Jutsu NameEdit

Dance of the Larch

Rank and ReasoningEdit

Rank: B

This jutsu is a Taijutsu, requires an average ammount of shakra and the 'Dead Bone Pulse' ability

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Jutsu InformationEdit

From the body, several bones pop out all at once. The stronger the opponent's physical attack, the more powerful the counter attack is, dealing severe damage. The sudden defence, combined with the needle-like bones high killing ability, makes way for a technique which potential his high for battle. The bones can be used to block or trap an opponent's strikes. In addition to being an unwelcome surprise for opponents, it makes him basically untouchable at close range. If an opponent would start to get close to him, he would start to spin rapidly slashing the foe in multiple areas of their body.

Specific Users:Edit

  • This jutsu is a Clan Jutsu
  • This jutsu is not a Nature Release
  • This jutsu is only avalible to holders of the 'Dead Bone Pulse' Kekkei Genkai.

Jutsu CostEdit

  • This jutsu would cost you about 7% of your chakra
  • Enough skill and the necessary Kekkei Genkai

Jutsu PerformanceEdit

  1. User applies chakra to their bones and sprouts bones over their body to parrie or trap attacks and counter attack.

Jutsu ProductEdit

  1. Strong deffence and offence


  1. A strong deffence adn offence that can be used to finish an opponent quickly, or to turn the tables in combat


  1. Takes a high indurence and speed level to use correctly.

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