Nao UZumaki 

Koori Tenro

Nobu Akimichi 

Hatsumomo Caoin


ShadowValcore: -Nao would walk out of the village after a long day of selling herbs her empty basked in her arms she would sigh softly she had not learned anything new inside the village today just sold herbs at least she wasn’t drawing any attention to herself. Talking a break she would sit down on one of the stone benches and smooth out her long orange hair and sigh softly. She was not getting any closer in finding out who killed Kano and it was driving her insane the one boy carried the same spears that the person did but she had not seen him since the day she saved the girl from the ink snakes she was growing impatient and moodier with each passing day but she had to keep her composure. She couldn’t risk losing her temper and showing her true power it would ruin her plan. Taking in a deep breath she would smile and smooth out her new coat. She had bought it with the money she had been getting from selling the herbs not like she needed it for anything else so she decided to at least look good wile she was supposed to be playing the role of a shop keeper. In all honesty she would rather just put on her robes and let down her hair all the time and let her chakra flow but right now she had to keep up this act. She would scan the area around her unknowing of who could be around her.-

YumeMoumoku: -wondering along koori would have his hands tucked away in his long white duster like jacket that would seem to help protect his tall slender frame from the cold, though it wasn't the cold that he would be protecting himself from. under his jacket was hidden his long white wolf tail that he had always kept from when he was younger and his first attempt at his clans beast human transformation technique that had gone wrong. though koori was that of a ex kage and could have easily fixed the problem he had grown use to it always being there so it would seem silly to fix it now. shifting his icy like blue eyes around his new location it was clear he had found himself in some village yet he had no clue to where he was but that was the life of a traveler. where he was and where he was going was always unknown and since he had long lost his village and his home to war and paverty koori was the only one who could say he was from yumegakure, just as the face plate he wore would show but tittles or of who he was was something he would never tell. these thing would still way on him like a bad dream or even a nightmare he had failed his people, he had failed his clan and now he was set lost in his own world causing him to always come and go when he pleased. yet something always brought him back to snowy like regions at least in these area's he could "blend in" nobody would ever pay mind to a white haired icy blue eyed shinobi as they would probably think he was just another yuki or some other water or snow related clan and that was okay with him as long as he could manage to pass threw villages and not really stand out was all that mattered to him. pausing for a moment as he was pulled away from his thoughts koori would glance once more around the space around him to draw in a slow deep breath of cold air. letting out a bit of a sigh koori would move to brush some of the white strans that had fallin in his face due to the cool bitter wind that beat against his face- i wonder what is instore for me today -he would mumble quietly to himself as every village he had once travled to had been different in some way and this village he had yet to know. where these people friendly and welcoming or cold and bitter like the climet they lived in? eather way would have little matter to him just finding a please that would offer him a hot mean and a place to rest was all that he cared about for now-

NatsuhiKururugi: -Hatsumomo was walking through the outside of the town with her black zori crunching the snow under her with each bored step she took. Her boredness had increased tenfold over the last few bits of time since the last time she wandered out to find something to occupy her time with. She had taken to figuring out ways to catch snowflakes as they fell helping her speed training and when that got boring for her she started walking around the village for endurance type training, spending more and more time out walking around the village till she couldn’t walk anymore and her feet gave out. Eating another orange as she usually does Hatsumomo kept trailing her way on the outskirts of the village not paying attention to any of the other villagers or things that were happening around her; she just paid attention to the soft juicy flesh of her orange as she picked it apart with her long nails. She shivered every so often as the clothing she wore was her usual non-snow quality clothing, a white wrap top with black straps and silver buckles over a long fishnet top.  Black and grey leggings that were snow crusted today were what she wore on her legs to ‘combat’ the cold, a black ‘chainmaille’ skirt resting over them. Black lace cuffed the cuffs on her sleeves and the hem of her leggings offsetting the bright white of her top. Her hair was up in its usual braid the long black Hyuuga tresses restrained for practical purposes. The only thing that denoted the fact that she even belonged to yukigakure was the shinobi headband tied at her waist though she was tempted in the back of her head not to wear it because as soon as she became a gennin her forward momentum in the shinobi rankage decided to halt progress for a while. With a small sigh upon finishing her orange Hatsumomo kept walking, trailing bored like through the outskirts of the village with no clear goal as to what she was doing.-

NobuAkimichi: -My palms flexed tightly into fists as to conserve whatever warmth that was left within the appendages as I was coming around the corner of a tree just outside the gates of the village known as Yukigakure. A place that I had learned and accepted as being my home, and vowed with every fiber of my being to defend with my progression of developing relationships with those around. From behind the brush and vegetation that were coated in a soft light blanket of snow, I stepped into the sunlight which shone brightly above my head and illuminated the snow to almost a blinding white coulor that I couldn’t find myself to look directly at. I despised this weather so much, and despite my large size and what seemed like large amount of insulation which lay underneath the skin of my body, my fingers and toes would always grow numb after being out here for so long. I was in traveler’s attire, bundled tightly with a maroon cloak that draped around my shoulders. The hood was pulled up, hiding my face from sight and also protecting it from the harsh cold weather that struck the land almost constantly here. I folded my arms over my chest so that I could attempt to keep the fingers I flexed warm, growling at the increasingly growing ache that was caused by this plagued weapon. Underneath this I hid a various assortment of scrolls, except for my one large one that was on a strap outside of the cloak and was horizontal with my waist. There was a very descriptive picture of war on the case of this scroll, a large intense battle which seemed to be even on both sides. It was mostly to show one of the greatest techniques I had in my arsenal, which hardly any ever saw. I had been gone for a short time, actually coming back from a minor mission that really didn't need my attention or expertise. But then again, things seemed to be slow around the area, and it was either I would be out on the road, or I would find myself training with a different assortment of weapons. I really wanted to spend a good amount of time upon this goal of mine. I had already learned most of what was to offer from my clan including the expansion techniques, and regularly used these techniques in order to train myself. Even now, as I came within sights of the casual area of the gate, I was in a state of multi-size expansion. My height was something not many could match normally, along with the weight. I was somewhat over seven feet tall and somewhere between three hundred and four hundred pounds. It was rather difficult to mask my steps as they loudly pressed against the snowy floor, a crunching sounds ringing through the air as I stepped into view of many around.- Finally… home… -I sighed softly and shivered as a chill ran down my spine with a short cold squall that actually fluttered the cloak open slightly. This exposed the large structure of this individual, whom had a slightly sized belly which distended from my abdomen, and was clad in a bundle of wrapping tapes and also long sleeved black shirt, lastly was the flak respective to the village which I wore proudly, but left open for comfort. Over my hands and forearms were long black gloves that reached the elbows, and over the forearm were metal plates for armor. My lower attire was nothing more than long black shinobi pants, with black boots to match. Icy blue eyes wandered the area curiously, unsure of what to do. It was between getting something to eat, and going to the hot springs to relax.- Agh… I need to deliver my report first… Damn paperwork… -I grumbled softly while making my way towards the gate.-

ShadowValcore: -Nao blinked as the pathway around the gate became busy she spotted a man in all white walking across the bridge heading towards the village he didn’t seem to be from around here but he did seem strong indeed he was a shinobi but what type and was he a danger to the village if so he could be of some use to her so she watched him for a while as he grew closer she spotted a child carrying and orange with her she didn’t seem to be paying any attention to her surroundings it seemed like a common thing that the children of this village shared. Then she spotted a bigger man coming out of the bushes closer to the gate her purple eyes narrows as he to looked like a traveler but upon closer inspection he was heading towards the gate with no confrontation so he must be a member of the village and by his size he was surely a Shinobi of the village her face lit up softly with a smile so there were more powerful shinobi in this village then just the two she had meet the one that called himself hokage but she had  come to the information the hokage was actually a female strange enough but she would eventually meet the woman that was the leader of this village. None the less she would glance between the two adult male shinobi that were walking both in the direction of the gate wondering if either one saw the other or even if they noticed the child or her. If not her she was glad that means they could not sense her chakra flow witch was good.-

YumeMoumoku: -spotting a few others coming out around him as if they moved from know where if it wasn't for koori's good since of hearing and smell he would have been startled by the sudden movement of others. shifting his icy gaze towards towards a girl with bright orange looking hair, he would squent his eyes a bit at them..she was rather odd..she looked like just another commoner but his nose would tell him else wise.....strange maybe that was just how the shinobi here dressed? eather way he would shift his gaze once more to the others that where now moving to fill the gate like area of the village. tilting his head back lightly he would close his eyes for a moment to just listen to the movement around him..maybe he could get by unnoticed being his hair hid the yumegakure symbol that rested on his face plate..just maybe-

NatsuhiKururugi: -Oblivious to the others still that were showing up around her she stopped walking and sit in a small little alcove clearing on a small pile of snow feeling freezing as she had been walking around for quite a while already. Hatsumomo rested her hands on her knees as she sat crosslegged and meditated. Letting her body relax she began letting her chakra flow openly through her body and pool in certain places before she moved the pooled chakra elsewhere to stay for a while. It helped with a bit of heat around her extremities. As she was meditating she felt strange chakra signatures around in the village that she hadn’t felt before but knowing this was shinobi village she was used to new people coming and going with ease. She let out a long pent up sigh and let her pale byakuugan close as she felt herself slide into a lucid nap her eyes rapidly moving as she began to dream about random things about her past life.-

NobuAkimichi: -I found myself stopping myself in my tracks after I had come closer to the gate where a gentleman had stopped me in my path. It was one of the elders in the village whom was asking a question about the current status of my home and checking up on me. It was common for this elderly man to ask me such things, him and my father, Zacarius, had become great friends during my childhood here, and in my father’s absence of the village to work, he would also act out the role of my father. The elderly man’s name was Toimin, and held only light conversation that caused me to feel somewhat impatient. But, my personality didn’t allow me to show it. Pushing back the hood of my cloak to expose my well detailed facial features, a distinct jaw line and icy blue eyes which contrasted with my deep crimson hair which was fashioned in a long Mohawk, I kept a large smile plastered over my lips while nodding and giving blunt answers. Tomin then slightly leaned off to the side, peaking around my large frame to look aside me and towards a woman sitting on the bench with vibrant orange hair. His tone of voice suddenly changed with a smirk that I couldn’t help but assume as being mischievous. My curiosity began to nag at me as to what he was trying to look at behind me me, and began to shift in between his comments about seeing this young lady whom worked at one of the shops in the village. One he had never seen before. After that, it went on into a perverted amount of vulgar comments about her slender form and appearance. The moment I began to move though, Toimin grasped me and held me in place so that he may continue to oogle eyes at the woman in secrecy. My eye twitched slightly with a slightly amount of sweat slipping from my temple as I became the shield to the peeping tom and was not sure how I really felt about it. I rolled my eyes, and began to get tired of becoming a reason this man could attempt to stare at her so I simply took a step to the side, and pivoted on my foot before actually letting out a loud, boastful laugh that I hoped would draw more attention than Toimin wanted and proceeding to pat him on the back.- Ahahaha. That’s great, Toimeee! You and my father’s experiences are always a great story to return home to.  -Now that I was able to find a reason to look towards the group, I raised a hand to place it underneath my eye and cease an imaginary tear from slipping down my cheek, and made a sweep over the area, where I first looked towards the woman whom he was speaking about. I was somewhat shocked, and didn’t think Toimin really had all that much taste in women at first. I figured he was oogling at one of the other elderly women and using his wirery imagination to make it better then what it really was. But he was right, she was an attractive… Yet strange female that I had never seen. “Perhaps she had moved here in my absence during the mission…?” I questioned myself before looking further around to scan the area and get the idea of the others around  and recalled also vaguely making the definition of another individual, but I wasn’t sure if my mind was simply playing tricks on me since my vision was somewhat distorted by the hand raised and was matching the white coat on the ground. The last I saw was a young lady whom was sitting down, meditating so it seemed. I thought I recognized her, but then again, it was tough to say seeing that my vision was limited to only a certain distance, and she was a bit further away then I was able to see. I finally finished the look around him before back to Toimin, whose face was a bright, flustered red color and doing his best to hold an awkward, fake smile that was almost as fake as his dentures. I couldn’t help but let my own grin slip over my lips as he was clearly embarrassed, and figured he deserved it for being a peeping tom.-

ShadowValcore: -Nao would watch the big man speak with an older man by the gateway into the village and shift her gaze away from them for the time being she would keep watching the man in white as he grew closer to them perhaps it was odd he was looking at her but she didn’t mind at all something about him was off she could feel his chakra he was powerful and she couldn’t pin it but she had felt something strange about him he seemed to be hiding something under that large coat of his. Nao would turn suddenly and look at the girl not wanting to be caught staring at the man. She noticed she now had her eyes closed and was meditating silly child two different signatures around her and she meditates perhaps it was for the better that Nao wasn’t going to attack the girl it wouldn’t be much fun though. She felt eyes on her from the other direction of the old man and the other man that had stopped to talk to him and then she heard a loud laugh and turned her attention back to them find them both staring at her the old man had a smile on his face she could tell it was fake and his face seemed to be the color of fire had he been caught doing something he shouldn’t have? She wondered the taller man seemed to be crying how strange she thought to herself as she smoothed down the skirt that she had under her coat it was chilly and she was getting hungry perhaps she should be heading back soon to her little hut outside the village that she had bought to keep herself closer to the village.-

YumeMoumoku: -having seen the girls eyes on him koori would tilt his head a bit to the side before shifting his gaze towards the sound of laughter and one man standing rather awkward like. hearing this laughter would seem to reasure koori a bit that these where nice people and that would seem to make things easier for him to just blend in. people who where bright and cheerful tended to not notice new commers as much as those that where grouching and bitter they tended to see everything. letting out a sigh of relief he would fall into a some what relaxed stance as he slowly moved in closer towards the others though not to make himself noticed but mearly to see if he could find a near by food stand. he had a wolf like appatite and it was starting to really show itself as the sound of his stomach was starting to give him away. walking the long way around the others he would seem to finaly find a small ramen vender they didn't serve anything special as it was just a noodle cart but it would do for now. ordering himself a small cup of ramen, koori would fish around in his long white duster jacket trying to find any money he could muster up. being a traveler tended to leave the poor ex kage broke and pennyless and it was trades and random jobs like helping a grocer stock shelves that would pay for his food and some times supply his shelter. finding no money in his pockets koori would sigh before looking to the vendor- might i offer you a trade instead i fear i'm out of cash -watching the vender seem to think it over before nodding lightly and asking what he had, koori would smile slightly- well i ugh have these braceletts they came from a distant village that is long gone now i'm sure these would prove to be rather valuable -seeing the  man give him a greedy looking grin before saying he would deffinatly take them off his hands, koori would offer the vendor a weak smile before looking down to remove his moon stone bracelettes from his village. the bracelettes where something of great value to him as they where given to him by his father but koori knew he had to eat and going hunting in this new terratory would just be a bad idea. handing the man his braclettes koori would sigh a bit as he moved to take the hot ramen and headed towards a near by bench to sit down and enjoy his food. though there wasn't much ramen there koori would take his time eating it as he didn't want to wolf it down and regreat later that he had inhaled what little food he had and how it didn't fill him atleast eating it slowly would make it seem like he had more then he really did-

NatsuhiKururugi: -Still ‘napping’ Hatsumomo’s eyes kept darting back and forth with her dream that quickly turned into one of the more frequent nightmares she had of her biological father who beat her frequently in her youth. Her face as the dream progressed slowly slid into a deep frown and a look of terror, sweat even though it was frigid out poured down her body as the dream became more and more terrifying for the young fourteen year old.  Her father had shown up as she stood in a completely dark room  looming over her with wicked eyes and a smile that could stop a man’s heart dead in an instant. Hatsumomo seemed to shrink under him as he seemed to walk around her, stalking her every attempt to move from him, easily able to shove her back to the center of his encompassment. He whispered to her in a taunting and menacing tone that she was a failure and because of his name she was going nowhere in her measly excuse for a life. He pushed her more and more getting rougher  with each shove towards the center of the room eventually balling his hands up and punching her hard around the room. She  cried out in pain and fell to the ground letting him beat on her for being such a failure eventually getting so bad she bolted up and woke up screaming from her dream panting hard almost falling over on the pile of snow.-

NobuAkimichi: -I felt that with the embarrassment of old man Toimin, I had successfully pulled myself away from his prodding of questions and pestering me so that I could go off and attend to the busy life that I had come to earn. I was just about to turn on my heel when I was finally free of the old man’s hold when the person I thought wasn’t there came into appearance. I was somewhat confused. I was certain I had never seen him before, and was somewhat skeptical about him being in the presence of the village. Though, I would surely never show such an attitude towards someone. I watched as he walked to the ramen vendor and seemed to be talking to the gentleman before handing off something that wasn’t money. A frown mared my lips as I shook my head and sighed. The greed of some people… That is just unacceptable… I began my stride towards the vendor whom the man had just passed off his bracers and stood in front of the shop. The vendor looked at me skeptically, and I merely stared right back down at him with my eyes before shaking my head once more. My hand fled underneath the cloak I was wearing to reach behind me where I held a Shinobi pouch. I pulled out enough money for three bowls of Ramen, telling him to fill mine up to the brim with extras of everything as well as handing over the bracers the gentleman had just passed to him. The vendors eyes narrowed, but the glare I returned must have shown him this was no request, rather an order to the man. I was very familiar with all of the food vendors in the area, and he knew when I was being serious or not. He grumbled a bit before reaching behind the counter and handing them over with the bowl of ramen that was ordered.- Thank you, Haus. Have a good one. –I nodded towards him before turning on my heel and walking back towards the stranger. I walked up casually and non threatening as I spoke to greet him.- Welcome to Yukigakure, stranger… -I then held out a hand which carried the bracers in my one large palm.- I believe these are yours. –I chuckled softly and looked to his seat.- Do you-- -I was cut short by the sudden scream of the girl whom was suddenly woken up, and looked somewhat concerned in her direction.- Ehm… -I looked between the two and sighed.- Please excuse me… -I spoke reluctantly as I took a quick bite and began to head in the direction of the girl whom screamed.- Are you alright…?

ShadowValcore: -Nao would sigh softly she was watching the man once more in the white coat he seemed to be trading something for food how silly of him that man would jip him for sure and she could tell by the look on his face that he would need more food than that as he sat down. Nao would rise to her feet just as she saw the tall man walking over to the vendor she watched him as he seemed to pay for his own ramen and got the braces back from the vendor how kind. Nao would still walk over to the counter just as the man walked away she would order a bowl of ramen with extra mean and then wait pulling out her bag of coin and pay as she was paying she would hear the girl cry out with a scream and nao would turn to look she seemed to be fine the tall man went to her so Nao didn’t pay much attention to her then she walked over and set the bowl of ramen down on the bench next to the man in the white coat without a word she would turn and walk away her head held high she would walk back to the bench where she had set her empty basket down and bend down to pick up her basket before glancing once more at the girl and then back at the road that lead out of the village. She would walk slowly towards the bridge without a word to anyone.-

YumeMoumoku: -sitting peacfully enjoying his food, koori would sense the presance of someone moving to aproach him looking up to see a tall looking man with a redish mohawk. koori would offer the man a warm smile as he nodded lightly- thank you those ment alot to me -he would say in a warm welcoming voice. reaching out to take the bracelets koori would thank the man once more before turning his attention to the screaming and then the man moving to quickly leave. during the cunfusion of what was going on koori would quickly shift his eyes to look towards the girl that had placed the ramen beside him. speaking once more to call out to her a thank you, koori would shift is gaze back to his small thing of ramen to quickly finish it off before taking up the larger bowl that he could now happily consume with wolfish greed-

NatsuhiKururugi: -Hastsumomo quickly shoved her hand over her mouth as it was a habit for her to do so ever since she was young to keep her father from beating her more. She noted the male walking in her direction still feeling the grips of terror and hastily backed away from him as he moved forward not daring to speak as she was afraid he’d reach out and hit her. Hatsumomo scrambled up as she hit a tree from backing up and grasped it sliding around to the other side half hiding herself from him quickly speaking the first thing that came to her mind disreguarding his question not on puropose as she thought he wanted nothing more to beat her. As she spoke her voice was scared, small and frantic easily one that was used to saying these sort of things though she had spent seven years away from that situation.- “P-please don’t hit me...” –Not caring to hear or see his answer Hatsumomo fled from the people that were around running as quickly as her small legs would carry her back to her safe spot, her room, kicking up a dust cloud of snow and other particulates behind her as she was still gripped in the terror of her dream.-

NobuAkimichi: -I was entirely too confused as my icy blue eyes witness the young girl rise to her feet, cower before me and sprint away without even allowing me to ask any questions. I didn’t know what to think of it at all, I didn’t see myself as an intimidating fellow. I was actually very kind hearted due to my Clan’s overall nature and personality. I shook my head side to side, unsure of what to put together out of it all and shrugged my shoulders, assuming that I would see her around another time. Perusing her would possibly only make the situation worse, so I turned back on my heel so that both the female and strange male would be back in my sights. I stirred my bowl somewhat with the set of chopsticks which were used as the eating utensils to get the contents broken apart and mixed well before raising some noodles to my face. I took a rather large bite, shoving a mixture of vegetables and meat with the noodles and slurred them up rather quickly. This really wasn’t much to keep me satisfied, nor did I plan on only eating just this much. If it hadn’t been for my kind nature I would have been inside eating… Instead I relied upon the hot steam that was produced by the bowl to splash against my face and give whatever about of warmth and comfort from the bitter cold in the area. I was somewhat consumed between the delicious scent and taste that the ramen gave off, as well as the warmth it provided that I momentarily slipped my eyes closed to indulge in the blissful state. This was somewhat of a downfall though as I had actually stopped paying attention to my own surroundings and was completely distracted that I was somewhat off path that I had taken to avoid the woman whom was now walking back towards the bridge and I was coming in from her side. Suddenly without a seconds notice, my foot became ensnared in the cloak which was draped over my shoulders and gracefully slid only centimeters above the surface of the ground. It was just enough to actually entangle my foot and trip me so that I was destined to fall. I let out a short scream as my eyes opened and I noticed that the female with orange hair was actually directly in front of me by perhaps only a few feet. She was just at the perfect distance that as soon as I began to fall, my bowl was shot forwards and the contents of it were thrown in her direction. My eyes opened in shock as everything that was unfolding before me worked in slow motion, and my face instantly turned a darker shade of red than that of the old man. Had she not been paying attention, she would have ended up covered in ramen, along with the vegetables and meat that were in the broth as well. Not only that, but I fell over like a tower and basically face planted into the snow…-

ShadowValcore: -Nao would hear the girl shouting at the man and glance over her shoulder just in time to see her run away what a silly child she would think to herself as she kept walking she would be listening for any noise that was around her but she kept glancing back at the man in the white coat while her attention was on him she heard a yell coming from close to her she would turn to see the man falling and his ramen coming towards her her purple eyes where wide and if she had not been hiding her true ability she would body flicker and get herself out of this but she was supposed to be a commoner just a shop keeper not a Shinobi so she stood her ground and shrieked as the ramen got all over her new coat and outfit her purple eyes would grow dark this had pushed her buttons how dare this man be so clumsy he was a shinobi if he was one of her Akatsuki she would rip him to shred for doing this but instead she just glared down at the man was down on the ground. Her purple eyes would be full of hatred how dare he do this to her and in front of another Powerful Shinobi her mind wasn’t thinking straight and she was starting to lose control her chakra started forming slightly releasing itself but it wasn’t enough to show her true strength but then she noticed it and quickly took in a deep breath and calmed herself no this isn’t as important as killing the other he is not worth blowing your cover she told herself in her mind. Nao would just keep glaring at the man as she kept trying to calm herself down.-

YumeMoumoku: -watching the the scene lay out before him, koori would tilt his head light to the side- foolish -he would mumble a bit to himself though he couldn't really say much both these people had shown him great kindness, but why didn't the orange haired shinobi do something she could have easily avoided this or atleast so he thought. if it was him he would have just side steped the whole insadent as speed was one of his strengths but maybe it wasn't for her? leaning futher forward in his seat, koori would continue to watch the two as he wolfed down the rest of his ramen as he waited patiantly to see what was to happen next- rather intresting village you have found yourself in koori...children that blindly run away screaming and clumbsy shinobi...intresting

NobuAkimichi: -I grumbled softly as I slowly picked myself up from the snow and felt more ridiculous than ever as I could feel clumps of snow clinging to every part of my clothing and face. I didn’t even know what to say as my mind continued to flick back and forth through what just actually happened and wished that he too could turn around and run off without having to confront this woman. I chewed lightly as I got to one knee, mumbling as I withstood the soft stinging of the cold upon my face, along with dreaded having wasted some perfectly good food.- Ayyeee… ow ow ow… - Had I been paying attention, I may have caught a glimpse or sensed the struggle she had to maintain her chakra from flowing out, but I was much to distracted by the voices in my mind repeating how much more dumb I could be. I reluctantly rose a hand to brush the snow which stuck to my face aside, though I sort of wished I may keep it there to mask the incredibly flustered face, from her and sighed before finally climbing to his feet and examine what he had done to her. His eyes opened wide as he noticed the look on her face, and quickly bowed a few times as he rose his voice.- I’m so sorry! So sorry ma’am! I don’t know what happened! I can be so clumsy sometimes! –I rose straight up to my full height at that time, which was more than likely much taller than she was as I slipped a hand behind my head and scratched it nervously. I plastered a stupid smirk on my face to try and hide the embarrassment, though it would easily be seen though as I again tried to beg for forgiveness.- Please forgive me! I’ll buy you some new clothes!

ShadowValcore: -Nao Grumbled as she looked at the man her mind and temper was flowing so much that she   didn’t answer only glared more at him. She would glance around to spot the man in the white coat looking them. How foolish she must seem having taken the hit from the ramen but she had to keep her cover. She was not going to blow it over a ruined outfit she could get another one she would straighten up and glare at the man as he panicked and apologized to her over again and she would smile softly then take that chakra and put it in her foot before Stopping on his and turning away from him she would head over to a nearby snow bank and bend down to start cleaning her new coat with the snow as she mumbled to herself. She would look back at the man and then pick up some snow and throw it at his face if he didn’t doge it would hit him between the eyes but she didn’t pay attention to if it hit or not she went back to cleaning her brand new outfit and mumbling about how stupid and foolish and clumsy and in her mind she was envisioning the perfect revenge that she could not pull of yet. But she would hold a grudge against him for a while.-

YumeMoumoku: -continueing to watch koori would let out a bit of a laugh as he watched the girl stop on the mans foot then turn away before darting a snow ball at him- i think i like this place more and more maybe i'll stay for a bit -koori would muse to himself as he could only hope that every day would be like this one. having long finished his ramen koori would lean back in his seat as his icy blue eyes would still be fixed on the two shinobi as he was almost to afraid to look away as he might miss something-

NobuAkimichi: -With the embarrassment and not really paying much attention to her actions I didn’t actually see the assault that was coming on me. It was about to actually continue with my apology when I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my foot from her stepping on it with a great amount of force. It took a bit too actually do that sort of damage, and was blown away as I yelped loudly and retracted my foot from the hit. I hopped on one foot, bending my knee so that it came to my chest and I grasped by foot that I could of sworn had the possibility of being broken from that strike while howling in pain. I couldn’t believe she stepped on my foot! It was an accident, and I off--- It was then all my thoughts were cut and I was pelted right in between the eyes with a pack of snow which, since I was only on one foot, threw me off balance once again and was thrown backwards to where I landing in the cold snow yet again. The contact of the snow once again on my face and body caused a significant amount of chills to run down my spine and my face to sting incredibly from the strike. I growled slightly, not understand the attack that was placed on me since it was just an accident. I couldn’t help but think about retaliation as my hand grasped a handful of snow, forming it into a ball while she was paying attention to cleaning off her new coat. Without a seconds hesitance, I lobbed the snow ball in her direction while yelling in her direction.- I said I was sorry! How about I help you clean off?! Hehe…

ShadowValcore: -Nao would get wacked In the back of the head with the snowball she would growl and glare over her shoulder it was not her fault that she could not control her anger the man was right it was an accident but she was after all what her Sensei had trained her to be a cold hearted killer. Nao would take a deep breath as the cold snow dripped down the back of her neck and sent a chill down her spine it helped clear her head and calm her boiling temper. She looked over her shoulder once more and then spoke in a normal and calm tone.- “If you had a towel it would be greatly appreciated” –she spoke and then went back to cleaning her coat in the snow she had a cool about her now she was back to the normal soft spoken undercover girl she had been when she gave the other man the ramen she would be surprised at the control she had over herself though if it wasn’t for the snow she might have lost it and slaughtered him where he stood she needed to be more careful in the coming weeks months however long she was stuck in this village to keep herself unnoticed by them as a threat.- “And sorry about your foot….i have a bad temper.” –she would add not looking back over her shoulder but continuing to clean her outfit.-

YumeMoumoku: -watching the fight seem to disapear koori would pout a bit...he almost expected them to bust out into a gaint snow ball fight. moving to slowly pull himself up from his seat koori would move to throw away his empty ramen bowls  before moving to explore a bit and see if he could find himself a temporary job so that he would have enough money for some food and maybe a place to crash for the night. wondering around koori would let his feet drag a bit in the snow as he faught to keep the white fluffy tail hidden under his long coat from swaying back and forth in a content happy manner-

ShadowValcore: ((-is now a pillow- Katari if you have not filled out an application and had it approved we can not acknowledge you in Rp....If you can not provide me with an application i will have to void your post and Either have you fill out an application to allow you to join or ask you to leave.

NobuAkimichi: -I honestly didn’t really expect the reaction I had gotten out of her after I had thrown the snowball at her. In fact the second it left my hand I knew that perhaps it wasn’t the best of choice for someone that I had just thrown Ramen all over. But none the less, I was relieved to see that it didn’t anger her further, else I might be running away from her just as the young lady had run from me earlier. I sighed quietly, shaking my head and then approaching the woman slowly, cautiously with a limp since my foot was still very much in pain after I had gotten back up. I really felt somewhat terrible for what I had done to her, how embarrassing it was for both of us, especially her… I was use to this sort of stuff happening to me most of the time, my mind would become distracted by an assortment of different things and it was common for me to run into things, trip, and many other things. I heard her comment about it being useful if I had a towel of some sort, and then lastly her apologizing about my foot. I was never really good at speaking… Especially to girls. I had a large problem with my own self confidence, and always had since I was young and had such a difficult time making friends. I brought my hands to my neck where the cloak I wore was knotted to keep it in place and undid the fastening so that it came off. One of my hands then grabbed the shoulder of it, and took it off my body to expose my form, along with the multitude of scrolls that were on my person. – Here… You can use this. You don’t need to apologize, I deserved it. –With those words, I really had lost all confidence to remain there in front of her, partially in fear of her acting nice only so that he would get close and she could get a better attack on him, but also being extremely shy pushed him away from attempting further conversation.- Sorry again…  I’ll buy you another if you can’t get it all out… You can find me around… –I spoke relatively quickly before walking off after handing her my own cloak, which caused my body to become ravaged by the cold winds and air that surrounded the area. I didn’t care though; I just wanted to get away. The last thing I needed was to embarrass myself further in front of her.-

ShadowValcore: -Nao shook her head as she took the cloak in her hand she had never expected him to give her his own cloak she felt extremely strange no one had ever given her their cloak before she would blink confused and then speak up- “Can I at least buy you a bowl of ramen for your Kindness perhaps inside the village I have a change of clothes in my cart inside that way you don’t have to be exposed to the cold.”- Nao would fallow after him trying to hand the cloak back to him- “You really should ice your foot I kind of used all my strength there.” –she would say as she caught up to him. Nao was a strange one she was not normally kind but this could get her further information about the village if he accepted her offer and perhaps learning something about another Higher level Shinobi in the village besides the fact that he is clumsy. Though if he refused she would just hand him his cloak and head back to her hut outside the village.-

YumeMoumoku: -finding himself walking along the path once more into the village koori could tell that the two he had just witnessed fighting was just on the other side of the path. shifting his gaze towards them for a moment he would then move to let his head fall down to seem to try and hide himself in his white fox scarf that wraped around and hung down along his long white jacket. stilling his swaying white wolf tail that was well hiden by his jacket koori would pick up his speed a bit. before settaling down for the day koori knew he needed to first find a job and then find a place to stay and just maybe a small store owner would offer him just that a warm bed and a few coins for his pocket. drawling in a slow deep breath of cold bitter air he would seem to snort the cold air out threw his nose much like a wolf would as his ears would seem to be drawn to the man and woman though he wasn't meaning to spy on them or intrude on their personal buisness-

NobuAkimichi: -I stopped in my tracks as I heard her begin to speak up to me once more, and quirked a brow with her question of purchasing me something to eat inside the village. I couldn’t have been more confused upon what was actually happening here, and was certain now that she had to be bi-polar or something of the sort… ‘She just went to assaulting me, to offering me something to eat…?’ I questioned within the confines of my mind as I turned slightly to the side so that I may look at her over my shoulder. I was not only confused, but I was again lost for some words due to the unusual circumstance of actually speaking in a conversation with a woman that didn’t have to do with work, a job, or anything professional. Anxiety began to kick in and I began to question how I should speak, what should I say, should I accept..? In the back of my mind I could hear a voice screaming, ‘ACCEPT YOU DIMWIT! NOT ONLY ARE YOU BEING OFFERED FREE FOOD, BUT IT’S BY A PRETTY LADY!’ I couldn’t help but crack a nervous smile, and attempted to speak though it was obvious how I was somewhat uncomfortable with the situation.- I… Hehe… Don’t think you could afford the bill if you got me something to eat, miss… You could accompany me… If you’d like… -The hesitation behind my words caused a slight blush to creep over my face, and I couldn’t help but feel like a completely moron by embarrassing myself further. To her second question about my cloak, I looked down at her coat and shook my head.- You may use it until we get to where you may get a change of clothes... I don’t want you walking around… Smelling like ramen and wearing a wet coat… Plus I have enough insulation to keep me comfortable, don’t worry about that… Hehe… -I patted my belly with the comment of being naturally warm, though it was only a jester and I was truly somewhat cold. But it was nothing I wasn’t use to. While training, I actually encouraged other students any myself to wear what little clothing they could. Get themselves comfortable with the cold weather and not to mention have it assist them in controlling their breathing, along with the strain of the blood veins constricting due to the cold. This would assist them for a home front battle. I waved a hand at the offer of the cloak, and smiled warmly at her.- Ah… I’m sure this snow is plenty enough to ice my foot. Hehe. I’m… Nobu… Nobu Akimichi by the way…

ShadowValcore: -Nao would laugh softly she wasn’t sure if she was laughing at the response or the nevus tone that he had used to speak about the food. Nao was surprised at the refusal the boy that she had taken in had always jumped at the mention of free food and never turned down the offer though in return he did what she requested of him. In fact he should be arriving in the village in the coming days to help gather information. Nao would keep listening as they walked though he was quite for a little bit of time then said again about the coat how he refused honestly she didn’t need it she herself was used to the cold even though she liked the heat the cold calmed her mind. But she put the coat around her and nodded at least it would hide her ramen covered outfit.  The coat was quite large and could wrap around her twice easily but Nao didn’t mind. It was quite a strange mood she was in now that she was calm she could think reasonable witch was a good thing when he introduced himself if her mind was clouded by anger she would have said her true name Nao Uzumaki the last of the Uzumaki blood line but she had a clear head and with a soft smile she introduced herself with only her first name. “My Name is Natsuko” –this was a lie of course Natsuko was her mother’s name the whore that she had killed when she choose the man over her own daughter Nao did not add a last name it had not been in this village that she had been born and done her deed though she had once a long time ago been to this village but no one would recognize her she had been different then her hair short and her mind focused on only one thing pleasing Kano with her deeds she was a toy back then but now she is just the cold hearted killer he trained her to be and didn’t even look to please anyone except for herself. Nao would smile softly as the kept walking.- “You are a Fuinjutsu specialist are you not?” –she would ask curiously the scrolls that were all over his body were a giveaway but she wanted to be sure.-

NobuAkimichi: -I strolled casually along the side of this woman, doing what I could to hold the fact that my skin was becoming chilled by the weather and doing by best to restrain the inevitable shudders that I could feel coming. I did alright though, I resisted though, not wanting to embarrass myself further by making her think that I was incapable of maintaining a straight composure with the coldness. I felt as though I was speaking too much, despite the often casts of silence that befell the two of them on their way. I really hadn’t the slightest idea of where we were actually going. She had mentioned something about having a cart of some sort in the village, and couldn’t help but quirk a brow, wanting her to speak a little bit more and he himself not be the one babbling on randomly making a fool of himself.- Nice to meet you… Natsuko. –I couldn’t help but crack a smile as my blue eyes wandered in her direction and the sight of the over-sized cloak covering her body was something that looked somewhat silly, but much better than the opposite option she had. I held back a chuckle and was thrown off topic as she asked about my relation to the ninja world and my specialty.- Ah. Yes. It has fascinated me from a young age the things you could do with Fuinjutsu, though I don’t use it like others do. –I allowed somewhat of a pause within the conversation as I attempted to think about something to ask, or say… Anything… I was becoming flustered with what to say and moved to fold my arms over my broad chest, stuffing my cold hands in between my body and arms to help warm them somewhat.- Seems like you’re quite familiar with the branches of Ninjutsu… What is it you do here? I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before.

ShadowValcore: -Nao would smile softly so he could do seal perhaps she would have to be careful in the future when she used her secret technique he could seal them away again not that it wouldn’t be hard but it could be done. Nao walked she saw his eyes on her and they seemed bright when he spoke of Fuinjutsu and it made her smile it was one of her favorite types of Jutsu it was her clans talent not that she was raised with in her clan but she didn’t mind. When he asked about what she did in the village her Purple eyes gazed over at him. “I’m actually quite new hear in Yukigakure I had got wind of your local herb seller leaving and I thought it would be good for me to bring my business here so that I can help out where im needed.” –she acted a bit shy as she said that hopeing that he would no ask where she came from or about her past the man who had pretended to be the kage had got information about her as it was so she was sure they would all know soon enough that she was a shinobi from Amegakure that had been given freedom to leave after the death of the loved one witch again was a lie but it was not like this village and Amegakure were allies Amegakure thought only of themselves and would not expose any of their secrets of what monsters escaped their walls many years ago. She would giggle as the approached her cart and she would wonder over to it and reach behind grabbing the kimono that she had change out of when she bought this outfit she had thought it would be wise to keep it here just in case she ever needed a quick wardrobe change if she had to run away. Nao would quickly join him again she would change in the ramen shop bathroom and then give him back his coat she could tell he was chilly his body reacted to the wind each time it blew he needed it no matter what he said.-

NobuAkimichi: -I awaited patiently for her to go into her cart and retrieve whatever extra clothing she had and studied the area. I was somewhat familiar with this area, I had walked by plenty of times before and actually could recall the previous owner of the herb shop keeper. I wondered what caused this person to depart and cease business. They were good people, but I would definitely not complain about their replacement. People were always coming a going, and really I had kept to myself about my decisions to no become too attached to people. Despite I was not the clingy type, I was probably one of the most friendly individuals this village had within the walls. I was going to ask her more about her, but fell short as I was left to wait and I forgot about some of the conversation with my own insistent self conscious voice reminding me of my clumsy ways and how I would wind up embarrassing myself. It was something I really didn’t enjoy about myself, and I didn’t know how to change anything about it… It was my true weakness. Once she came back out and we could continue on our way, I smiled again and nodded.- Well, I’m glad you could come. I don’t know where we would be without someone whom could provide us with herbs. –There was a tinge of playful sarcasm behind my words, because in reality I wasn’t familiar with the uses of herbs. I knew some were used for medicinal purposes, but when it came down to it I heard herbs and instantly associated it with food. The thought of food came across my mind quickly as I couldn’t tell if I could smell the cooking ramen in the distance, or if it was actually the woman standing next to me whom I smelt. The idea caused me to brace myself and resist a short laughter yet again and soon enough they arrived at their destination. Being the gentleman I was taught at a very young age, I stepped in front of her so that I may open the door for her and allow her entrance first.- Have you ever seen an Akimichi feast? You might be in for a surprise of the sorts. Hehe…

ShadowValcore: -Nao would laugh softly as she enterd the shop- “Thank you, No I have not seen one it will be quite interesting.” –she said as he had held the door open for her. Nao would smile softly then speak once more.- “if you will excuse me ill go change into my other kimono.” –she smiled and took the package that held the clean kimono in it and headed the bathroom and she slipped off his coat that had felt so warm warmer than her own coat had felt but that was just because it was bigger she told herself as she slipped out of her own coat that was covered in ramen she would set it aside and then start to unwrap her outfit that had been underneath that was also soaked in ramen. She would then pull her other kimono onto her body and slip the soilded one back into the package with her outfit change she now looked different but still an adorable female her kimono was black with red details on it she had loved the color red it was the color of fire the color of blood something that she had seen since childhood it was what she grew to know and find comfort in. The Akatsuki way the red cloud it was just something she could not fight wearing. She would take the pakage up from the place she had set it while she put in the dirty cloths and then grab his coat that she had been careful not to get ramen on and before leaving the restroom she would make sure to look at herself she looked normal and her scars all but one was hidden the one the man had given her as a child was somewhat exposed on her neck she shuddered softly but looked away and then left the restroom and joined him at a table.- “sorry it took so long” –she smiled softly and took a seat next to him handing him back his coat.-