Jutsu NameEditEdit

  • Fuinjutsu: Squad Weapon Storage

Rank and ReasoningEditEdit

  • B Rank Jutsu
  • Dedication to sealing and strong chakra control

Jutsu Hand SealsEditEdit

  • None

Jutsu InformationEditEdit

  • A compact way to carry many weapons
  • Weapons on hand ready to be used just by using a small amount of chakra to pull the weapon out.

Specific Users:EditEdit

  • This jutsu is not a Clan Jutsu
  • This jutsu is a Fuinjutsu
  • This jutsu is open for all to learn

Jutsu CostEditEdit

  • Requires a small amount of chakra to pull out the weapons from the scrolls.

Jutsu PerformanceEditEdit

The user seals a number of weapons into their seal/scroll up to 100 pieces can be stored in this seal Kunai (Cost 2) Shuriken (Cost 1.5) Senbon (Cost 1) Makibishi (Cost 0.5) and released all at once along the length of the scroll or individually. These weapons are capable of being projected from the scroll, but no more then 20 cost worth of weapons can be projected at 40mph from the seal. When not flung from the scroll the weapons are merely produced to be used by the Fuinjutsu user and allies, the user and allies then have to use the weapons as they would normally. This saves the user and their squad or team from carrying around the weapons on their person, can instead carry them in a scroll.

Jutsu ProductEditEdit

  1. Weapons can be carried and and put in use by the use of the scroll


Limits the users ability to quickly draw a weapon.The seal can only be used once before having to reseal. Must summon the weapons, using chakra to release them.

Approved byEditEdit

Castiel caoin