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KC, short for Kunai Chronicles is a closed role play community of the Ninja-world highly influenced by the Naruto Universe . The roleplaying takes place on the IMVU Client in a wide range variety of different environment rooms. The main goal for this rp is to balance imagination along with realism all while maintaining the purpose of the group.. to roleplay. 

Kunai Chronicls introduces a world 100 years after the conclusion of the Fourth Great Shinobi War. The world is now at its ideal state of peace, where newer generations have sprung learning and improving the world from the events of the previous generations.

​Whether you are an experienced role-player or only have a little experience, please browse this wikia. We look forward to having you into our role-play world. However so that every player enters Kunai Chronicles on a equal footing and can immediately reap the benefits of the role-play, we ask that you first familiarize yourself with the Kunai Chronicles Manuals and Rules here. And please remember Real Life comes first so if you need to take your time some times then we respect that.

Hope To see you in the Role-Play!

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