Here you will fill in your name if you cant RP due to RL occurances. Fill out the date and time that you can't particapate within the RP or if there are days you think you can put them here. This is for everyone that has IRL Issues, that need to put down somewhere for someoen to at least know if you are not able to get ahold of someone.

List of people who are not able to particapate:

Caoin Kairi / Sanada Kihaku: 02/08/13 T/M 04/08/13 (That is August dates BTW ~Self Note IZZY~): Going away for a weekend in a hotel.
Caoin Yuki : From: 3/15 till Unknown. Reason: Finding a new home. and a job ((Roommate's mother is selling the house she lives in.))
Hatake Takome: I don't know how long I won't be on exactly. I am in the hospital because of my health issues have got worse. One of my friends is here visiting me at the moment. So I am using her computer to update me being inactive again. I appologize for being so inactive lately. Apparently I was more damaged from that car accident I was in than the doctors realized. My rips have pierced my arteries a little bit but not to where I will have to have major surgery. My heart isn't working properly, according to the doctors I might have to have a heart transplant. Meaning I might need a new heart but they aren't for sure. This is exactly why I hate my mother, I tell her something hurts and something is wrong with my body, she completely ignores it til its too late. I will keep you all updated as much as I can. But there isn't much I can do while in the hospital. If you wish to contact me, please have my twin Kagura (Jako) or jerimiah (Ichi) contact me. Wish me luck to making a fully recovery, I really need it. I appologize if I have written to much and said more than I should have, but I don't know when I will be able to get ahold of a computer again let alone know if I will be alive much longer and that part is what scares me the most. I really dont want to die.

List of people who THINK they can: