Jutsu NameEdit


Rank and ReasoningEdit

Rank A

Requires 20% of your chakra

Jutsu Hand SealsEdit


Jutsu InformationEdit

  • This jutsu produces a ball of plasma in the user's hand
  • Is similar to the way rasengan is used
  • Ninjutsu category

Specific Users:Edit

  • This jutsu is a Clan Jutsu
  • This jutsu is a Plasma Release
  • This jutsu is a Kekkei Genkai of the Hoshigake Clan

Jutsu CostEdit

  • This jutsu would cost you about 10% of your chakra
  • Enough skill and the necessary chakra nature's to combine Fire and lightning nature's into the palm

Jutsu PerformanceEdit

  1. The user Directs and center his Fire and lightning chakra  in the palm of the hand using both hands to concentrate and manipulate the chakra into a ball.
  2. The User lunges at the opponent holding the hand with the Roshengan infront of them  upon impact it will burn away and melt anything it comes into contact with being plasma is hotter than lightning and fire
  3. Burns a hole into the opponent where ever it contacts, the hole s no bigger than the palm

Jutsu ProductEdit

  1. The user creates a plasma ball held in the hand
  2. Can cause death or serious injury to the opponent depending on where it lands


  1.  If it connects it will cause serious injury or death
  2. Can be done without the use of a shadow clone


  1. easily dodged
  2. Takes some time to build the ball in the hand, as manipulation and chakra control is needed

Approved byEdit

Sanada Kihaku