Jutsu NameEdit

Dance of the Camellia

Rank and ReasoningEdit

Rank: C:

This jutsu requires a fair ammount of chakra

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Jutsu InformationEdit

The user performs this by modifying one of his upper arm bones to create a short, bone-hilted bone sword. They then stabs chaotically and continuously which causes the opponents eyes to lag behind. The speed resembles afterimages, the hand with the sword is again and again visibly projected. And yet the movement is irregular which makes it difficult to predict. With each thrust the sword's track is very capable of changing. The attack comes from unexpected angles, causing a person's delicate defence reaction to come off guard. Though one can have great reflexes and moving ability, it is next to impossible to keep dodging the fierce attack until it stops. Thus if one showed an opening, a finishing blow will be dealt by one stab in an instant.

Specific Users:Edit

  • This jutsu is a Clan Jutsu
  • This jutsu is not a Nature Release
  • This jutsu is open for wielders of the 'Dead Bone Pulse' ability.

Jutsu CostEdit

  • This jutsu would cost you about 13% of your chakra
  • Enough skill and the necessary Kekkei Genkai.

Jutsu PerformanceEdit

  1. The user sends chakra to their arm bone and forces the bones to attach, solidfy, sharpen, and exit through the skin of the shoulder.
  2. The user then molds their chakra into their bones in order to generate another set of bones in the arm.
  3. Finaly, the user moves their arm in a way that would allow them to make after immages. Makeing their stabs and slashes go in such a way that is difficult to read.

Jutsu ProductEdit

  1. The user creates a sword out of bone.
  2. The user moves in a way that is diffult to read, forceing the opponent to either keep a distance or be hit


  1. Hard to read the movements


  1. If the opponent is naturaly skilled at reading movements or is also moving in an unreadable manner, the move  may not connect.

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