Day 1:Edit

xKireiHimex:~It was a beaufitul day in the forest, An nice day for the exams, Kairi sat there waiting for those that had to fight here. She didnt know yet caus she couldnt tell who choosed wich path, She wondered alot who it could be. But on the other side she couldnt care much, Aslong as they showed off their skills she was fine. The sun was shining high in the air as she was surounded by alot off beautifull tree's. Kairi looked around a bit as she was wearing her coat over her Kage dress and a Kage hat on her hip.  She had taken some medical stuff aswell as some water and food for after the fight, just in case they were needed. But probably not. Kairi sighed a bit she felt lonely on vthe other hand. After the dates she got the one dissapeared as if it was nothing, But she had her brother back that is what counted the most for her that the family is complete once again~

TakomeAkimichi: Takome wakes up in a tree from taking a long nap and sees the Lady Kage Kairi standing below her. She heard that there was a test going on in the forest that she is to take part of, so Takome rush to the forest to the spot where she had assumed she would be taking the test the night before the test was to take place. Takome climb the tree using her kunai. She had a kunai in each hand and stabbed them into the tree climbing upwards to the nearest branch branch. Takome jumped and landed both feet on the branch. She took her two kunai out of the tree and placed them both back into her shinobi pouch. Next she doze off, for she knew she would need every once of engery and totally complete focus when facing her opponent. As Takome woke up in the tree and saw Lady Kairi standing below, she jumped down landing on both her feet perfectly. Then Takome slowly approaches Lady Kairi to make sure she didn't startle her. Takome would raises her hand like her sensei does sometimes with he greets people.- Yo Lady Kairi! Are you here to watch the test? -As Takome waits for her response, she quickly prepares herself for her test, for she knew the person she would be facing would show up at any moment and she had to be prepared.-

Kenshiro Sanada:as kensiro takes the path that he chose as he comes  before  a forrest with much  high large  tree's.As he sees a lil river there to,as he gets his flask out and walks to the  river and fill's it with water just in case  and he checks his shinobi pouches. checks  if   he has everything with  him that he needs for his up comming  battle.he  takes out  everything and checks it,then puts it all back in his pouch as  he see's a large flat rock  as he walks to it and  jumps on it ,slowly  he  sits down in meditation when  he open's his eyes and stands up . He jumps in a tree and starts jumping  from tree banch  to tree brench as he  keeps  moving straight a head as he is cautious  as his oponent can sneak up on him at every time as  he sees a wide opens space and he sees lady kage kairi and takome down there he jumps down and lands in front of lady kairi and takome and greets them  as he see's a much higher and larger tree then the others and  a nice bench were  takome  ish siting on and greets them both as he  still  observing  the surroundings.It might  come in handy later as he is  slowly waking 2 lady kairi and takome.~Am i at the right place ? this is where i  am supose to fight right? and when i saw you 2 here that means Takome my team mate is my opponent? ~As he startles and  seems a little confusest right now because he was expecting to  fight a jounin as he sits down a bit.~wel  nothing to  do about it now lets start this shit then.~As he stands and makes some distance by way of  backflips and takes his battlepose and  glares to his opponent and wishing her luck in the match thats comming up -

Kamisori Hoshigake: -Kamisori had been gone a long time. Longer than most people would try and be gone from the ones they love. He had set out to find himself in the hopes of improving on his techniques and discovering some new ones along the way. He had fought through bistering winter and scorching summer. He learned to harness the natural elements of lightning and in corporate them into his jutsu. Now he was headed home. HE couldnt stand to be away from his love anymore. He hoped she would understand why he was gone and what had to be done. He was headed back through a forest near the village when he heard some people not to far from his current location. He decided it would be a good chance to implement his new techniques. He picked a blearing in the tree canopy and began forming his hand seals. He took a deep breath and then let it out infused with his fire chakra as he spat fireballs out into the sky. The pressure and high heat of the flame produced massive thunder and rain clouds that would cover his entry. He kept  moving forward silently waiting to see what was up ahead.

xKireiHimex:-Kairi looked up as she saw Takome and Kenshiro in front off her"Test?"-She responsed to Takome-"No No, this is your exam, to see what your skills are and what you need to learn more, Your both eachothers oponent but maybe its good then you can maybe help eachother out after this with trainings and what needs to be done to get stronger"-Kairi would say as all off a sudden the sun dissapeared and made place for rainy clouds with thunder as she looked around she knew someone made these clouds caus it wouldnt rain at all today but the sun would be shining "Whoever you are come out"-She would scream as she sighs, it wasnt a attack already right?, they werent prepaired for that only she was. Kirei looked to Takome and Kenshiro wondering their reaction as she waited what would happen next. She still felt kind off lonely but yet she held this strong infront off everyone else she was Kage afterall no one should see her depressed or crying at all times-

TakomeAkimichi: -Takome would smile and nod at Lady Kairi- Oh I understand now Lady Kairi. So this is an exam to test our skills and knowledge of what we already know and what we would need to work on afterwards. -Takome would smile and nod out of respect to her teammate and opponent.- I wish you the best of luck teammate. But don't think just because your my teammate I'm going to go easy on you. Fat Chance. I'm here to go all out. I will surpass our sensei someday. -Takome jumps out of the tree and lands a few feet from her opponent. She begins to prepare herself for the fight against her own teammate. But as Takome gets ready rain drops begin to come down from the sky and hit her face making it look as though she was crying. Being as smart and sharp minded Takome is, she knew this wasn't any ordinary rain clouds with lighting. She knew someone had cause this. With haring Lady Kairi holler out "Whoever you are come" Takome's answer was confirmed. She would immediately reach into her shinobi pouch and pull out one of the special kunai her Uncle Kenji thought her how to make. She holds the kunai in her hand ready to strike at whomever it was who was coming, while being ready to fight and protect Lady Kairi with her life. Takome wasn't about to let anyone take out her kage.-

Kenshiro Sanada: -As kenshiro first see some fireballs coming  from not so  far from the location were they are he  sees the sun the disappears slowly and slowly  clouds of  rain clouds with thunder appearing and  feels a light  wind coming up and  raindrops beginning to fall on him as he sense odd  chakra he has never see or  sensed ever  before that maybe a tread to them as he said to lady kairi and takome be cautious and be ready for a possible fight  that’s coming he tells them there is an unknown chakra approaching from the woods not far from  the place were they are  as he  grabs a kunai just in case as he did not know were it was coming  from he was looking everywhere for the strange chakra to pop up again as he saw some smoke up a head what ever was coming in the direction of him and lady  kairi and takome it could be bad news as he keeps an eye out for someone or something  as he  go's on booby trapping the place were  they are staying just in case  something  is really coming and he said  now the only  thing to do  is wait for the  possible  tread to show him or her  self  as he did not  know  when  this  new tread was coming   he set down thinking of a strategies  going  trough all sorts of possible scenarios in his head as he thinks whatever is coming its strong and well trained in the ways of the shinobi he has no doubt what so ever that what ever is coming  there way they  will know soon enough if its bad or good that only time will tell as he  takes out his flask that he filed with water earlier  he  takes of the cap  and ask lady kairi and  takome if they want some water that he  took with  him out of the river few miles back  and the hours go by there is still no sense of the one of the weird chakra he keeps thinking what ever is coming  here  its going to be one thing to do so keep a  clear mind and wait for it to show it self  as the wind is getting  a little stronger and more rain drops  falling  he still  is  figuring out what is going on here he still   keeping an eye  out  for every thing around them as he would try to protect his own teammate Takome and lady Kairi-

Kamisori Hoshigake: -As Kamisori got closer to the people he saw that it was his love, The Yukigake along with 2 genin it appeared. If he was ever going to make an entrance it was going to be now. He drew in a deep breath and exhaled his lightning chakra up into the clouds. It could not be seen going into the clouds but a sensory shinobi could pick it up once it was in them. He began performing his hand seals as lightning began striking down all around the kage and the genin. Where the lightning struck he had a lightning clone pop up from within the flash. There were about 10 clones in total surrounding the area all wearing the same anbu mask he wore. Under each of the clones the earth was scorched and burnt from the lightning strikes. He did not move his clones only waited to see what the reactions of the others would be. Some of the lightning strikes set off some explosive tags that one of them must have placed around them for protection. He smiled from under his mask as he kept his distance from the action but began to speak through one of the clones.-Its been a long time hasnt it...Kairi Caoin. -he said breathly-

xKireiHimex:-Kairi watched Kenshiro and Takome as she wonders if they know what theyr up to since she didnt know it herself, As she watched around quietly as she heard the lightning as she holded up her hand to catch some off the raindrops. As then all off a sudden clones start to appear clones off lightning as Kairi would blink a few times. In the village was one person she knew that had lightning and that could use this as she looked around once more as she then heard oine off the clones speak "it sure has been a long time my love"-She would speak as she looked to Takome and Kenshiro wondering what they were gonna do now she wasnt sure if they would start to attack or just look at her with weird faces. basicly no one knew most that she was seeing someone exept her brother he knew-

Kenshiro Sanada: -As kenshiro looks at lady  kairi funny  wait you know him  lady kage .- while  he  looks  back to the  guy with the mask as he hears one of the clones say "it sure has been a long time my love" as he turns back with his hand pointing at the stranger with the mask and aks lady kairi- ish that your love?- he asks in voice of  shock as his eye's widen and his mouth falls open.- I must fight your love?- As his Eyes widen even more.- Well  im fucked.- As he stretches his muscles.-Well I am not giving up without a fight.-As he see’s the stranger is standing on one of his  explosive taggs that he  layed out  on the perimeter. which gave him an idea. He swiftly makes the ram<Snake<Tiger handseals and  jumps into the tree's foliage as a clone appears where he once stood ,without the stranger noticing he moves around in a circle formation and places one explosive tagg on each tree.  As he gets  back were he started , he  see’s the stranger  and his  clone. Kenshiro Makes the tiger seal as he setts off the explosive tag under the stranger’s feet and on release of the first blast, he also released the clone. He dashes down towards  lady  kairi  and  Pushes her down in his fall to shield her from the blast .He  hears the rest of his taggs explode  around the man. When the explosions finally stopped, he slowly stood  up again. he didn’t know if his attack  had worked or not. the smoke  was slowly beginning to clear, but he still couldn’t see anything .The many explosions had made the smoke to thick, making it hard to see through as he made some distance by way of  backflipps. On his final landing he on his battle  pose and waited for the smoke clouds to clear. He  had no idea  what had happened within the smoke field.He could only wait and see if his plan had worked or that he would now be in big trouble. -

TakomeAkimichi: Lady Kairi is it true? Is this guy really your love? -I smirk and then begin to smile- Haha this is going to be fun and exciting. I look forward to see how this battle turns out. -I turn to one of the man's clones and smile. Takome throws her special kunai she had taken out earlier and throws it in the river behind her, Lady Kairi and her teammate. Next Takome reaches into her shinobi pouch and takes out a few more of her special kunai and throws them into different directions surrounding them all including the man in the mask's clones.- Lady Kairi I suggest you and my teammate duck and close your eyes when I tell you to. -Takome begins to smile but without realizing it Takome sees that her teammate set off his explosive taggs he had set earlier. She immediately jumps up into one of the trees surrounding them. As the smoke from the explosive taggs surrounds the around and makes it difficult for her teammate to see their opponent, Takome takes this as a great oppontunity and begins marking the trees. Then as Takome finishes marking the trees quickly not knowing how long she had, she does a few hand seals and a clone takes her place next to Lady Kairi and her teammate Kenshiro. Takome stays in hiding and begins coming up with a few strageties and back up plans for these strageties.-  Kenshiro take caution. I believe this will be the toughest opponent we will face. We must work together. -Takome's clone stares into Kenshiro's eyes while saying this.- Ready Kenshiro? Let's show this fool what we got! -Takome smiles in excitment in hiding while her clone smirks at their opponent.-