Jutsu NameEdit

Senbon Grenade

Rank and ReasoningEdit

Rank: C

Reasoning: Must be created by the user and requires the chakra to activate the explosive tag inside

Jutsu Hand SealsEdit

  • Tiger

Jutsu InformationEdit

  • This jutsu activates the senbon grenade made by the user
  • Ninjutsu/Shurikenjutsu Category

Specific Users:Edit

  • This jutsu is not a Clan Jutsu
  • This jutsu is open for all to learn.

Jutsu CostEdit

  • This jutsu only requires the chakra to set off the explosive tag

Jutsu PerformanceEdit

  1. The user performs the necessary hand seal ( Tiger) Setting off the explosive tag inside the grenade

Jutsu ProductEdit

  1. The user sets off the explosive tag in the grenade sending 100 senbon in different directions


  1. The grenade is lethal within 20 feet
  2. The grenade can be disquised with painting or set as a trap


  1. The grenade is always in the shape of a ball so if known IC it can be suspected
  2. Only lethal within 20 feet otherwise may only cause little damage to anyone hit by it

Approved byEdit

Sanada Kihaku