Seals

  • Rat

Jutsu Information

·         The user summons chakra to their feet as it takes control of their own shadow. It then moves across the ground as it travels to attach to the other persons shadow.

Specific Users:


  • This jutsu is designed for Shadow Users
  • This jutsu is a Shadow Release
  • This jutsu is open for Nara Clan

Jutsu Cost

  • This jutsu would cost you about 8% of your chakra

Jutsu Performance

·         The user places their hands into the correct seal as it channels their chakra into their shadow for use.  

Jutsu Product

·         When the technique connects with the victim, the user can take full control of the victims movements.


·         The technique is fast to travel across


·         If there is no shadows then the technique cannot work.

Approved by

Sanada Kihaku