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Jutsu Name: Thunder Clap

Rank and Reasoning

Rank: C

-Only requires a small amount of chakra but can be pushed into using more to make the effects last longer.

Jutsu Hand Seals

  • Snake

Jutsu Information

· The user summons chakra to their palms, Then claping them together lets the chakra burst outward

- Ninjutsu Category

Specific Users:


  • This jutsu is designed for Hoshigake Clan
  • This jutsu is a Lightning Release
  • This jutsu is open to all with Lightning natures

Jutsu Cost

  • This jutsu would cost you about 4% of your chakra

Jutsu Performance

Once the chakra has been gatherred and the seal has been formed the user claps theyre hands together making a loud Boom releasing lightning around them.

· O

Jutsu Product

· When the technique connects with the victim they are stunned and severely burned


· The technique is fast and mostly un avoidable


Only works within a 5 meter radius outside that there are no effects

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