Jutsu NameEdit

Lightning Pillar

Rank and ReasoningEdit

Rank: C


The jutsu requires a decent ammount of chakra and a good forsight. 

Jutsu Hand SealsEdit

Ox, Rabbit, Bird, Horse, Rat

Jutsu InformationEdit

This jutsu creates a pillar of lightning around a single source that is about 5 ft in diameter.

It has enough power to electrocute a person if they are exposed to it for a long period of time but paralyze them for up to 5 minutes if just hit once with it.

Specific Users:Edit

This jutsu is useable by Raiton release users only.

Jutsu CostEdit

It takes up around 3-8% of your chakra depending on how long you keep the jutsu running.

Jutsu PerformanceEdit

The user weaves the nessacary hand seals mentioned above and gathers their raiton chakra around them in the air. They then use it to gather all the stray electrical energies in the air amplifying it with their chakra using other stray bits of electrical energy in the air to direct it wherever on the field they want before using something metal or fleshy or watery to arc the enhanced energy downward into a pillar.

Jutsu ProductEdit

The user creates a pillar of lightning that is 5ft in diameter around a single target be it fleshy watery or metallic.


It’s a fast paced jutsu that can be used quickly.

It can be used in conjunction with water type jutsus for a more deadly effect.


Wind jutsus easily nullify it.

It can be redirected if the target uses something metallic elsewhere besides on them as a lightning rod.

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