xKireiHimex: ~Kairi was walking around by the gate as she was looking around. She was the Kage off this village now she was surprised she would follow her brother’s footsteps this early in age she was just 18 years old. But none the less everyone in the village accepted her to be the kage. And they accepted her how she was. Kairi just had normal shinobi clothes on as the weather outside was nice but a bit cold and snowing. Kairi had some papers with her she had to study She was wondering where her students where or what they are doing right now. Probably train she thought as she was hoping that. Kairi still had to get used to it as she has two bodyguard’s Kihaku the one that already was with her brother and a new one Nobu. As she was happy to have them both at her side. As she had her wolf Asuka that could smell if something is wrong or if she was needed to give messages to others she was very fast. Kairi would pet Asuka a bit as she smiled as she would walk further down as she would look to the sky as she wonders how everyone she knows was doing as she haven’t spoke to them since she became Kage. Kairi would sit down by a nearby bench by a tree as she would look over her paper’s once more as she would place them back in her pocket as she would look around it was very silent around here as she liked the silence. Kairi would take out some empty paper as she would start to make some origami. Even if she is kage she still has it as her hobby she never will give this up it reminded her off her old friend. That died and gave up her eyes so Kairi could see. But still the origami helped to calm her a lot~

ShadowValcore: -Nao carried her new basket that was now filled with fresh herbs down the path that lead to the village. She was happy to have finally replaced the one she lost in her silly misfortune the other day with the ice. Smiling softly she walked onward her feet held up by a bit of her own chakra so that they didn’t end up freezing and snow covered. She was in a kimono but not a normal one it was only half on top one arm was covered and only half of her stomach thought it was a full skirt. On the top where it was open she had wrapped her breasts in black bandages and then had taken the thin straps that went with the dress and had them around her stomach. The Kimono was a deep red color and it went well with her long orange hair that she had worn down today the wind was not bad though it was softly snowing that was normal here in the land of snow where she was in for her mission. She still walked forward with her chakra in her feet as she crossed the bridge she wasn’t making the mistake of falling on ice again. As she reached the other side of the bridge she spotted a woman who was in normal cloths but had a wolf with her Nao immediately let her chakra release and she walked normally towards the gate now leaving light footprint in the snow.-

SanadaKihaku: - I had watched the area around the gate from my high spot on the gate tower and was alerted to the arrival of the young woman Kairi: Castiel's younger sister, who had been mad eKage in his stead and whom i now served to protect.but i also spotted a familiar silhouette approaching the bridge.I sighed,it had been another long morning for i rose to my feet, i suddenly bodyflickered away from my spot. Leaving only flames in my wake. But they were soon extuingished by the gusts of wind and the wet snowdropps. only to reappear in another set of flames right behind Kair.immediatly making a light bow- Good Morning Lady Kairi, what brought you out her today ?- I raised myself back as i crossed my arms and awaited her reply,while keeping a close eye on the approaching woman. It was that herbseller i met a short while ago, Though she seemed somewhat lightly dressed. Wich was not something i had expected from one such as her, and especially not in these cold lands. But i merely continued to watch my surroundings as i awaited Lady Kairi's reply-

xKireiHimex: ~Kairi would look up a bit shocked “Kihaku.. was that really necessary..”-she would mutter some as she sighs “I thought some fresh air wouldn’t be deadly.. so I thought I come out and see whats going on around here.. just doing what a normal girl does..”-She would response to him as she saw a new face approaching one she never had seen as Asuka would make a bit sound as Asuka dashed off to the woman as she would sniffle a bit as she would grwl a bit. Kairi would stand up as she would call Asuka back as she would look up to the woman once more as she wonders why Asuka would react like that to someone she doesn’t now.. “I’m sorry for Asuka’s behaviour. Shes very protective if it’s about strangers.”-Kairi would say to the woman as she looked up to Kihaku as she would smile a bit as she would hold onto her origami flower she was trying to make~

ShadowValcore: -Nao would not be startled as the wolf approached he and sniffed her she expected as much the smell of the herbs would irritate the dog nose so she lifted them up and smiled down at it as then it growled how silly I was no threat to it however it was soon called away by a lady.- “It’s alright Miss I don’t mind.” –Nao would say in a kind voice as my purple eyes moved to her and then she spotted him the man with the spears again she would stop in her tracks and move no further forward she would look at him and her purple eyes would shift away and then around the gate area. She would then take in a deep breath and smile once more and begin to walk forward.- “Forgive my intrusion just trying to get to my Cart to sell my herbs.” –She would say as she moved closer.-

SanadaKihaku: - I chuckled at Kairi her comment~Well yes, it was neccesary M'lady. Have to make sure that your ready for anything.~I noticed the wolf run off and the woman her gaze aimed at me. i blinked lightly as i wondered if there was something wrong with my clothing or look,thatd shed gaze at me before she looked away again. I listened to the two before i simply nodded and without a word i jumped a good few back. creating distance between them as i turned around to face the Ocean. I moved closer to the edge as the fresh sea breeze brushed against my face. I suddnely shifted my feet as i leaned back trough my leggs, my right arm raised at shoulder height and the elbow in a 90 degree bend. I started gathering my chakra as i attempted to create flames around my right fist. But nothing was happening the first few tries. But i would keep trying. Eventually a small spark of fire occurred, only to vanish again a second later. I sighed lightly, but i kept trying none the less. I had to keep trying,failure was no option to me. And so i continued with molding my fire chakra and attemptiong for the flames around my hand-

HydraOnyxDrakin: - as ken  comes back 2  the village after a long absence  he  hears  that much  has   changed in the   village  he  hears  that  cast aint  kage any more  and he hears the  youngest  one  became kage as he  walks trough the  bridge  he walk 2he go's on looking for his bro as he  sees him   with 2  strangers  as he  dont  know  who  the are   he  grabs a  kunai  just in case  he runs 2 wards his bro and the 2 strangers he draw  his  kunai   bro  how are these  people  and why are  they here    he tells his bro  he's sorry    for leaving  but it was   necercery  for  his training    as he   observes  the  2  strangers   he  keeps good eye out   and  if they would make one wrong move he would attack

xKireiHimex: ~Kairi would glance over Kihaku as he would back off as Kairi would look back at the woman “Isee, I’m Kairi Caoin the current Kage off this village feel welcome”-She would say as Asuka would howl agreeing. As another strange one made its appearance as it spoke to Kihaku as she would chuckle a bit as she didn’t say much as she would waited on Kihaku’s reaction while she was looking at the kunai the stranger took as she would smile friendly she wasn’t scared off him as Asuka would growl to the stranger as Kairi would pet her to let her know it’s alright as she watched both stranger’s she never knew a name off yet. As she remained the calmness itself as she wonders what will happen if they weren’t that much off trust as she thought they would be~

ShadowValcore: -Nao didn’t mind the introduction. My name is Natsuko it is nice to meet you M’lady Kage and congratulations. I meet your Brother the last Kage he had welcomed me as well.” –Nao would smile softly her purple eyes calm and kind though beneath her cute and kind appearance she was a cold hearted killer her mind racing as she looked at the woman who looked barly old enough to be of age let alone the kage of the village.*this should be fun* she thought to herself and then spoke once more.- “How does this day find you M’lady” –she said trying to learn a little bit more about the young kage before her taking in her appearance the little wolf was a nice guard for her and the man as well he must be her personal guard witch meant he was an Anbu and it really could be him that took the life of Kano. Nao would kill him if he was and she would make sure he suffered greatly at her hand and then make everyone in this village pay for what he did but she had to be sure it was him before she acted.-

SanadaKihaku: -i lowered my hand as i heard a familiar voice. i turned to see my little brother standing with Kairi and the one who apparently is called Natsuko. But then i caught a glimpse of the kunai in my brothers hand and walked up to him and slammed my right fist down aimed for his head. It wouldnt be a too hard hit, but more to simply wake him up, so to speak.~Put that Kunai away Kenshiro, they are no threat. And if they were , i would handle it. Now relax and only the better that you went out and practice. Afterall you will never surpass me. If you dont train.~I merely chuckled, knewing he hated this sort of comment.-

HydraOnyxDrakin: as  kenshiro getts hit by his brother,he  puts  away the kunai, He turns to them  and asks  them- Then how are you all, im sorry. I.. i  havend  been around for some time  now . i was off in the mountains,practicing jutsu, taijutsu and speed.  so  i dont kow what happend when i  was away. i just  came back  and i heard my  bro was  home .so i thought i would seek  him out.- he grumbled softly at his big brothers last comment-

DolliesBelle: A faint fog came to roll along the top of the white snow; that scattered along the ground. A small hum chimed in the far distance as this dainty figure found itself wandering in the many tracks implanted into the snow. The woman’s eyes settled upon the foggy, snow covered ground as she quirked a brow to this trail she seemed to find herself chasing after. The prints were varied from size to size, big and small. It was a mystery to her, a surprise in a gift box that seemed to peek her interest. “A mystery” she lully spoke to herself. The fragile face allowed itself to become painted with a more humble emotion, a smile curving upon the canvas of her creamy skin.  Without much thought to it, she’d pick up her pace and come to draw to the near edge of the forestry; her feet kicking up a bit of snow to create a more fun atmosphere. She seemed to have snuck outside the village to take a small stroll for herself. It was not long until she saw the bridge that passed over the vast canal that surrounded itself around the village. ‘Home sweet home’ she thought to herself, coming to slow down that jaunty pace to a simple striding walk. Her vibrant hues seemed to catch a few shapes in the distance, faint in their appearance. Her right hand would extend out toward the rail of the bridge, gripping it very loosely, as she warily approached toward the opposing side of the bridge. Once she neared the hallway point of the bridge, she’d be able to see the clutter of people a bit better. Shapes began to show more details and the rest became clear. ‘A meeting perhaps?’  She thought to herself once more, coming to pick up her walking pace to ensure she made it over the bridge safely. Upon walking on the wooden bridge, her heels would click and clunk against it, creating a small rhythm to the beat of her pace. Once she escaped the odd sounds of the bridge, she would now stand on the snow and look over at the few in the distance. There was the back of two people she could very well recognize. But the others were unknown in her data base like mind. She’d examine the two strangers, from what she could even see, as she slowly made her way over to the few. She kept silent, like a timid doe emerging from the woodlands. Through, the three that did not face her, could not see her, the woman facing her possibly could; if she desired. The curious woman seemed to grow a bit unsure of her approach, gazing to the fiery haired woman in a bit of fear. Something about her did not seem quite to humble to the situation. She held off this prudish appeal to her, something of a nose in the air and yet, it seemed violent. She’d furrow her brows a bit at the thought before she tugged her lower lip into a harsh biting hold. She stopped in her tracks. She was a few feet away from the small lot of gathered kindred and simply stared down the few, eyeing the barley dressed woman with a more cautious sense.

xKireiHimex: ~Kairi would glance over to the woman that called herself Natsuko “its nice to meet you aswell”-she would smile before she spoke again “thank you, ah I see, mmm today is doing great I think, its not that cold outside I have paper work to do but I rather wanted some fresh air talking with everyone that is around as I rather would make origami right now, and yours?”-she would ask as she would wonder why the woman was looking to kihaku like that as she then looked to the other stranger that spoke “ doing great and you? As I wonder who are you?’she would look with a curious face as she then saw a glimp off her bestie as she would smile “Myrah”-she would yell as she would wave happily to see her~

((nao poofed.))

SanadaKihaku: -I listened to my brother,Kairi and the woman i now knew to be named Natsuko. I also sensed a familiar chakra approaching.I knew it was that girl named Myrah. But decided to continue my practice as i made my way back to the cliffside and once again took my stance. Closing my eyes, as i started to focus my chakra  and centering it in my stomach area before directing a large part of it trough my right arm to my right fist, Once it was there i expelled it from my body and tried to control the flames around my right fist,Once again there was a spark. Only this time the spark detonated, knocking me back a few feet and causing me to flinch.~ KCcchh.~I shook my head to regain myself and once again took my stance and tried again. This time some flames appeared before they extinguished themselves. Causing me to curse lightly. But i didnt let up and merely tried again and again. Often the flames detonating and knocking me back, or merely dispersing. Finally i made a strong flame , but before i could do anything. it detonated in quite the blast. As i shouted out and was send flying before crashing back first into the snow, with a loud cracking thud. Where i crinched.~Kcccchh dammit,What am i doing wrong?~I merely mutterred as i laid there for a few moments.-

HydraOnyxDrakin: -as he see's his bro struggle with his Technique.He turns to the enwly arrived girl.-May i ask who you are? Im Sanada Kenshiro, little brother to Kihaku.~He smiled kindly and holds his hand out to her while listenting to his big brother swearing in the background about his Technique not succeeding-

DolliesBelle: She’d gaze to the few still standing there, seeing much of the moment seem to simmer down a bit. Kihaku, off in his own little training world. Kiari, being adorable and humble and the new guy. She’d pause a moment in her thoughts, looking to the white haired boy as he brought on this pleasant greeting to her. She was quite shocked, to be honest. She’d shake her head slightly and wandered up to the boy and took his hand; shaking it firmly. “Honored.. I assure you. Haruno Myrah, it’s an honor to meet you.” her voice seemed a bit melancholy, only to perk up in its emotionless tone with a small sign of joy.  Her vibrant hues came to scan the boy, only to wander to the other two for a moment as she released her hold on his offered hand and allowed her arms to fold firmly across her waist. “So.. what happened here?”

xKireiHimex: ~Kairi would blink a bit as she got to know the stranger’s name. but a brother to Kihaku? She wonders if kihaku told her that once that he had a brother but she cant remember as she would smile. As she then would look up to Kihaku as she would run over to him “ehh.. your alright??”-she would ask him as she would help him up without thinking off it as she would blink for a few as she smiled as she then looked to her bestie “ehh nothing much Myrah as you can see”-she would say as she wonders~

SanadaKihaku: -As i was helped up by Kairi i brushed ths snow of my clothes as i chuckled-Yea i will be fine Lady Kairi. If i got done in so easily, i would be one lousy protector. I just dont get why i have so much difficulty with this Jutsu. Its the first time ive had this much problems.Oh well back to studying the jutsu some more before trying again. I would walk back to the others with Kairi, while pulling a book from my pouch and was reading it. Making sure to keep a close eye on my little brother. Just in case he pulls another stunt.-

HydraOnyxDrakin: -as his Mouth falls open and points to Kairi, his eyes widen.~You mean she is the Kage?~He throws a punch at his big brothers face.~Dude couldnt you tell me that sooner, I knew somone else became Kage. But the previous Kage his younger sister? Damn you brother, next time, tell me right away. Weve been here for a while now and i did not even that she was the Kage. You big jerk.~Het growls at his brother.-

DolliesBelle: A slender brow quirked a bit at the three that were gathered, confused on what had been happening before she wandered up to them.  She’d simply shake her head and allowed her vibrant hues to fall upon Kairi, helping Kihaku to his feet and dragging him over. “Oh Kage.. you are always no nice to others.. Helping them to their feet when they fall face flat…” She could not help but chuckle a bit, waving to the few slightly. “So much changes in the blink of an eye, I remember when we were a bit younger and had less responsibilities. How the time flies..” her voice lowered a bit into a soft tone; barley audible before looking around the surrounding area. “What brings you all out here to begin with?”

xKireiHimex: ~Kairi would blink as she listened to Kenshiro’s words as she wonders what was his problem as she then looked to Myrah as she raised a brow as she then would think off what she just did as a slight blush appears on her cheek as she would scratch the back off her head “ehh… I guess your right Myrah, but that’s my nature”-she would smile nervously- “I just was checking around I just wanted to see how everyone is doing.. since the other day we were a team… and then not even a month later I’m here where I am standing now.. like we talked about everything just yesterday..”-she would say as she thinks~

SanadaKihaku: -I chuckled as i catched Kenshiro his fist before it could connect- How  can i tell yuo when your away. Besides, she has only been promoted a few days ago; little brother.~He caught glimpse of Kairi her blush, but thought it best not to say anything on it. ANyways little brother, you best stick around. Team formations have been made and you are on my squad .~I smirked knowing this would definately annoy him.But i found it amusing.I turned to Kairi and Myrah as it butted into their conversation.~Still M'lady, you should be more carefull. As Kage your a very desirable target for enemies. SO please next time when you wish to take a walk, at Least take me or Nobu with you , it is our duty to protect you Lady Kairi.Failure would be unforgivable.

HydraOnyxDrakin: dammit one of  these days  bro il beat  you   one of these  days  just  you  wait and apointed just a  few days ago  wel thats a  turn of events.well still  better  then  the  last one we had.He grinned as he   now  turns himself around and walks to the  lady  kage to introduse  himself as he sees  she has  no  kage hat  on  and has 2  swords on her  back and some  gloves on   as he  say's~  hi im  kenshiro,kihaku's little brother.- as he   smiles  and  puts  his hand  up  as he  is looking  back to his bro-so im in your squad? O great, hello world of  pain .~as he  asks him~  when is training  starting  then? i need  more training and after  what i  learned in the mountains  maybe you'l  be suprrised of what i can  do  now big bro  -He grinned proudly.-

xKireiHimex: ~Kairi would look to Kihaku “Aye Aye.. but I have Asuka with me too.. I cant just sit down and wait till you or nobu are back from doing what your doing… unless you want me to send Asuka to bite you”-she mutters as she then looked up to Kenshiro as she would shake his hand “Kairi Caoin nice to meet you.”-Kairi would look back to Kihaku as her blush already disappeared from the moment he spoke to her as she would sigh “what do you expect me to do? Sitting inside the office and do nothing?, I know there would be enemy’s somewhere.. but I can fight too you know…”-She would glance over him as Kihaku still was mysterious since she barely knows anything about him as she just met his brother without knowing this either~

SanadaKihaku: -I merely laughed- well thats is indeed boring. And sure go ahead and send her to bite me, if you want roasted wolf meat. But while im well aware that your more then capable of defending yourselves. There is always somone stronger and numbers often overwhelm power. Even a Caoin has its limits.~Smiles kindly.~But thats why le and Nobu have your back.Lady Kairi.

HydraOnyxDrakin: -as  the formalatys  are  done   he walks  away  and  takes  his leave as he stops   o yeah bro  one more ting nest  tine  make ure ure  belt and  buttens  are stuck 2  your  pants  as he  lets  them  fall and   sees him stand in  his underwair    as he walks  away again taking  hiss leave 2  the bar  for some  food and  as he walks over  the brige  stops again and looks  2 the sun and thinks thes couple  moths going 2  be fun finely  he gets training from  his new sensai what  he knows ish  gong  2 be a world  of  pain   and  thinks once again he  my  teacher once again wel  in going 2 serpass him and  then  finely  beat him as he closses  his  eyes and walks  on  2  the vilige  for  some ramen and  sake as he walks  with  his hands in  his pokket  waving one  last   time  2 lady  kage and bro  ho ish in  is underwair -

xKireiHimex: ~Kairi would glance over to Kihaku as she would mumble some as Asuka would growl as she heard the word meat as Kairi would pet her “wont happen Asuka he wont touch you ever..”-Kairi glared at Kihaku “even so… then they are free to come..”-she would say as then Kenshiro takes his leave as she would wave to him as she then would look back to Kihaku wondering why Kenshiro was talking about belt’s and buttons as she would raise a brow first as she then would turn her head as a slight blush appear “ehh… better get some pants on.. this isn’t really ehh you know..”-she would mumble~

SanadaKihaku: hmm.Heh, not bad little brother.~I merely chuckled as i vanished in flames , only to reapear a few moments later at Kairi ehr side, only now i was in my ANBU Uniform.~Much better, then that Jounin disguise. Now remember M'Lady, i am Phantom now, not the other me. And my apologies for my younger brother his misconduct. I and Hitomi will deal with him later.SO where do we go now ?~Icrossed my arms, as i waited for her reply or movement. As i would follow her anywhere.-

xKireiHimex: ~Kairi would giggle a bit as looked to Kihaku “it’s fine.. I have no idea you tell me where you want to go”-as her blush disappeared as he had back on his clothes but this time his Anbu clothes she didn’t see him in that very much “shouldn’t you get other clothes first.. unless you wanna blow up your cover you’re an anbu”-she would mumble a bit as she sighs~

SanadaKihaku: -i shook my head at her comment. Not at all , None know me in this outfit except for you, Castiel and Nobu. But if your that worried, M'lady.~I Bodyflickered away again to my home, where i placed my spears down on their stand in my room and instead strapped on my dual Katanas, before bodyflickering back to Kairi her side.-Are you more comfortable with it , this way Lady Kairi ?~I chuckled softly under my mask at the thoughts of her earlier blushes. SHe looked quite cute. But i quikly shook my head a moment to rid myself of those thoughts and simply pondered a moment.~Hmm well it is almost Noon, Nobu should be up by now and on looking around like crazy out of worry. So we could wait for him ?

CrowsisxXx: Kushiru stood on one of the branches near the training field. He had a black blind fold across his eyes, so that he couldn't see what so ever. He dropped down to the floor as his ninja shoes brushed against the dusty floor. He walked forward, as 6 training post dolls surronded him. They were on wooden stakes so that their posture would keep upwards. He reached into his pouch and took out his kunai's and ninja stars. He felt the wind brush up against his face, and hearing the noises of the wooden dolls move around as well. He smirked then jumped into the air. "Hmph!" He grunted as he threw three sets of stars towards a doll behind him. The stars directly hit in a line downward on the torso of the doll's body. He then turned and threw three more at another doll. A direct hit. He continued to do his kunai training. After what happened, he wasn't going to spar free time to fool around. He was going to train harder than ever before.

Guest_Jako88memories: -Kagura would be standing outside the village gates reading the scroll on the Lightning Style Palm of Sparks. He would look over everything he had once looked over in the scroll and closed his eyes remembering the first time he had preformed the jutsu. Kagura would then say in his head-"Alright, remember focus, remember everything you did that day and remember what you did to preform this jutsu correctly."-Kagura would then stand and say outloud-" Time to fly"-He would set up poles setting up practice dummies on them and he would then stand back a few feet and would get himself into a more firm fighting stance. Kagura would then preform the hand seals Bird>Rat>Monkey and his hand would then be covered with lightning with sparks flying off of it as he dashed to a doll and would slap it on the top of it's head as some of the stuffing of it would fly out of it's head as the rest of it's body had a quick spark set through it. Then he shake his hand out a few times and he would walk back to where he left the scroll-

IzzyDaPada: Hitomi was croutched in the snow infront of her father's grave brushing off some the stone face with a soft smile she had brought some snow flowers and rested it on the grave. She let out a soft sigh looking over the grave. She patted her hands together to bring some kind of heat back to them then put her hands on her thighs and pushed herself up away from the small grave plot and bowed. Shifting off her foot she'd then pivited off that excat foot and set out through the small village of Yukigakure..the seemingly ALWAYS cold village. The breath that escaped her lips would be visable. She'd think to herself as her glance shift through the village. *I stayed to long at his gave..I probably should have made something to eat for the boys..* She'd make a mental note of that later. But it was late evening and it was to late to think of the past events now. She guess she could wonder the village to attempt to find her older sibling Kihaku and younger sibling Kenshiro...If...she could find them within this weather. It was getting pretty bad, and again, IT WAS COLD. *I want a vacation* The process of traveling through the village at a good run was at a good pace that it made her blood push through her body keeping her arm but not so much keeping her nose, ears, and fingers and tose warm. The smell of ramen had caught her attention..and the welcoming smell greated her and it didn't help that she was was also hungry.......ramen......vs finding her siblings.....Decisions decisions more decisions!

xKireiHimex: ~Kairi would look to Kihaku “Yeah looks much better..”-she would say as she wasn’t someone that gives compliments much shes more someone that helps people out in trouble moments.. “so umm.. what you wanna do now..”-she would look around as it was silent around once more she wonders where everyone went. If the came back or not or how her students where doing as she would sigh slightly as she would pet Asuka as Asuka would howl for a moment. As she looked back to Kihaku with her purple eyes as she wonders what was going through his head right now or what he wanted to do~

SanadaKihaku: hmm. Let's see.~I turned my gaze to the sky as i thought for a moment. I was glad i had decided on switching into my ANBU uniform and wearing my mothers mask. As torugh my mind was running the wild idea, of maybe asking her out on a Date. But  she was the Kage, id have to be crazy to do that and so i nodded and turned back towards her. Well we could always train a bit Lady Kairi ? We do have to remain in shape. In case of an attack. The mask helped hide the light blush that covered my cheeks and made my demeanour appear even more serious.- But that is all up to your decision, Lady Kairi.~Id kneel down as i awaited her orders.-

HydraOnyxDrakin: -as  kenshiro  walks  out of the  Ramen shop he slowly makes his way back to the gate again. hoping his brother was still at the bridge. with his hands in his pockets  he walks trough the gate   as he   see's  lady  kage and bro  again as he also notices his sissie   he starts   running at her, while he screams.~SISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSIE!. -As he pounces her into the snow, grinnign the whole time.~  Boo !~he  greets lady   kage  and  bro. And he sees a new face,as he greets him to. He makes a serious looking but also a bit suspicous face as  he asks  the stranger.~ Who are you? I am kenshiro sanada little bro of Kihaku and Hitomo as  he  raises  his hand  to  the  stranger.As he smiles he goes stand with his sis and brother before turnignt o look at his bgi sister.~ How is it going  sissie?   i hope every thing is fine with  you. -

Guest_Jako88memories: -Kagura would grab the scroll and then roll it up.He would look to the dummy with the deflated head due to the filling comming out and he would smirk-" Sensei Kairi, I have one more day and I have it done."-He would walk into the village and sit by a tree around the village gate and would rest by it saying to himself slightly-"I'm going to make you proud Sensei, I am going to pass this exam."-Then Kagura would get a quick flash back of the day after his Uncle's death~"Everything I do now is for a reason"~ He would hear his younger self say as he closed his eyes and smirked. Then he would open the scroll up once more to read it making sure that everything he was doing to preform the jutsu was correct. He set it on the ground and wrote notes onto the scroll making sure he would get the full understanding of the jutsu. Then Kagura would read over his notes to make sure he wrote down the right things-

IzzyDaPada: Hitomi would blink as she would hear a loud scream "SIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" with that, Hitomi shifted her weight and turned in the direction to catch the person shouting, realizing it was her younger sibling. A small smile would appear on her face as she caught him. "Hello Kenshiro.." His attention then shifted off to those around them..Then she caught the sight of her brother and Lady Kage. Setting Kenshiro down, she watched her older brother Kihaku kneel infront of the Lady Kage. Looking back to her younger sibling she would reach out her gloved hand and ruffle up his hair and smile. "I'm alright Kenshiro..did you remember to eat before me and brother left.." She looked down at her younger sibling as she then put her hands on her hips. She had been the one to take care of him since their parents passing..some how she had became that motherly figure, in her eyes anyways. Could be differen't in his. Something came to her mind quickly then. "Maybe sometime later, you me and older brother can get something to eat later..but it seems." She knew the ANBU attire, but she knew someday that she would want to become ANBU so she could live out her father's dream..and legacy..

xKireiHimex: ~Kairi would look to Kihaku as he kneeled down in front off her as she would raise a brow as she would blush slightly as Hitomi and kenshiro where here also “ehh maybe another time..”-she would say as she would smile softly “I have some paper works to do..”-she would say as she made Kihaku stand up as she would wave to the other two as she would bodyflickder to her office~

SanadaKihaku: -I rose up as she seemed to feel a bit uncomfortable with ym action, judging by her blush. As i turned to my brother and sister.- Sis take of our little brother. I might get home late,better to give her a hand or shel never get home before tomorrow.~I chuckled lightly as i waved em both goodbye and dissapeared leaving only flame sin my wake and soemhow appearing in the Kage's office even before kairi did. where i would assist her the rest of the time with the paperwork.-

HydraOnyxDrakin: -sd ken tels his sister that he alreddy eate and seeing his bro go up in flames and sees lady kage leave 2 her offece truns 2 his sister sis do about a good old fasion sanada taijusu confrontaisn i wanna see how my training payd off in the mountens as he stants here chelleing hiss sister 2 a spar ~AS HE CHUKKELS and glars @ his sis ter -

IzzyDaPada: I offered him a mischivious smile as I took a stance, "Alright..but.." She was trully getting ready to pevit off her foot. "Only if you could..catch me!" Hitmoi let out a laugh as she pushed off her foot and set off for home as she made it a game. Even if it was for the fun and Sanada healthy spars. But she had to keep on her jounin toes, and genin training. She sprinted off towards the house with a laugh. Plan was to tire him out. The laugh echoed through the village as Hitomi dashed through the village.