Room: Sea

NobuAkimichi: -An elegant breeze drifted on the surface of the sea that caused light ripples through the water and the scent of salt water to radiate all around. The squalls that slipped over the waters surface caused waves to formulate, and hit against the ship which I stood on, waiting for the events at hand. I really didn’t understand, nor enjoy being in this sort of settings for a battle. The constant shifting of moving side to side due to the uneven waters and constant change in breeze would make any person whom was use to only being on land to have a queasy feeling. Sea sickness, even I myself was starting to actually feel my stomach churning uncomfortably due to the odd movements. I kept my feet planted sternly though, and distracted my mind away from the movements by enjoying a regular past time of my clan. In my hand, I held the bottom end of a bag of my favorite barbeque chips, cuddle up to my chest so that when I actually did slip my hand into the bag and engorge myself in some of the chips, the crumbs would merely fall back into the bag and I didn’t waste any of the tasty snack. I also held it this close to me to also fight off the disgusting scent of salt water and fish with the zesty aroma that the barbeque chips gave off. I could sit there and actually smell the delicious snack instead of eating it for some time, and sometimes wished they actually create a perfume of sorts that smelled like the potato chips. I originally hailed from Konohagakure, a land which my clan hailed from, the well known Akimichi’s. The proof of my clan was a couple of different distinctive features that were actually somewhat hidden. Upon either one of my cheeks was a mark that was placed there the second of birth, every single person of the clan held a different design that was unique to them. My own markings were actually somewhat tribal in a way; delicate swirls moved about one another with sharp edges and etched in a dark blue color. My skin complexion behind this was actually a pale color, something that depended upon the person, which I myself actually kept to myself indoors for a good portion. Though, every now and then I did get out so that I may actually perform some duties and missions. It was physically impossible for me to tan though; my skin would merely burn and turn a light pink color from a burn that was cast by the UV rays of the sun.  The second thing which defined me as a person was actually the size of my being. I was a little bit of on the heavier side, but through countless hours of training, I had adjusted the muscles to carry my own weight with ease and actually move with the speed and some others found. Sure, it may actually be my weakness, but I was well aware of this and formed it into something to fool the others into thinking that I was slow. That misconception of my weakness was usually enough for me to find myself in their open spot and crush those whom stood before me. My build was somewhat staggering, my height pushing almost seven feet tall and my weight pushing well over the three hundred and fifty pounds, making me looks as though I was a giant compared to others. The only other thing that would give away that hail of my clan’s origin would actually be the earrings which adorned the fleshed end where typically earrings were. These earrings though were something that was unique, and only the Yamanaka, Akimichi, and Nara clan received from the Sarutobi Clan. They made a promise to work with one another in unison, and were actually quite famous for their battle formations during the wars that occurred so long ago.  My size was possibly the only thing that someone could guess upon where I was from, since my attire hid many of the things that people might look for. My undershirt that I wore on my body was actually an entire piece which formed the neck into a mask that shielded my nose, mouth and jaw line, though at this point I had it pulled down while I enjoyed my barbeque potato chips. So any other time, the markings upon my cheeks were hidden by the beaten and tattered undershirt that held random tears and blood stains from using it many times over. Over this shirt I wore flak which belonged to the village I had come from, which was Yukigakure. It was a misty blue color, and over the shoulders and other parts held a darker shade of blue, which was typical with the color scheme of the clothing in the area. Inside the multiple pockets of the flak jacket I had a unique amount of selected weapons that I used often enough in unison to my abilities, which included most of the senbons, smoke bombs, flash bangs, makabishi, soldier pills and also the three colored pills that only those of the Akimichi clan could possess or even knew anything about. They worked in conjunction with the abilities we had to burn calories and convert that energy over into chakra. These pills just made it possibly so that it could happen within a mere moments, but I had become rather adept in the abilities of converting calories to chakra over time. There was still a chance though that at some point I would need to use these so that I could give myself the advantage over a powerful opponent. The chances though after using the last pill, the red one, could actually mean certain death if there is not someone around to assist. I had never actually needed to use them in any case, but I was well aware of my surroundings and wanting to be prepared for anything that comes my way. Over my hands and forearms, I wore long gloves that actually pushed past my elbow and were also plated with a dark metal plate on the forearm for extra strength against blocking attacks and also performing attacks as well. Underneath this metal plate I had on a different sort of fabric that was over some tape wrappings. There were a single seal over the bottom side of the wrist that was used for quick weapon summons, but they were only smaller weapons that could be summoned such as kunai, shuriken, and even a tanto. Over my lower attire I wore nothing more than black pants, a holster for kunai was strapped to my left thigh, and my left thigh there was tape that wrapped around the fabric to cover up some of the tears and also assist in keeping them up. Just like over my forearms, I also wore matching dark metal plate shin guards that also acted for defense and also a great offense if need be. Around my waistband to the pants I wore nothing more than a cloth sash to act as a belt. I also kept a couple of hidden senbons in there so that I could pull them out without one’s knowledge. Behind me strapped to the black sash was shinobi pouch, where I kept more of the kunai, though these were actually lined with explosive tags. I held such a heavy assortment of weapons on my actual being that it would be tough to think that I might actually run out, because also strapped to either side of my waist were small scrolls, four to be exact, and each of them held a heavy assortment of weapons as well. Attached to the back of the flak, I held even more scrolls, these which were medium in size and didn’t exactly hold just weapons, but also specific techniques, and one in particular held a weapon that not a single person knew about yet, and something I was still learning how to use. Fuinjutsu was something I had taken a great liking to, and off of that I branched in Bukijutsu, the use of all weapons in general. Together mixed in I was able to summon a multitude of weapons at a time, and never would run out. This led me to my last item that was sitting over my back, a thin strap running over my shoulder and chest which held my largest scroll that contained many, many seals within it for one of my most powerful Bukijutsu techniques.  I was armed with every sort of shinobi tool that one might see use, down to demon shurkien to flails. Lastly over my feet I wore nothing but casual shinobi sandals, though the top of my foot was somewhat covered by the shin plate guards that went over a good portion of my feet.  My free hand that was not holding onto the bag of barbeque potato chips reached upwards in order to push back the dark red locks of my hair that was actually fashioned into a rather odd looking Mohawk. You could still actually see a good amount of short stubble red hairs from where I had buzzed the sides off, but the Mohawk was significantly longer in length, and actually came down to around between my shoulder blades. Icy blue eyes looked off towards the southern end of the boat, where I was also standing at the very back end, noticing that a storm was brewing as dark clouds conjured from seemingly nowhere. The soft sound of thunder rang in the back ground, and I whispered to myself about how lovely it would be to be in a boat while a storm was coming.- Great… More rocking and moving… -I grumbled and complained to myself while I reached into my bag of chips and continued to snack, which this actually had a reason behind it as well. Being an Akimichi, the technique of Calorie Control was important to our fighting style. Our techniques drained a lot of chakra quickly, which was partially why I kept myself in a state of Partial Expansion (This is why I remained so tall and large all the time, it is not natural, but a part of a constant training from my Stamina/Chakra amount.). I ate at all times, because the more calories in my body, the more techniques I could use. I had perfected it though to where I knew how to defeat the typical idea of an Akimichi being large. As long as I burned more calories than I put in, I would keep a healthy weight. So if I wound up not needing those calories, in the evening I would do a work out to burn everything I consumed up and keep my weight at something where I wasn’t actually slowed down by.  I abruptly shook my head and closed my eyes while my head tilted downward, questioning how much longer it was going to be before we could start this battle. I wanted to finish it before the storm rolled in, but none the less, I told myself that I would work this child whom was actually my student to the best possible limit without causing her too heavy of injury. A smirked marred my lips as I thought about it more, a Hyuuga, someone whom was also quite adept in Taijutsu. I wondered though, how long it would last, and how well she would fair against me, her own sensei. I suppressed a short amount of laughter as I continued to picture the battle in my own mind and waited for the child to approach me, signaling that she was ready for her fight.-

NatsuhiKururugi: -The sounds of the sea whispered through the planks of the old ship that rocked and undulated with each cresting wave that assaulted its old wooden exterior. Joining in the noises of the sea pockets of yawning and occasional scratching of skin and clothing joined in with their harsh counter rhythms. A girl, Hatsumomo Hyuuga-Caoin, lay on a padded wooden bench waiting to take her chuunin exam with a pent up fervor and equaled anxiety causing her already knotted stomach to roil even more; the sea was wreaking minor havoc on the 14 year old Yukiagakure shinobi’s stomach making her even more uneasy. She stared out at the deck above her with her pale lavender Byakuugan eyes, trait of the famed Hyuuga clan from which Hatsumomo had been born into, her lids slowly fluttering shut every now and again as the clutches of boredom decided to make her just the slightest bit groggy. The messy braid that usually hung down her back this time brushed out smooth and tangle free for once hanging off in beautiful ebon streams off the edge of the bench she rested on looking longer than usual. A sigh slipped past thin pale lips as her equally pale lids fluttered shut again involuntarily causing the young Hyuuga to stand up and shake herself awake. She started first by shaking her hands out, the black spandex gloves she wore on her hands, fingerless to allow her long sharpened black nails to poke out, reflecting the dull light that glowed like fireflies around the cabin. Next, her arms wrapped in the white grey swirled pattern of her sleeves covered in black shinobi wrappings for stability and mentally added strength on her end. The whole body shaking shimmied its way up to her shoulders rustling the white patterned cotton top she wore over a sleeveless fishnet undershirt; it had buckles on the left side of the overlapping edges that fastened it to itself to keep it from falling open in battle or otherwise. The buckles were attached to black straps made from a stretchy elastic type material for stability and gripping purposes that also had belts that attached to the low cut leggings made from thick wool like material in a dark grey. Her top was low cut enough also to show off the six black clavicle piercings she had gotten along with her black snake bite hoops and corset piercing to piss her father off when she had been younger. As the shimmies moved down to her hips her ‘armoured’ skirt jingled with each of its chainmailled links moving against one another, her Yukigakure hitai-ate rustling along with it. The pouch that Hatsumomo kept tied in her hitai-ate gave off the sounds of clunking and jangling with the rapid shakes of her hips from the various tools she kept in there, extra kunai that she couldn’t fit in the strap she kept tied to her right thigh, a scroll she kept her near endless supply of oranges sealed in, scores of shuriken, some wire for just in case purposes along with some explosive tags for the same purposes. Lastly to get shaken out, each leg, the basic black zori on her left foot going soaring forward toward the stairs to the upper deck. Hatsumomo quickly reached her hand forward and leaned catching the wayward shoe as it flung itself but just as she was about to right herself from falling the ship lurched again on another large wave making her off balance enough to slide forward and fall. She flailed for just half a second pushing herself back up with her palms using her Hyuuga agility to get back up to a standing position this time with a thin layer of chakra on her feet to keep stable. With a sigh, she slid the shoe back on her foot layering the bottom of that with chakra too to keep from falling again as she made her way slowly up the length of the bottom of the ship thinking about the exam again. If she passed she’d have a better way of getting herself out there as a shinobi and surpass the horridness her father left behind for her to clean up. It was a goal she had set for herself from early on, to make up for what her father had done to her and to find him eventually off him if she got the chance. When she finally ran off from that hell hole of a house she lived in as a young girl her father was nowhere to be found, ran off somewhere or something as he didn’t come home from a mission leaving Hatsumomo all alone not that she minded one bit. This goal kept her fueled for career as a shinobi, kept her on track and focused and hopefully it helped her enough to pass the exam. Taking an orange out from her pocket she peeled it with her nails and nommed it as she walked up the stairs of the bottom of the boat getting blasted with the wonderful scent of salt, fish and water and the wind that blew the waves and the boat around. Her sensei stood on the other side of the boat eating his bbq chips as usual looking to be a bit sick himself though she thought it was just a trick of the eyes. Tossing her orange peel off the side of the boat she walked forward noticing the rocking of the boat more with each step she took toward her fate, the darkening skies giving her an even bigger feeling of unease as storms freaked her out a bit. With another shake of her head she swallowed the last bit of her orange and stared hard ahead at her sensei Nobu keeping herself balanced to the rocking of the ship. The long black  tresses of her hair blew around free around her head giving her the appearance of a wild sea goddess ready to wreak havoc.- “I’m ready sensei.”

NobuAkimichi: -A smirk slipped over my somewhat chapped lips and my icy blue eyes searched the upper rear deck of the ship, spotting the small Hyuuga girl whom was my opponent for the test.  I took note of all the items that were actually on her being, and avoided her own eyes for some time while I looked around to make sure I didn’t miss something. I knew that she possibly kept the normal shinobi tools on her in a couple of different places, but I could never know for sure what was actually she might have planned. So was the excitement of actually having a good battle, the adrenaline slipping through my veins and causing my heart to race with the thrill of unknown events to unfold. I had never actually battled a Hyuuga, but I knew plenty about them since their clan was one which originated from my own home of Konohagakure, the Hidden Leaf Village.  I wondered how I should approach my opponent, my light blue orbs now resting upon her hips where I almost always kept my eyes. That spot on the person could reveal just about every single movement they were planning, the only thing I would have to glance up to see would possibly be the movements of her hands, but I could normally do this through the peripherals. Taijutsu was something all I had, since being in my clan, my attacks, my defense, everything was centered around that hand to hand combat, though I had also learned about quite a bit else to overcompensate for my inability to use elemental natures. I heard her words of being prepared, and I wasn’t exactly optimistic about having to strike a child. I slowly chewed upon another chip which I had slipped into my mouth from the plastic bag and enjoyed the zesty flavor of the stiff crunchy chip which cracked loudly from in between my teeth. I had little choice in the matter though; it all had to be done so that I could inquire the skills Momo had so that I could also better assess what she needed to work on. I wouldn’t use anything lethal, I already made up my mind, though how badly I wished to release my dear weapon out from within’ those scrolls and see what it could actually do to a person was almost overwhelming… I suppressed a sort of chuckle from between my lips and merely raised my eyes so that I could finally look her eye to eye.- Fair enough, Momo. Let’s see what you’ve got… Don’t hold back on me, and strike to kill. Ignore who I am, treat me as an enemy… Like someone you want revenge upon or hurt you. –I hoped to actually perform a first test of the sorts, see if I could get it to where her own emotions would get the best of her. I wanted to see if rage would fuel her to do better, or distract her from something that might actually put her life in danger. Slipping my right foot slightly behind my left while I spoke, I balanced my body out so that both feet were square underneath my shoulders. I leaned a little more weight upon the left foot that was in front of me which was planted firmly upon the ground, the right actually resting upon the ball of my foot, ready to take the first step towards her with a moment’s notice. I curled up the bag of chips I had in my hands, tightening the roll so that they were not affected by me actually tossing them off to my own right side, and they landing harmlessly upon the wooden surface near the edge of the rocky ship. My right arm then bent at the elbow, my palm facing upwards while curled into a tight fist, the muscle in my arm that were somewhat exposed bulging out from the flex and readying to use a good amount of strength. My left was positioned the same as the right, but this one was much more relaxed, with the palm open and ready to counter a blow that may come in that I needed to dodge to redirect. My voice finally rose above the splashing noises of the waves crashing against the ship, the creaking noises of the boat rocking and turning from the wood being forced to move in an uncomfortable way, and the soft sounds of thunder rolling in the background. It was still decently bright out above us, seeing as the storm was well off in the distance, though was closing in quickly.- Prepare yourself Momo… I won’t be holding back either! –With the ending of my final words, I pushed off my left foot, taking my actual first step towards her with my right and quickly closing in upon my opponent in a speed that was possibly not known to be possessed by such a large individual. I was going to keep most of this battle to strictly Taijutsu on my own side, though I had also a pretty good plan on how I was going to lead on through it as well. I learned long ago that I needed to actually have a plan to my attacks, and couldn’t just blindly throw myself at the opponent unlike how I use to. Thankfully, that’s what many of my newly learned techniques provided… Options. A lot of things I wasn’t able to actually use on this ship though, else I risked sinking us both and then being exposed to the storm… It wouldn’t end well. My mind continued to race through all the different options as within seconds I was coming towards Momo and had her within three feet of myself before I planted my left foot, moving with the soft rocking of the ship so that I remained on balance while coming to a grinding stop. I didn’t even throw a punch, which would have been the cliché way to actually start a battle with a person like myself. Instead, with my left foot planted forward and actually rolling so that it was more resting upon the ball of my foot so that I could pivot and move around if need be, I kept my hips somewhat turned towards the right and swung them through. My right leg lifted from the ship’s wooden surface slightly, and came around with my hips to perform a strong lower kick towards the side of her knee cap. Had the groove in between my shin and foot, which was actually shielded by the metal shin guard, connected with the side of her leg, there was a small chance that I would have actually dislocated her knee from her leg, leave an extremely painful bruise upon the area, and make it uncomfortable to walk and even slow her down for the duration of the battle. I kept my hands both ready and waiting for her reaction, my eyes slipping down during the actual sprint towards her moving from her own eyes towards her hips so that I could assess her movements and reactions accordingly and attempt to take her down as quickly as possible, as were my orders for the test.-

NatsuhiKururugi: -Hatsumomo noted the typical shinobi tools and scrolls on her sensei figuring he had more than a few tricks up his sleeve as does most jounin well, most shinobi in general. As he slid his stance around she also slid her stance around, her right foot sliding back a bit so that her left side faced him for a slimmer target shifting her weight back and down a bit for a sturdier form, harder to knock over. She brought her hands up in front of her, the back of her palms facing him her left and right hands tilted toward the center of her body mass just slightly with her left hand more toward her sensei than her right. Her eyes narrowed just a little tiny bit as her sensei wondering how far he’d go to push her to her limits and beyond. She seriously doubted if he’d outright try and seriously injure her and break her beyond normal gennin limits, if he did she had no idea how she would react. Her biological father abused her bad as she grew up and outright getting beaten hard in anyway might trigger something but Hatsumomo hoped it wouldn’t. Nobu so far was a good sensei and she felt she could trust him to keep things toned down enough to not have her sent home in a box. She twisted her face into a straight line inhaling the pungent scent of the sea again feeling the granules of salt that sharpened the air rub her nose and mouth raw. As he spoke about revenge, killing, you could almost see the gears in her 14 year old brain moving and turning slowly picking up speed. A burning feeling in her gut started spreading like flames though her body the desire to see her biological father hanging from a tree like a limp noodle or 6 ft under in a tiny box. Her body tensed up as adrenalin started flowing with determined anger and pure unadulterated hatred toward that man. This anger and hatred kept her focused and stronger, giving her a goal to push her to do better to surpass the horridness her father bestowed on her and to find him and show the village that she was better than he was. Nobu again shifted a bit into a sturdier stance having his legs square with his shoulders turning his side out much like she did though one of his hands curled into a fist. Hatsumomo relaxed her tense muscles for half a second before tensing up again to be ready to move in an instant when her sensei attacked which he did. He ‘launched’ forward coming at her not with a punch but with his hips rotating in a strong kick to the side of her knee cap, she had to react instantly or her knee would be dislocated making her gimp enough for the rest of the fight. With a split second decision she leaned forward pivoted on her front foot and spun toward him over her left shoulder having the kick miss her leg completely. Hatsumomo quickly finished her spin by planting her other foot and pivoting in the same direction before winding up in the end behind him. Using her knowledge of taijutsu she in the time it took for the reset of his body position aimed a swift kick to his ass with her heel hoping to cause his ballance to get shifted and make him stumble or completely fall over.-

NobuAkimichi: -I was somewhat certain that her abilities in Taijutsu would certainly allow her to dodge this simple attack with ease, it was not difficult at all to evade a kick that was placed at her leg which was set infront of her, but would simply cause her to take a step back. I wanted to see if she could be able to keep her ground against me, and not be forced back into a corner where she would have to panic upon her escape. But this also sounded like a good plan, to see if she would lose her cool in the heat of the moment and if she would slip up. A smirk slipped over my lips as my soft blue eyes remained upon her hips, something I had been taught long, long ago when confronting someone in hand to hand combat, because it was then that you could predict their movement, and use just the corner of your eyes to keep a look upon what their hands would be up to. There was a shift in her movement where she had slipped the leg that I had intended to kick actually further back behind her, moving it from the range and the flat side of my foot missing it's target. It was no suprise there to me, and I didn't exactly throw my entire weight into the kick. I knew better then to actually throw my full weight into any sort of attack I made, which would throw me completely off balance and I wouldn't stand a chance at their counter attack. This was why when I had performed the kick, I had used the momentum of twisting my hips to throw the blow that could potentially dislocate one of the weakest points of the leg, the knee where two larger, stronger bones conjoined. I dipped the right leg downward so that the bottom rubber section of my sandle slid against the rough wooden surface of the boat to aid in slowing the momentum down, but still turned my body somewhat sideways towards her. It wasn't to where I was going to be defensless against her counter strike, and I could see what was coming by the way her hips again shifted with the pivoting of her foot to come around and get behind me, I just simply had to look somewhat over my shoulder to keep an eye on her. I was somewhat uncertain as to where she was attempting to aim her attack, though as she positioned herself further behind me, using valuable time to move herself to a suitable spot rather then go straight for an attack. If she would have placed it higher she could have attempted to strike my ribs, kidney, or even my spine, throw me in a fit of pain or with even enough pressure, break my spine and distort my breathing pattern which was quite important. But her leg only rose slightly higher then where I had actually aimed my own, and I could tell my the height it was coming towards my hip, or speciffically my rear end. I quirked a brow, wondering why she really wasn't taking this seriously and snorted soft, trying to remove the disgusting scent of the salty sea that had a disgusting oder mixed with that of fish. The soft snort was also my distaste for her decision of an attack, and decided that it might be best that I actually attempt to teach her how serious she needed to be with me. I didn't need to actually preform much to keep myself safe from her kick and avoid being knocked off balance, there was just a simple adjustment that I needed to make. I followed the seconds where her hips came around and she slid around somewhat behind me. She was lifting her leg into the air to engange in her attack as I placed a large amount of weight against my left foot after pivoting the same foot to be able to turn myself so it wasn't at the position she was aiming, and actually lean upon this foot further upon the inside of it so that it was uncomfrotable pressing the side of my foot. Bending my ankle somewhat angled towards the ground to sturdy myself, with this, I then lowered my center of gravity down by bending my knee to change the actual placement where her kick was coming towards to inside closer to my side instead of my rear end. I turned my body at my hip further towards her so that her kick would not exactly be coming from behind me, and now with my center of gravity more stable, and my placement of my foot ready for the impact, I prepared my guard. My right arm, which was flexed into a fist and already somewhat bent by the elbow simply had to raise upwards from my body, and move it so that my fist was now closer to my face, and the path of her kick was actually coming for the metal plate of forearm guard that was near my shoulder and side of my chest. I braced myself, and leaned into her kick to actually fight the weight. It was now coming to a test of strength, which I knew for a fact that I could hold my own against her just because of the sheer amount of weight I had on her being older. I was an Akimichi as well, strength was what I was known for, along with increasing my weight through the Hiden clan techniques, so she really would have to do a lot to throw me off balance. I grunted softly as the impact of the kick, and also the shift of the boat from the waves caused me to slide only but an inch before the way I was planted to the ground, I didn't have to worry about moving any further. Only but a split second had pased when I slid back and her kick had connected, did I react. I was not in a position to actually do much, I had my clan techniques, but I wanted to be a little more risky, and also stict to mainly Taijutsu with her. Since all my weight was on this left foot, and I had her there right in front of me, I straightened my leg out and launched my body towards her with her foot still connected on my forarm. I hoped by this, I would throw her backwards with my heavier body weight, and send her flying backwards. There was no telling what sort of injuries she could take, but I already knew that I was also heading for an unstable landing, but I was sure I could recover one way or another, depending on how she reacted.-

NatsuhiKururuhi: -Hatsumomo figured that a jounin would have no problems dealing with her little attack and that he would have a easy time counter attacking. As her foot moved forward she saw him shift his weight around as she twisted around him to kick his behind. Seeing that he kept an eye on her made it apparent she had to keep herself alert and serious, as so far she really hasn’t been. As she went to kick his rear end, he moved himself around so that he was bent at the knees lower than before and his forearm turned up so that her foot would impact the metal plating. She connected with the metal plate and grunted feeling the harder surface halt the momentum of her kick enough to feel a little normal strain on her muscles. Her sensei slid back only about an inch which had Hatsumomo thinking that she would have to put more of her own meager strength into her attacks to affect him any more than that. Not even a split second after he slid back he pressed his weight on his back leg and pushed forward and with her leg connected to his arm still as she hadn’t pulled it back to her body yet made her go flying backward a few feet, not too far. Hatsumomo twisted in the air as she flew, shifting her weight around so that she faced upright, coating her hands and feet in a thin layer of chakra for the landing on which she landed on her feet making sure to bend her knees to lessen the impact. She was still off balance enough though to fall forward even though her feet suck themselves with the chakra to the deck of the rocking ship. Quickly she reached out with her hands as she fell and using the chakra as a small burst out of her hands to help as she jumped back up and stood straight up for half a second before fixing her stance on the boat to what it was previously. Hatsumomo knowing that being slow wasn’t going to be an option for her for the rest of the fight she launched herself forward at a full sprint, knowing her sensei still would be a bit off balance as the time it took for her to go flying and get back up lasted only two or three seconds at most. She ran around him to the right, his left side, and aimed a swift but sturdy sweeping kick to his calf near his ankle keeping her other foot anchored to the ground for easier maneuverability after the kick. The kick had been to try to knock him off balance further and to make him fall forward. If he didn’t do anything to counter her he would be falling forward to which Hatsumomo would be waiting with another attack. In the split seconds it took for her to hopefully have kicked his leg out she shifted backwards on her back leg and brought her leg she just kicked with up to swing her knee upward to hopefully connect to his face as he fell forward, if he didn’t again do anything to block this attack his nose would break from the impact of his own weight falling onto her knee she has raised up.-