MadameRedDurless: -yuki walks slowly up the path to the gates and notices the strange male from earlier. she stops short and watches him shyly-

KuramaLucien: Lucien found it very calming and soothing to sit under the trees during these mid days, the days where the wind was slightly blowing and the snow danced across the ground. Sighing to himself he fiddled with his black stone in his fingers as he kept his gaze to it. Nothing mattered… nothing mattered but his stone and the purpose Astaroth had given. Sure there was secrets he would keep even from the Kage but when the time came it would all make since. Then again sometimes the answers his God gave him made no sense… the visions of seeing the village burning to the ground. Ever since Lucien was a small boy he would get the glimpses of this one known as Astaroth. The one who would tell him what to do… if he did not Lucien would be forced to punish himself. Then as he grew older he learned of this God taking his body and using Lucien as a Vessel. That someday his lord and master would come from his own body to the world of the living and show up for whatever reason he needed. Reaching to his back he pulled out a kunai and began eching at the rock, making slight intensions in the stone. “One day… he whispered… one day…”

MadameRedDurless: -Yuki watches the strange older boy and she tilts her head blushing softly. she catches his whisper and wonders what he means. she swallows hard and steps out from behind the kunai she was hiding behind. "One day what?" she asks her voice shy and quiet. she walks over and sits on the bench net to him-

KuramaLucien: -Sounding very macabre he would not break his gaze from his stone- "the end..." -he said in simple terms as he would not even move, just scraping his stone slightly and slowly-

MadameRedDurless: the end of what -she probs slightly wondering who this strange boy was. she had seen him around and was curious about him-

KuramaLucien: -giving off one final scrap he would look to the girl in annoyence.- "Dont you have other things to be doing other then bugging me with your inferier questions?" -he would say as he growled slightly as he said in a more sarcastic tone.”  "Mzzzzz. Ice Princess"

MadameRedDurless: -she blinks softly and looks at her feet. she looks back up her blue eyes flashing- Forgive Sempai you seemed lonely and I thought you could use company I guess i was wrong. -she stands and stalks away her feet sinking in the snow. she missteps and falls in to the snow-

HoshigakeKamisori: -Kamisori would walk from the gate and see lucien with the kage's daughter. Oh great he thought just the person we need around. As he got closer he could hear Lucien and tell he was annoyed. He decided it was time for him to join in on the fun. He saw the kage's daughter miss step and fall in the snow in front of him as he walked, He couldnt help but to burst out laughing as he walked past her and over to Lucien.- Looks like your making more friends than usual eh rocky?

KuramaLucien: -shaking his head lightly seeing the little girl trip and fall as he says under his breathe- "how does thou trip in snow..." -he slooks over seeing Kamisori as he growled lightly at him- "and it seems your intellegence might have grown by maybe less then a quarter..." -he then truned his attention to his stone as he gripped it more and more as he said- "Oh wait I forgot you bearly meet the requirements of a chuunin I would imagine."

MadameRedDurless: -Yuki stands up red in the face. she brushes the snow off her outfit and with her dignty brusied she walks over to the nearest tree and climbs it. she pulls a book from her pocket and begins to read settling in to the branch. she carefully watches the two males below her-

HoshigakeKamisori: -At Lucien's response Kamisori merely laugh's at him. He looked over at the kage's daughter as she climbed. Then looked back to Lucien as he said. - Oh well im sorry to disgrace your presence with my beneath you-ness, No matter how you see me Rock boy we are on the same team and trainning for the same thing. Also dont get us in to much trouble with the kage messing with his daughter. I know how much of a people person you are.- Chuckles to himself as he gathers a small ammount of chakra in his mouth and spits out a small flame bullet at the bench next to them catching it on fire.-

KuramaLucien : -Lucien would laugh some as he looked over to Kamisori- "we might have the same goals in mind but remember who is more... fitted for this.." -he said with a slight hiss in his voice.- "you and your loud mouth with some day get you in trouble I hope you understand that..." -he watched him prove more arragence as he spat out a flame from his mouth- "acid reflex?" -he said with a slight grin as he watched the flames engolf the bench next to them... reminding him of the dreams... the dreams he saw as Astaroth burned down the lands in an apocolyptic style. Turning his attention to the young girl who was known as the kages daughter- "one would think that one of a kages daughter would have more grace in thou step..." -he said in a gloomy tone-

MadameRedDurless: -She turns scarlet behind her book- There was a rock in the snow -she says quietly- I rolled my ankle. Im usally very graceful -she retorts not removing her book from in front of her face- and my name Is Yukihime not Kages Daughter

HoshigakeKamisori: -Kamisori laughed at Lucien and responded- You fit into this like a square trying to go through a round whole.- He looks up at the Kage's daughter and snorts chuckling a bit- We do not care what your name is to us your still the Kage's daughter.- Lets out a huff of air as he turns back to lucien.- Love that spicy ramen gets me everytime though. Anyway how are you and your rock doing today?

KuramaLucien: "Yukihime..." -he said lightly gazing odd some... as he heard the last part about spicy ramen and asking how him and his "rock" was...- "Thou will never understand.... this stone is my link to the inner circle... to that which I communicate with Astaroth.. He speaks to me... explains things... orders given and such." -he holds it firmly as he lifts it up to show Kamisori all the markings on the stone. "One day all will make since to you... all of you..." -he said with some irratation in his voice. -he then glanced to Yuki and narrowed his eyes some... not in a manor of showing a mean or irratated look but more of a studying styled look.-

MadameRedDurless: -She merely rolls her eyes and goes back to reading her book. she turns scarlet and starts a lil hearing her name but doesnt look up from her book. She wonders who the boy speaks of and she makes a mental note to do more research later. she feels someones eyes on her and she blushes harder. she looks up to find the strange boy studying her and she blushes deeper and returns her eyes back to her book-

HoshigakeKamisori: -He looks over at Lucien and looks down to his rock as he looks at all the markings- I dont see any gate seals on that thing Lucien, But anyway what did i miss while iwas gone other than u fighting with the kage's daughter- He would throws his hands up behind his head and lean back on the bench against the tree behind him-

KuramaLucien: -Lucien looked at Kamisori- "There is not meant to be seal on the stone you moron... it will some day resemble the face of Astaroth... he said when the time is right it will all be clear as too why I have carved it..." -he looked to him as he sighed some- "Nothing... just more snow training... nothing..."

MadameRedDurless: -Yuki raises a brow hearing the strange boy speak of someone called Astaroth again and she wonders who he is talking about. she looks up from her book and watches the two boys couriosly-

HoshigakeKamisori: -Kamisori sighs as he leans up then looks at Lucien then says- I still dont think you understand a simple fact about me, I dont care- He laughs and lays back against the tree as he looks over to Yuki who was watching them now.- And what do you want Miss Snow? - He laughs as he looks back up to the sky-

KuramaLucien: -he would look up to Yuki as he would not say anything to her... he would just have his gaze dead locked onto hers. his single pupiled eyes would keep watching her curiously-

MadameRedDurless: -she opens her mouth a smart retort on her tounge when the other the other suddenly looked at her. Yuki turned scarlet and closed her mouth but didnt break eye contact with the boy. she blushed harder and involentarly bites her lip-

HoshigakeKamisori: - He would take a cigarette out of his jacket and light it taking a long drag then releasing the smoke into the air towards yuki- Looks like you got a stalker Lucien. - He would laugh as he continued to smoke his cigarette-

KuramaLucien: -Lucien would let out a very long glare to the girl- "Issues Yuki?" -he said in a very dark and low voice- "-he then turned to Kamisori as he smacked his hand holding the cigarette as it would fall into Kamisori's lap- "digusting habit..." -he turned his glare to look at the girl once more-

HoshigakeKamisori: -He would smack the butt out of his lap and glare at Lucien.- Hey Whats the big idea here if u dont like it then you can move. Its not my problem if u dont like it.

MadameRedDurless: -she blinks and blushes harder dropping her gaze. she shakes her head softly- not unless couriosty is an issue -she riases her eyes and gazes shyly at him not showing a trace of fear-

HoshigakeKamisori: -Looks down at his rock and grabs it from his hand. He pulls his hand back and throws it into the snow.- This habbit is no better than my smoking stop talking to rocks.- ( Continued from the other accidently hit enter)

KuramaLucien: “I was here fir..” –all of a sudden his stone was taken from him and thrown into the snow… as it bounced a couple of hundred feet away. Not missing a beat Lucien would swing a right hook so fast that Kamisori would likely have the time to react. Lucien would stand up looking at him with his eyes wide open… most of the time people would really be scared of Lucien when they saw this look… Lucien was no one anyone wanted to piss off… “Get up now…” – said in a very deep and dark voice-

HoshigakeKamisori: -Kamisori would lean back as the right hook came at him going in front of his face. He would jump up and look at Lucien dullely un phased by his gaze.- Whats wrong rocky got an issue? - He got up staring him right back in the eyes laughing at him- If u wanna throw fistie cuffs then lets do this, Im tired of your attitudde anyway, walking around like your so high and mighty, dude u aint but shit, you and I we aint so different. - He would spit his senbon down on the ground it sticking up out of the snow- difference between you and me is i dont got some stupid god giving me a sense of power i know what i am and dont care what anyone else says otherwise!

KuramaLucien: -Lucien would Clench his fist as he sized up Kamisori- "your just jelous you fool... jelous of the power I hold... the honor to Astaroth. You wish you had a tenth of the strength I hold." -he grinned watching him holding his Sebon and then placing it in the snow- "you have one chance... one chance to redeem thou self to get my stone... I will count to three and if you are not halfway back I will promise you that you will not be harmed" -he would cross his arms- "one......."

HoshigakeKamisori: -He would laugh at Lucien as he began to speak- Aw is someone getting a lil butt sore, Go ahead and keep counting all you want it aint gonna change the fact that your rock is over there and that im still standing right here. - He laughed again looking over at the rock- I think you still fail to realize that i dont give a fuck about anything, why would i be jealous of a dumbass and his pet rock "Astaroth" - he said using his hands to make quotations saying it mockingly-

KuramaLucien: "two" -he growled as he moved his hands around to his back. unknowning he was grabbing something from one of his pouches. Unclipping the snap silently and placing it into his hand. it was a flash bomb. he gripped it tightly watching Kamisori closely- "Last chance BOY" -he narrowed his eyes to him watching him closely-

HoshigakeKamisori: -As Lucien would move his hands behind his back Kamisori would be on guard waiting for something to happen starting to gather chakra.- First off i aint no boy we are the same age jackass and i dont know why your still counting cause aint shit gonna hppen but me sitting here laughing at you for counting. - Continues to laugh staring him down still-

KuramaLucienKuramaLucien : -Lucien would shake his head as he grinned- "Pathetic..." -he would move his hands to the front still cuffing something in his right hand. he was leaving slack though to where it would not be too noticable to Kamisori. Walking past him as he grinned not saying anything to him, he knew this would irratate the hell out of Kamisori, judging by his body language and how he was acting... he was ready to fight-

ShadowValcore: -Nao would walk along the bridge quietly staring down at the water she was still dressed as a young lady of a village her long orange hair down flowing freely in the soft breeze her kimono hanging onto her body as she walked towards the village gate-

HoshigakeKamisori: - Kamisori turned with Lucien as he walked past him and shrugged, He looked past him and saw a woman comming towards them over the bridge. He looked back to Lucien- Hold on a minute Lucien before we go any further with this brawl, Who the fuck is that? - Points towards the bridge-

KuramaLucien: -Lucien would turn his attention to the woman as he shrugged- "its a woman... the same ones we see walk through this village all the time Kamisori... you know the ones you can never score with that you always try to act all hot shit..." -he gripped his fist tightly holding the flashbomb still-

ShadowValcore: -Nao would spot the two boys from the village whom looked as though they were ready to fight and she laughed softly to herself how silly those boys from the same village about to fight when someone more powerful was near them she didn’t mind though with there expression she was unnoticed and still seen as a normal girl she didn’t mind though as she heard the boy speak his mind she laughed out loud but quickly turned to look down at the water though out of the corner of her eye she still watched the boys-

HoshigakeKamisori: - Kamisori would laugh at Lucien's comment- I have no need for the whore's in this village. -makes a gesture with his hands over his groin- As far as im concerened they can all get fucked and so can you.

KuramaLucien: -watching his hand movements closely, Lucien would bring his hand right hand up and pressed it to Kamisori's face saying "Release" as a bright flash of light flooded the area. In the motion Lucien moved his eyes down into his left forarm, shielding his eyes from the blinding attack. Running through the snow, Lucien would glance over studying the woman closely. As he got 100 feet away Lucien saw his stone and reached down and took it into his hands.-

ShadowValcore: -nao heard the boy call her a whore and growled under her breath. How dare he call her the last Uzumaki* a whore. She was one of the most powerful Shinobi* around even to this day this boy she could kill and not even think twice about it but that was no her mission her mission was to infiltrate this village and gather as much information as she could from them before coming after them. Though she could still have her fun wile she did this that boy would eventually pay for what he said. Just not at this time or this place she would wait till he didn’t see her and then get him back for that. Nao would continue to watch the boys a fight was starting and she would gladly be amused by this chilish display of manhood.-

HoshigakeKamisori: -As the the flash bomb went off in Kamisori's face he would curse at lucien out loud hearing him running.- You dirty Cock smuggler, the fuck do u think your doing.- He would wipe out his eyes trying to regain sight as he looked back seeing Lucien running to pick up his rock he chased after him begginging his hand seals for his phoenix sage technique stumbling around still has he sprinted. As he finished his technique his mouth began to glow as he spat fireballs towards lucien knowing he would probably miss but theyre were so many one would have to at least graze him or go near him.-

KuramaLucienKuramaLucien : -Lucien would turn and see Kamisori coming at him placing his hands into the seals, quickly Lucien would dart to the side as he aimed to make it past all the flaming balls. Once pasted his left leg and another his ribs as he felt one graze his shoulder some. Gritting his teeth he would place his hands into the tri seal well known of the Nara clan. Using the rays of the sun he locked onto the shadow of Kamisori as he aimed to grab hold and not let go. “your mine!” Lucien exclaimed as he continued to push himself to catch him.-

ShadowValcore: -nao would watch the two slightly amused so the one was a fire user how quite she herself learned Fire as her first nature it was quite amusing to see him try to pull of an attack like that. The other a shadow manipulator quite interesting she would find a way to study him more in depth to find out the tricks to stopping him from using his shadows. Perhaps blocking out the sunlight because in darkness there are no shadows. She would think this all to herself as she watched the fight.-

HoshigakeKamisori: - Kamisori Laughed as he saw Lucien turn and form his tri seal. He knew the boy was going for his shadow, He reached back into his pouch and pulled out a smoke bomb,throwing it out between him and Lucien to block him from view. As soon as the smoke bomb hit he jumped off to the side and quickly through up a snake hand seal as his mouth glew a buish hugh and a lightning like laser shot forward through the smoke aiming for the boys thigh. If this technique would hit the boy it would cause severe injury, but due to the flash bomb his depth perception was still not all back as the laser hit to the right of the boy blowing a hole in the ground.-

KuramaLucien: -Not wasting the time Lucien would see that Kamisori was going for something in his pocket as he used just the right amount of time to pull out a smoke bomb and release it into the air. Quickly Lucien moved his has away from one another as he leaped up and into the tree as he grabbed the branch and pulled himself up. Placing his hands again into the tri seal of his clan he whisperd “Shadow Style: Alone in the Dark Technique.” Keeping his vision locked onto Kamisori he would aim to pull him into complete darkness as everything goes silent. He would get the feeling of being totally alone, shaking it deep into his mind and soul. All this visual was more Genjutsu but the overall effects on the mind holds him strong keeping him busy. Reaching into his pouch Lucien grabbed a kunai and hoped down from the tree watching him closely-

HoshigakeKamisori: - Being trapped in a genjutsu blocking out his vision and Hearing he once again formed the snake hand seal as the lightning burst out of his mouth again doing so he began to spin in a gircle acting as a deadly win mill-

KuramaLucien: -Lucien would get wide eyed as he said "Shit!" as he jumped to the ground trying to avoid this lazor thing.... all of a sudden though Lucien could not help and see the tree tilting in his the corner of his vision and then "BAM!" it was not ontop of Lucien as well as Kmaisori most likely, leaving them both pinned under the tree without anyone around. It was a good thing this tree was not very big but it was heavy... heavy enough for them both to be stuck under it-

HoshigakeKamisori: -Kamisori's technique was abrupted by something falling on him as the genjutsu dissapeard, He saw that he was trapped under the tree that was near them. Looking over he could see Lucien trapped under it aswell which would explain why the genjuts had stopped. He sighed and spoke out to Lucien- Well this escalated quickly and all over a stupid rock you fucking ass clown. -He tried to move the tree off of him but it only seemed to budge a little.- Now look what you have done. were both going to be stuck under this tree until someone comes along and finds us.

KuramaLucien: "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT! IF YOU WOULD JUST LEARN YOUR GOD DAMN PLACE! AND WHY THE HELL ARE YOU USING A LAZOR WHEN YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING!" -Lucien screamed out as he tried to push the tree off him but itrolled back and just came back to his direction- "you and your damn smoking habit... the hell.." -growled more getting more and more pissed off- "This IS all your fault you know..." -he glared at him-

HoshigakeKamisori: Who gives a fuck about my smoking like i said you dont like it you get the fuck away from it. As far as im concerned on my place it doesnt really make a fucking difference where my place is considering were both in the same fucking place. Where is ur stupid Astaroth now when u need him?- He yelled out laughing at his final comment.- Doesnt look like he is helping you out much now does it. And as far as my technique goes what did u expect you take my sight and hearing im gonna burst out and take u down with me no matter what. So look where we are now and stop trying to be all high and mighty and get the fuck over yourself you fucking poon. - Coughs a little bit as the tree rolling comes back at him putting pressure on him. He pushes back against it noticing that if he put his hands up on it he could move it slightly more.- Now i see ony way out of this and if u dont like it then we will just sit here till whenever the fuck someone comes along. So are you done fucking complaining and listen or are you going to keep rambling on to someone who literally gives no fucks.- He sat waiting to hear Lucien's response-

KuramaLucien: "Me? Help your infirier ass?" -he growled more trying to push the tree off him as it continued to roll back onto him. "Astroth is testing me! he is testing me to make sure I don't fucking kill you before..." -he paused as he looked to him. "you can stay there and freeze in the damn snow for all I care you fucking moron!" -he growled- "I will make it out of here and when I do I am walking over to you and kicking you so hard in the god damn nuts that you are going to be singing with the girls!"

HoshigakeKamisori: -He laughed at Lucien- I dont think i will be the one freezing i got my fire natured chakra to keep me warm and it doesnt look like your going anywhere either dumbass. If anything you will be the one to freeze so im cool with just chilling here if thats what you want to do. - Sits under the log moving his chakra around his body.- Who the fuck are you to call me inferior when u are stuck just as much as i am like i said get the fuck over it and stomp rambing to someone who doesnt care! - He shouted over to him-

KuramaLucien: "HE DOES TOO CARE! HE TALKS TO ME... LISTENS TO ME!" -He growled more and more as he pushed more as the tree moved slightly but then came back as it did before. "you can only use your fire techniques for so long and think about it numb nuts... you get your fire close to this tree your going to light it on fire... then what?" -he glared- "you fail to understand my patients and tollerance for this cold... mind over matter but then again I don't expect a vagina like yourself to understand any of this logic!" -he crossed his armslaying back into the snow.-

xKireiHimex: ~as it was a snowy day as normal Kairi was sitting down in a tree well one off the tree’s where she is safe. She has been watching both off her teammates as she sighed as she would jump down as she walked to them “Really now.. why my beautiful tree… you both gonna fix itr”-she glared at them both- “and really? Shouting at eachother isn’t gonna help a single bit the tree doesn’t move out off itself’s..”-Kairi would sigh- “Boys”-she said as she still glanced at them both- “soo.. how you come out of this hmm? Setting the tree on fire aint helping”-she would say~

HoshigakeKamisori: Who the fuck are you to talk about tollerance when u complained over a cigarette. - He bursts out laughing throwing his arms back looking up at Kairi.- Does it look like im a wood user kairi, your tree isnt comming back anytime soon. And Lucien your just retarted so thats all i have to say about that. Why the fuck would i use a fire technique next to this tree especially considering its on top of us, To think i would use a fire technique is just idiotic. - He closed his eyes laying his head back on his arms-

KuramaLucien: -Lucien would look over to Kairi- "This is not your business woman... and as far as fixing the tree... not going to happen. Its HIS fault anyways!" -he pointed his free hand at Kamisori as he glared- "make him fix it if anything.."

KuramaLucien: -he would turn his cheek not looking at either of them-

xKireiHimexxKireiHimex Whisper: ~Kairi would take out one off her katana’s as she pointed it to Lucien “you want the tree gone or not? If your not gonna be nice I aint gonna help any of you both”-she glared to him as she then looked to Kamisori “its both your own fault anyways..”-she would say- “soo if you don’t want help then fix it yourself”~

HoshigakeKamisori: -Kamisori laughed at her threat- It aint getting fixed and apparently neither of us have a problem with it. So as far as im concerned you can just leave us here. - He said going back to resting his head back in his hands-

KuramaLucien: -Not wanting to ask Kairi for help he would turn his head and glared- "your blade looks a little dull there... maybe you should sharpen it every not and again..." -he laughed some as he looked away from her as he continued to lay there in the snow. he would shiver lightly but it would be unnoticable to them as he crossed his arms, thinking to himself "What to do.."

xKireiHimex: ~Kairi sighs as she places her katana back as she looked at them both “Alright.. have fun then both to get out under the tree. If you don’t need me and my earth jutsu to get the tree to it’s side then it’s not any off my problem”-Kairi would turn around as she would sit down on a bench near the tree as she would roll with her eyes as she talks to herself ‘really boys..’~

HoshigakeKamisoriHoshigakeKamisori Whisper: - Kamisori began to twidle his thumbs he hated just sitting around and had next to zero patience. He didnt mind the snow but hated sitting in one place. He called over to Lucien- Hey Lucien how u enjoying the snow over there. I dont know about you but im getting bored. If your willing to climb down off your peadastool i might consider working with you to get out from under this stupid tree. - He sat continuing to twidle his thumbs waiting for a response-

KuramaLucien: -Lucien would look over from being in a daze- "You know what... just because I want to get back to doing what I was doing before you came and started all this mess... Fine I shall HELP you... seeing you need me." -he grinned as he placed his hands on the bark of the tree- "Ready when you are sunshine"

HoshigakeKamisori: Me need you? -Burst out laughing- Like i said when u climb down off your pedastool will i work with you as for now id rather not use your help if your going to put it like that- Lays back again in the snow and closes his eyes-

xKireiHimex: ~Kairi would watch them both as she didnt said any word as she would laugh a bit to herself as it was fun to watch both off her teammates~

KuramaLucien: "your right... I need to come down to your level so will you please help me?" -he would say in a teasing manor- "seeing your a little wimp and all.. I need to lower myself to your level but if you wanna stay bored then I can just lay here until your ready to admit"

HoshigakeKamisori: You come down to my level now thats funny, if anything you would need a ladder to reach my level there squirt. - He began to whistle to entertain himself.- Now If your willing to admit that you were never above me then i would consider your help again but until then ill sit here i can find things to do. - Keeps whistling to entertain himself-

KuramaLucien: "you know I have a way of solving this problem..." -he said as he took out a kunai with an explosive tag attached to it. Placing his hand up into the seal position he trusted it towards the end past Kamisori as it was too far for him to reach "you will help lift this thing or I blow the damn tree up... you might loose an arm in the process but thats fine with me.." -he grinned-

HoshigakeKamisori: -He looks down at the tag and then looks back at lucien- If u blow up that tag ill set this tree on fire and take you down with me, then you can answer to your god from the after life. - He smiled over at lucien as he began channeling chakra to his mouth as it began to glow red as the chakra built up. If Lucien blew the tag then fire would burst out of his mouth in lucien's direction-

KuramaLucien: -Lucien glared keeping his hand in the seal position- "Looks like we have a stand off... your fire will burn me... but my explostion will take a limb... your choice"

HoshigakeKamisori: -He let some of the chakra go so he could talk- It seems we do but its up to you, We either work together or die together , Take your hand out of that seal and ill help you push this tree off and we can walk away.

xKireiHimex: ~Kairi would stand up “Your both are so stubborn and so stupid..”-Kairi would say as she then would make the handsign bird as a spike comes out from under the ground beneath the tree and the boys as it would send them flying up high together with the tree “well have fun flying and not to hurt one another and all that”she shouted at them as she would climb up in her own tree as she would take out her katana as she would start to make it look sharper~

KuramaLucien: -Lucien would feel himself rising up into the air as he shouted " Scre.....u...." as it faded off as he traveled further up into the air. he would continue to glare at Kamisori as he shouted "I swear I am going to KILL you!" -as he came back to the ground and crashed into the snow in a loud "BOOM!"

HoshigakeKamisori: -As Kamisori was lifted into the air by Kairi's ground spike he grabbed onto the tree and hoisted himself up, Once the Flying had stopped he jumped off the tree and started to fall back towards the ground, He tried to move himself around in the air as he aimed for a giant snow mound. Crashing into it throwing dnow up in the air. -

xKireiHimex: ~Kairi watched them high from in the tree as she still was sharping her katana's as she wonders what they will do next~

KuramaLucien: -getting up and out of the ground he glared in the direction of Kairi. he got up as his muscles were hurting as he walked over to her direction- "Just what the hell if the big idea? we didn't need your help! I head everything under control!" -he growled some as he looked up the tree-

xKireiHimex: ~Kairi would look down "Everything under control huh? Thats why you both still were bitching at eachother and still under the damn tree"-She would shout back at him as she glared "I dont care whatever you say or whatever you think. I should have used a much worse Jutsu on you so you will be more hurt then you already are"-She would growl~

HoshigakeKamisori: -Kamisori would focus his chakra into his hands sending flames out in front of him burning a hole through the snow mound for him to get out through. He walked over next to Lucien his muscles swelled with rage as he looked up the tree.- Hey bag with which one douces whats the idea!

KuramaLucien: -Lucien would look to Kamisori lightly as he then directed his attention to Kairi and growled more. he then turned and walked off and went over to one of the other benches and sat down now saying anying more.-

xKireiHimexxKireiHimex Whisper: ~Kairi would place her katana back as she would climb down “This was the whole idea’s are you both so stupid or what?”-She would growl as she glared at them both “Just go fuck eachother or do whatever you want. I do not care one single bit. All I wanted is you both stop bitching and shouting at eachother from under a damn tree~

HoshigakeKamisori: - Kamisori laughed and waved his hand non chalantly at kairi as he went over to a bench and sat down and lit up another cigarette and took a drag off of it-