Jutsu Name

  • Demonic Illussion: Forbidden Nightmare

Rank and Reasoning.

  • A Rank
  • .Uses the Illussion that breaks the Opponents fears down in total darkness. Breaking them down to were nothing seems logical but at the same time making it seem like escape is not an option.

Jutsu Hand Seals

  • Boar->Ram-Dragon->

Jutsu Information

  • The object behind this Genjutsu is to make the opponent make choices and see that one will lead to one option and another leads to another. Their is not option to escapes (or so they think)
  • This Genjutsu is one that requires the skill of the Kurama Clan and that is to be able to make Genjutsu seem so real that it has infact entered reality.

Specific Users:

  • a Clan who specialises in Genjutsu
  • This jutsu is a Genjutsu

Jutsu Cost

  • This jutsu costs a large amount of chakra due to its effects and strengths of pulling into reality.

Jutsu Performance


  1. The user performs the necessary hand seals (Boar->Ram-Dragon->)
  2. Once the hand seals are made the user will grab into the chakra network of the oppentent, blocking out the vision and making the area go black.
  3. A slightly music chim will be heard as little black creatures begin to unfold from the floor as if it is oil, moving closer to the opponent. As they get closer the oponent is giving choices and with the choises will come consiquiences.

Jutsu Product



  1. Someone who is advanced in Genjutsu
  2. Sharingan can see through it slightly but it still can be fooled.