Jutsu Name : Black Hole

Rank and Reasoning

Rank: S

User pulls in a mass of surrounding shadows by lacing his or her chakra into their own shadow. Once in full control, the user gathers it into their hand and throws it past the victim by several hundred yards. Once in the right spot the jutsu is released as it begins a suction path, pulling anything and everything it can into it with the force of an F5 tornado.

Jutsu Hand Seals


  • Ram-> Snake-> Tiger->Tiger->Boar->Rat->Snake->Ram->Rat

Jutsu Information

·         Has the force of an F5 tornado

·         Takes a great amount of time to gather it and form everything into place

·         Requires user to be highly advanced in shadow techniques

Specific Users:

  • This jutsu is not a Clan Jutsu
  • This jutsu is a Shadow Technique
  • This jutsu is open for Nara or Shadow users

Jutsu Performance


  1. The user performs the necessary hand seals
  2. Pulls Shadows into their own
  3. Channels the shadow into the palm of their hand
  4. Throws it several 100 feet behind the target before releasing it and opening the wind tunnel

Jutsu Product

  1. User Creats a Black Hole like effect that pulls in Target
  2. Jutsu uses a lot of chakra
  3. If not careful the technique can backfire on user and pull them in also


  1. Hold enough power to tare out trees, gravel, houses from the ground and shred them into pieces.


  1. Takes A LOT of time to perform this technique.
  2. Uses a great amount of chakra

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