[[ This Roleplay is unfinished and will be continued for the sake of Nao getting revenge upon Nobu. >_> ]]


Nobu Akimichi

Nao Uzumaki

Shimazu Yuki

Koori Tenro


ShadowValcore: -Nao lay sound asleep in her bed but her body shook violently in her mind she was reliving one of the the worst day of her life. She was a teenager again still living in amegakure she was sitting outside her mother’s home when she heard yelling from within Nao ran in to see a man beating her mother. Nao attacked him pushing him away from her mother. The man pulled a kunai out and cut Nao’s shoulder blade wide open the smell of her own blood and anger made her cry out in anger as she moved her hands fallowing the symbols her sensei had showed her she performed a fire jutsu stricken the man and burning him alive. Her mother’s shrieks flooded through into her mind. * HOW COULD YOU DO THAT HE WAS OUR MONEY! HE WAS OUR FOOD! YOU WILL NEVER BE LET INTO THE EXAM NOW YOU STUPID CHILD YOU USELESS CHILD!* the teenage version of her turned on the woman that she had once known as her mother the woman who now was not greatful for nao saving her or putting the evil man out of his misery. She did the hand seals again and burned her own mother alive. Then ran from the village. The next thing she knew she was standing next to Kano looking at Yukigakure. *This is the Day Nao They pay for all they have done.* -he spoke to her and she nodded her head her orange hair was short again and sticking up everywhere but her dark eyes cold as ice stared up at him.- *The will pay Sire they will all burn in hell* -she didn’t think twice about what she had said then it was the only answer he expected.- *Brother’s and Sister’s Let’s get them* -He said this and we all moved heading straight into battle with the Village Shinobi we were outnumbered there was only eight of us against an entire village but none of us were poorly trained. We took out the first flank as we feel deeper into the village gate. It was getting light out the battle had been going on for hours now and everyone both sides was getting tired Kano yelled for me to fall back and look up to see how many more there were still inside the village wall as I moved back a swarm of Anbu Attacked him I screamed out but at that point I was too far to see or do anything he killed three of them but the fourth one carrying larg spears and wearing a special mask putt a spear through his chest She feel to the ground in shock how could this be happening how could she have left him there to die. Nao Body flickered over to him and picked him up body flickering away again. Nao screamed out and opened her eyes she found herself laying facing a brown ceiling gasping for air. The Nightmares were back again the images of the past haunting her or were they haunting her or reminding her of what she truly was a cold blooded killer Nao knew who no what she was she was the Creation of Pain and suffering of hard times and hard work of training and killing of pride and envy she was Nao Uzumaki one in a long line of leaders of the Akatsuki Criminal Organization the Great granddaughter of the most notorious Uzumaki clan member Nagato Uzumaki she knew who she was and she knew what she was here for. To Kill the Anbu member who seven years ago had killed the one who saved her from herself. Who brought her into the Akatsuki and showed her the way to harness and control the pain and make it into power. Who taught her to be one of the most powerful shinobi alive to this day. She was only twenty five years old but for her age she had done so much and lived such a different life then most would ever know. Nao closed her eyes and took in a deep breath her body stopped shaking slowly as she sat up. It wasn’t even morning yet it was the middle of the Night from the window she could still see the moon high up in the sky and bright as could be through the snow covered branches of the trees. Nao stood up her bare feet touching the cold ground sent a shiver up her spine she walked over to her table and started to make some tea. It was normal for her to wake up around this time the same thing every night though she still shaken by it even after so many years. Nao sighed softly as the tea heated and she poured herself a glass today was going to be a bad day from the dream normally that she had only one of them a night to having them both happen one after another she couldn’t help but feel something bad was going to happen. She drank her tea and then went off to wash up and get dressed once in her outfit she would pin up her hair into a tight bun then head down the path that lead to the village. She carried in her arms a basket of herbs of all different types the ones she sold at her stand it was a cold Monday morning and through the early morning fog she listened as she always did to the noises of the forest and her purple eyes darting around the area looking for any signs of movement the ground was covered in fresh powder but underneath the snow was a thin layer ice the cracking sound she made with each step echoed through the forest. Nao would reach the edge of the forest and look ahead the path was clear from here to the village though gathered on the other side of the bridge was a group of people standing and coversating the normal Monday morning thing in this village. She walked onward unfazed by the echoing of their mindless chatter as she reached half way across the bridge she would slip on a thin layer of ice her body falling backwards her basket flew from her arms had she been thinking or not thinking she would have saved herself the harsh fall but her mind was not all there and she landing with a crash on the cold icey ground her herbs and basked falling around her and down to the river below. Nao let out a soft cry as the people stared at her children were snickering and adults watched on unsure of what to do. Nao’s own hair feel widly as she lay on the ground staring up at the morning sky. She whispered to herself “oh joy” –she sighed softly and say up her orange hair now flowing freely and loosely the curls at the end showing through. Nao would start to get to her feet slowly not wanting to fall again she had finally realized she needed to get back to herself and her own body focus on now she told herself forget the dreams not the memories but don’t let the past haunt you live for the future and the revenge for what the past has done. She told herself this often but today she really needed to listen to her own advice.-

YumeMoumoku: after a few days had long passed him by koori would sit quietly in a small room just attached off to the side of the local groceriers house. the man that had own the shop had willing helped koori out with a job and a place to stay and though the room was cramped for his height it would have to do for now. pulling himself slowly up from his cot koori had learned to sleep with his jacket on it was the only way he could keep his tail a secret. fixing himself up koori would move to use his hands to brush out his white long shaggy looking hair. once his whole get ready process was done and out of the way koori would move to find his way out to the main shop. moving to take his place behind the regester, koori would move to lean forward resting his elbows on the counter. watching the people pass by the old mans shop koori would smile lightly to himself as his tail would sway lightly back and forth under his long white jacket-

YukiKaijuShimazu: Shimazu groaned out in a soft tone as he rolled about in his bed, his head throbbing from landing on it so much during the training session he had went through earlier while he was trying out some of his newly learned ice jutsu. He flipped the wolf fur covers over his head and stretched about as he tried to wake up, knowing that oversleeping wouldn’t help him, but damn did it feel good to just snooze the day away. After about fifteen minutes he finally willed himself to sit up and wipe the sleep from his face, rubbing his eyes as opening them “Oh that was a nice nap.. Regretfully though, I must leave the bed. So comfy and warm..” He started to nod back off and slumped back down, sleeping for another thirty minutes. He woke with a start as he heard something clang about loudly in the next room, he jumped out of bed and quickly dressed up “Eh?! Whats that racket about in here!?” He walked out of his room to see that his brother had fallen from the counter as he tried to get some dinnerware out of the cupboard. His brother looked up at his with a dazed expression on his face; he just clapped his hand over his face and walked toward the door as he shook his head, not saying a thing to him, not wanting to get wrapped up in whatever craziness he had in store for the day. He opened the door and head outside to the blinding white snowy visage that the snow gave off, he cupped his hand to his eyes as the initial glare was always too bright for him, it took a couple seconds for his eyes to adjust, blinking a few times as he set out into the frigid temperate area. He looked over to his left as he saw a bunch of people crowding around the bridge and thinking to himself: ‘what’s going on over there??’. He ran over there to see a brightly orange haired lady fall over, he hair fanned out like flames, watching her get to her feet and looking at her strangely.

NobuAkimichi: -I yawned softly as I was perched upon one of the many benches which surrounded the gated area of Yukigakure and had one of my many scrolls lain out upon my lap, studying the graphics which I had etched into them a while ago. Next to me also was a small book, holding the descriptions of some Fuinjutsu sealing techniques and their appropriate symbols that needed to be present. I was studying them diligently, wanting to learn if there was any way to place more within a seal without as much, but I as reaching the stage with Fuinjutsu sealing that I really didn’t have much more to learn. I just needed to become familiar with the designs, and hoped to eventually pack them into my memory so I didn’t need the use of reference. The designs were incomplete though, as I hadn’t had the time to actually finish the seals on the parchment and actually seal away everything. The actual process of sealing away the weapons would have to wait until I was back at home and could actually transfer them all into it for later use, but I wanted to go ahead and get most of the work finished that way it was a simple finish in the evening. It was somewhat peaceful out, despite the cold weather which plagued the area it was relaxing for me to sit in the sunlight and absorb the casual chattering and listless conversations. I had a marking utencil in my right hand, my left pressing the parchment down so that I could write on it without any sort of issue. It was a very careful process this was, I had to ensure that there were no mistakes, every detail was carefully forged and made with unique precision. I was clad in that same dark red cloak with the hood pulled up over my head so that I could shield the wind from my ears and keep as warm as possible. The sleeves were pulled up to my elbow so that I would be able to write much better without them getting in the way, exposing the dark skin and muscled flesh that was worked for as an Akimichi. One of our greatest attributes was our strength, seeing as our large size prevented us from being greatly skilled in speed. Beneath this was the casual attire which I wore often, the Yukigakure flak jacket as well as black shinobi pants, the gloves which were covered with a dark metal plate to assist in some manner of defense against attackers, and lastly the shinobi boots which I went ahead and wore an extra pair of socks to provide more warmth.  I was so consumed within’ my own work that I hardly noticed anything around me, but from the corner of my eye I could see her approaching along with her fall. I quickly looked up to notice her on her back side, and a smirk came from my lips at the sight. ‘And I thought I was the clumsy one…’ I told myself with a sneer chuckle and shook my head. From this distance, there wasn’t much I could do and figured she would have been fine, though if she had approached he’d surely give her a hard time about it. But for now, I needed to concentrate upon my work, and sketch the symbols down.-

ShadowValcore: -Nao got up slowly and dusted herself off how could she be so clumsy she saw everyone staring at her and she had lost all her herbs she didn’t want or need the attention at all she would look up and scan the crowed with her purple eyes still dark with anger at herself and at ground then she spotted him the man she kept seeing around the gate the one who’s weakness was food she shook her head and then walked forward a elderly woman approached her “Are you ok dearie?” –She asked nao sweetly- “yes Mam I am alright thank you just some ice on the bridge.” –Nao would reply her tone soft with the woman not wanting to scare her.- “Oh the Men in this village should clear that bridge more often before someone really gets hurt such a beautiful young girl like yourself could be devastated by a fall like that you poor thing you poor poor thing.” –the woman walked off still shaking her head it was strange for someone to worry about Nao she shrugged it off and sighed softly walking over to a bench and sitting down. She couldn’t sell today she had no more herbs and she lost her basket so there was no point in going back for more. Nao sighed softly and glanced around perhaps she would slip outside the village back further the snow was full of water she could use it to practice some of her Water Nature since she was still learning her first Water jutsu. She just had to be sure no one fallowed her. She kept thinking to herself as she stayed seated on the bench-

NobuAkimichi: -I took my time with my work, glancing downward towards the small notebook and studying it carefully. I occasionally lifted one hand which was merely upon the parchment to smooth it out to lay my index finger below the words and keep my place while I read. I remembered actually reading this book already once before, in fact, I had studied many of the things which were available for Fuinjutsu since I had finished my clan techniques, but despite being finished with those techniques, I still used them quite frequently. In fact, many of the times, unless I was training with Samehada, I kept myself in a perpetual state of Multi-size expansion so that I could constantly drain the chakra from my body, until I went home and prepared myself for bed, at that time I would be completely drained of most of my chakra. It was an ingenious way to train my stamina, not to mention intimidate those around me as well since there really wasn’t many who could match my gigantic size. Under the continuous state of this multi size expansion, my body’s height was seven feet one inch, and weight around three hundred and forty pounds.  I towered over most, though with the height and weight, I was much larger of a target, obvious to anyone around, and could not really sneak around as most ninja did. Though, that really wasn’t my style. I knew how to be stealthy when need be, but I was must more personal, and usually acknowledged those whom I wanted to be engaged in combat with instead of attacking them from the shadows. I saw that as cowardly, and really didn’t find any sort of satisfaction out of this. As I flipped through to the next page, there was the next chapter which was about sealing not just elements, but Natured Jutsu’s into seals and using those abilities at will. There were some requirements though, and it was quite difficult. I not only needed to be accompanied by someone whom knows elemental nature techniques so that I could seal, but it take two days for the technique to become available for use.- I need to be sure to ask around to see what sort of techniques I could place in my arsenal… -I whispered softly to myself as I ceased reading and was about to continue sketching the designs when I noticed the familiar female move towards one of the benches and take a seat. I was half tempted to acknowledge her as I peered towards her form through the shadows of the hood that was up, but wanted to finish my work first. Smirking while I continued to write, I began to formulate way’s on acknowledging her and perhaps having a bit of fun in the process. It was for sure sort of quiet around here, and kicking up a little bit of excitement could never hurt…-

ShadowValcore : -Nao Sat on the bench she would contemplate a way to leave unnoticed by anyone she couldn’t just bodyflicker out of here there were to many Shinobi around and it would give the Man she kept seeing around a hint that she could have been the one using genjutsu on him. Nao’s purple eyes scanned the snow covered ground many people walked this area she could just walk away but she didn’t want to walk through the crowed of people by the bridge again not after falling she could always slip into the village and then hide somewhere and bodyflicker out would anyone notice? She wondered but why did she care if the crowed saw her except for the silly mistake she had made today everyone in the village had thought her just a normal girl except for the Jounin she meet by the gate and the Jounin she had meet and had Ramen with the first night here in Yukigakure they knew her story and welcomed her here as long as he kept her word about not causing a threat would bodyflickering away cause a threat? Not really she thought but while she was here she should at least get some food. She reached into her pocket to make sure her coin bag was still there and it was thankfully nao would smile and relax a bit.-

NobuAkimichi: -My hand continued to move in soft strokes and delicate movements in order to sketch the symbols and words that were needed in order to do the summoning of what wished to be in this scroll. I still had to do quite a few other ones as well; this had actually become what took up a good portion of my free time now. Drawing and sketching for the sake of Fuinjutsu, something I never thought I would find myself interested in until I witnessed my own sensei as a child using it. He used a certain technique known as the Lightning Flash Blade Creation, where from his wrist he summoned a kunai to throw at a sparring partner. The attack was so quick, fluid, and it was thanks to that ability of Fuinjutsu. I made sure that was a technique I learned as well, and continued on from there with how to mix weaponry into seals and use them against opponents. This also led into my want and desire to also use all the weapons the world had to offer. There was a limitless amount, and really had only heard of a select few in the past. How fantastic it would be that I could be talked about in the history books. Marked as one of the only men whom perfected the weapons that the world has to offer. I finally finished the markings of the scroll, and reached into my pocket where there was a small pouch which I had some sand in. Tossing it upon the paper to assist in the drying of the ink quickly, I then began to put everything away so that I could take a break. Rolling the scroll up and stuff it within the carrier on my hip underneath the cloak, shoving the sand and utensil back into my shinobi pouch, lastly the book, which I merely carried with me in hand. I finally looked back actually towards the woman, smirking before leaning forward, my hand scooping a handful of snow before lobbing it in her direction. Had she not noticed and were hit, it would have only exploded upon her shoulder or arm, mostly to get her attention. My voice followed, ringing out among the crowd to cross the distance we were.- You look like you need to cool off a little, hehe…

ShadowValcore: -Nao would be deep in thought as the snowball came wising at her she heard the voice of Nobu ring out and she turned just in time to see the snowball slam into her face. It caught her off guard her hair was still messed up and now she had snow all over her face. Her mood changed from embarrassed to furious with him again to being calm and happy. The snow had cooled her off but with in a blink of an eye she would start laughing.- “Really? You look all warm and toasty maybe you should cool off to” –she picked up the snow and formed it into a ball and threw it at Nobu again.-

YumeMoumoku: -digging his hands deep into his long white jacket pockets koori would let out a quiet sigh. the air was cool against his skin and his breath would mearly show in a foggy like wave with each exhale he took. reaching up koori would move to ruffle his white hair a bit before returning his hands back to his jacket pockets. today he had just planed to go for a walk, nothing more maybe see all the things the village had to offer him-

NobuAkimichi: -I snickered softly as the snowball had made connection with her and I had successfully drawn her attention towards me. I had not intended it to strike her on the face, but none the less, it was even more amusing than if it had come in contact with just her arm. I wasn’t sure the type of reaction she would get from this either, she seemed like one whom was level headed and only lost her temper when Ramen was thrown on her. I watched the different reactions that came across her face, not actually understanding it at all. Women were too difficult, and I really didn’t want to stress myself out any further. I rose to my feet as though I was going to start heading in her direction to greet her, my book though slipped from my hand and landed in the soft snow at my feet. I leaned down to pick it up, my attention drawing away from here for only a second, though in that second I looked away, I was struck in the side of the face with a snowball in response to my own, the cold snow stinging my skin and cooling off my face from within the hood. She had aimed it quite well, and was surprised. I looked back over to her with a sly grin, pulling the hood back after picking myself up along with the book. In my hand I grabbed a ball, forming it carefully and speaking.- Oh.. .So that’s the game you want to play, huh? –I noticed that where she was sitting, she was actually beneath the tree and upon it’s branches were settled snow. I found my target, and idea. Without actually looking upwards at the tree, I threw the snowball at one of the branches which hung above her and intended to strike it, and drop a large quantity of snow over her.- You look like you need it more then me! Hah.

ShadowValcore: -Nao watched as he got hit in the face with the snowball and giggled Nao blinked as she aimed the snowball up and she looked up just in time to see the pile of snow falling from the tree. Nao purple eyes grew wide as the snow landed on top of her barring her in a white dust cloud she shivered greatly as her arms and stomach where exposed to the cold thus sending shockwaves throughout her entire body. Not angry but completely frozen Nao would blink and stand up shivering.- “That was cold” –her purple eyes where still wide as she stared at Nobu and shook the snowflakes from her long orange hair. She was going to get him back but how she started to shiver more and more her skin ice covered she knew that there was more snow on the branch he had hit she just needed to knock it down on top of him when he came closer but how to get him closer she didn’t know yet- “So cold so so cold”

YumeMoumoku: -coming out to the clearing koori would spot the two from the other day that was kind to him and brought him his things and a bowl of ramen. moving to watch the two he would smile lightly as his tall pale slender frame would fall to rest gently against a near by tree. to koori it had looked like the girl that the man had just gave a snow shower was freezing and part of him wanted to go and offer her his coat in thanks for the ramen the other day, but koori knew he couldn't let his tail be seen and this was what would keep him in his place. watching the man to see if he would go and help her koori would start to hum a quiet tune to himself-

NobuAkimichi: -I blinked as I watched her just stare at the snowfall that I caused come down on her and didn’t even both attempting to get out of the way. I was stricken with guilt a little as I had heard her voice and wasn’t sure if I had taken it too far or not. I probably should have dropped such a large amount on her, and considering her attire, it was pretty mean of me now that I had thought about it a little. I gnawed upon the inside of my own cheek and finally got to my feet, wondering if she was upset by what I had done. My kind hearted nature was tearing me apart, and I felt so extremely guilty, I had to do something.- I... Agh... –I made my approach towards her, and rose a hand so that I could begin to undo the cloak which I had been wearing, also the same one she had worn before on our first encounter. As soon as I came a few feet from her, I lowered my eyes down to the snow, not paying attention to her actions and wanting to hide the soft color which spread over my face due to the embarrassment of possibly taking the game too far.- I-... I’m sorry... –I slipped the cloak off, throwing it over my right fore arm to offer it to her.- Here... Now it looks like you need this more than I do. –I couldn’t help but with the evading of my own eyes and face from her, I caught a glance of the same individual whom I noticed before and gave back his bracers. I wondered whom he was still, and wanted to actually speak to him. I was planning on it until that child which screamed at me not to hit her took my attention away, then so many other events happened. Perhaps I could get his attention as well, get him to interact with both of us.-

ShadowValcore: -Nao hadn’t had to do anything the man’s kind heart had led him straight into a trap. Nao nodded but didn’t accept he coat. “No its ok” Nao says softly as she took a step away from him and lean against the tree putting only a small amount of chakra into her back so that the tree shock and sent the rest of the snow tumbling down at him if he didn’t move swiftly he would be hit but she was safely against the tree where the snow wouldn’t hit her own already frozen body but now him without his clock over him would be exposed to the same coldness she herself was. When the chakra flowed through her body a warm sensation flooded her and warmed her and she giggled waiting to see what the man would do.-

YumeMoumoku: -watching as the girl had seemed to trick the man in to comeing closer to get what looked to be her revenge he would laugh a bit to himself- smart girl -feeling his tail swaying lightly back and forth as it brushed against his legs he would chuckle more as he waited quietly for the mans reaction..the show that was laying out before him almost seemed like one of those funny comedic puppet shows where one would seem to hit the other in the head with a bat and it would go on and on with each of them boping the other with some kind of object-

NobuAkimichi: -I wondered why she hadn’t taken the cloak I had offered her when she said that she was cold and found it somewhat suspicious. But I had still been looking in between her and also the gentleman who was off in the distance. I looked up just in time to see the woman lean upon the tree and heard some noises from above me.- What th--..Ahhh! –I groaned as I suddenly felt a chill fall over me with a great deal of snow over my body which was not clad in the cloak any longer. ‘How did that just happen... She made the snow fall without even moving the tree...’ I asked myself curiously as I looked towards her, shivering and somewhat frozen in shock about how she had set me up in such a trap. How ridiculous I must look, and how gullible must I seem to not only her, but also that stranger. It seemed like a common occurrence for me to slip up or even walk blindly into a trap. Though, I was almost unconcerned about how I looked, and wondered about how she did was she had done. It was then I also heard the laughter of the stranger off in the distance. My eye slightly twitched at the laughter, I really didn’t like being laughed at, or made fun of for that matter. It was really one of the only ways for me to lose my temper, but I had avoided this for quite some time. Shaking my body physically and brushing off the snow, I threw the cloak back on quickly to provide some warmth. I would definitely have some quesions for this woman... But in the mean time, I smirked and leaned down, taking yet another handful of snow.- I have to admit, you’re a sneaky one... –I chuckled as the comment was towards the woman, but quickly I shifted my position, and chunked a snow ball at the direction of the stranger.- You don’t have to sit back and watch like a creeper, ya’ know!

ShadowValcore: -Nao would bend down as she saw him gathering more snow in his hand ready to aim at him back if he threw more at her and then she heard the man laughing in the distance his laugh echoing through the now empty area. Nao saw Nobu swing around and throw the snowball the unsuspecting man who had been laughing at them. Nao didn’t like it when people laughed at her either and she tossed her snowball in that direction as well.- “Ya come have some fun in the snow Stranger” –Nao laughed softly waiting to see the poor mans reaction.-

YumeMoumoku: -watching the two koori would chuckle once more before ketching the sight of the shift in the mans body. adjusting himself a bit koori would duck down out of the way of the snow balls that came hurling towards him. koori had to admit dog like senses did have its pay off though he knew he had to be careful to not give himself away. feeling his white wolf tail move to start to curl around his feet, koori would frown a bit before quickly moving it back into hiding. pulling himself quickly up, koori would brush himself off before shifting his icy like gaze back and forth between the two- me? -koori would call out before moving to point to himself, though joining their game wasn't in his plans- oo no thats alright i'm not really big into games and i ugh don't mean to be a creeper its just nice to see others have fun for once -koori would call out to them before slowly moving to aproach and making sure to do so slowly so he didn't give away his tail that wasy wagging gently behind him-

NobuAkimichi: -I watched as the man in the distance had actually managed to duck beneath the snowballs which were thrown in his direction and successfully dodge both our attacks. I wondered how he had moved so swiftly, especially to the unsuspecting attack we had placed. Obviously he was not just some normal stranger, and wanted to get a little information about this fellow out. I was not suspecting of foul play, my personality somewhat prevented me from being suspicious of others, and always seemed to think the best of everyone. My body shivered slightly again from the feeling of being coated in snow from before and thought about continuing the attack upon him, though I was hesitant with how I had gotten the female off guard and still had a tinge of guilt for making her cold through the attire she wore. I nodded in his direction when he had mentioned about not being into games, and definitely didn’t want to make him uncomfortable since he was seemingly new.- Fair enough, and don’t worry about it. You don’t have to be shy though, we’re a freindly bunch here, as you can tell. Hehe. –As he had gotten close enough, I gave an introduction so that I wasn’t rude, and hoped to also get his name as well.- I am Nobu Akimichi, Jounin here in Yukigakure as well as one of the Kage’s body guard.

ShadowValcore: -Nao watched the incident unfold before her and she laughed softly- “As I expected” –she whispered softly under her breath. Like herself the man was not going to show his true ability at least to Nobu but perhaps to herself he would. She would have to find out his secret in a way but she wasn’t going to do it and expose herself till she knew if he was worth it yet or not. She would smile softly as the man approached and them she would bow her head and look to the ground not wanting her purple eyes to betray what she was thinking to this man. AS Nobu introduced himself she to would introduce herself.- “My name is Natsuko the only Herb seller in the village it's a pleasure to meet you Sir.”

YumeMoumoku: -hearing the man koori would offer the man his best wolfish grin he could give- i'm...koori -he would say with a bit of a pause in his intraduction, koori didn't mean to be so secrative it wasn't his intention to lie to these people but he knew that by speaking of his past could only bring more shame to himself or be made to fight again becouse of his clan and their abilities and fighting wasn't something koori wanted. hearing the girls intraduction koori would smile and move to bow his head lightly to the girl- its a pleasure to meet you both -he would smile brightly though his head would move to tilt lightly to the side in a dog like manner to show their ceriosity...why was a shinobi just a herb seller?....koori could smell the power this girl had but why just a herb seller?....shaking his head he would seem to chuckle lightly to himself as the thought that maybe she was just like him a lonely traveler just wanting to get by in life- herb selling huh? what kind maybe i could get mr akane could buy them and then sell them in his shop...i work there so i could talk to him if you'd like -koori would smile as he would seem to move to point in some direction the shop was suppose to be in-