Caoin Kairi

Sanada Kihaku

Haruno Myrah

Aburame Ichiro

Rikuzu Inuzuka

Hatake Takome


DolliesBelle: The day was young, the sun barley rising up in the distance. The sky came to fill itself with an array of pastel like colours; vibrant and gorgeous to the sight. The morning was just beginning. In the streets of Yukigakure, many shops were beginning to just get on their daily routine start. The fresh aroma's of the first fry of foods, or the sweet scent of markets just stocking up produce. It was indeed a typical morning in the cold village.  In the streets, few came to straggle along the roads to start their days early; the busy bees. Amongst these few was a younger person, allowing their curiosity to come to take the best of them. The dainty figure allowed her bright eyes to wander along the opening shops, and the few that chose to wander in the wee hours of dawn. A faint smile came to curl upon the shy face of the girl, allowing her cheek to flush a very pale pink; nothing of great pigment. Though, out of all these great smells, one came to stand out. The fresh smell of home made Ramen. The aroma came to flare the girls nostrils as it began to lure her taste buds toward the shop itself. She was drawn in, captivated by the every growing smell that teased her mind. 'Mmm~ something smells so delectable' she thought to herself as she entered into the Ramen shop.The outside did little justice for how the inside appeared, allowing her eyes to marvel upon the wonders of the beautifully made shop. The wooden colours, rich in their dark tones, and the lighting; perfect. The shop was just glorious, a true sight to behold. She felt more welcomed by this point, allowing her smile to widen more into a humble one. She made her way over to the counter and sat herself down upon the few chairs that set themselves out in front of it. with her tush planted into the green cushion, she'd lean forth and rest her her hands in her lap, awaiting for the server to arrive and offer a menu or take her order. 'P--Perhaps it's not open yet?' she pondered to herself, coming to glance around; truly hoping she was not alone in the shop.

SanadaKihaku: ~Hmm, i wonder what today will bring me.~I muttered to myself as I wandered the streets. Everything was still opening up, as I made my way to the Ramen shop. As I walked, people constantly peered over at me as they mumbled.~Pssh , more babbling about my right eye, or would it be because of the cruelty towards my students. Ah well it is their own proble.~I merly shrugged and chuckled softly. I was well known in the village for the  blindfold I wore over my right eye, but also my cruel demeanor towards all thos that sought training with me. Plenty of Chuunin and Genin had already been hospitalized a few times after training sessions with me. I walked into the Ramen shop where I noticed a young girl sitting at the bar. Judging by her height, I assumed she was probably a chuunin,relaxing herself on a day off or something.I wandered over to the bar and passed by the young girl. Glancing her over real quik. Due to my training and having been made the Head of the ANBU Black Ops , I had learned to be wary of everyone.When I reached the bar . I requested for a bottle of extra strong Sake and a bowl of Misu Ramen and requested they brought the bowl upstairs. My usual spot. I took the bottle and instead of using the stairs. I simply jumped up onto the edge of the upper floor its balcony and walked to the bench, I leaned back against the wall next to the bench and opened the bottle. Taking a few sips, as I threw my gaze over the slowly filling shop.-

Ichiro2Aburame: -He would just be walking outside of his house closing the red door of the house before looking into the sky, taking in that fresh morning scent and watching as the sun as it started to rise for a bit. He then looked down towards the ground, smiling at the small insects passing by before walking out into the streets of village of Yukigakure. He would be walking for about 30 minutes before he stomach started to make a sort of growling noise, he knew then that he would have to stop somewhere to find himself something to eat upon something within his taste. So he would then make begin to wonder around the village looking for something that smelled around what he wanted to eat. He would then stop in his tracks and fix his grayish black goggles that the boy was wearing and turn towards the shop he smelled the scent coming. He looked at the place from the outside and started arch his right eyebrow a bit, thinking to himself “This place.” It looked pretty run down from the outside but he had to check it out for himself. So the boy then wondered within the place in total shock at how the inside looked and around and pulled the black coal mask he was wearing off of his face, before making his way to sit near the girl that sat there. Although he sat about a chair or two away from her, looking around the room and sitting there quietly to himself.-

xKireiHimex: ~It was a sunny day in the village of Yukigakure it didnt snow for once as the sun woke up Kairi early this day as she went out for training to get stronger and stronger each day. Kairi would train her earth jutsu some as she would make the handseal Snake and then the Seal of Confrontation. As her arm started to change in rock as she would smash against a tree with her hand as she would do this for a few times. As she then would quit as she then would go train her taijutsu moves even though it’s not something they have to learn in her clan but she felt like she needed it if she couldn’t use her genjutsu or ninjutsu. as her stomach started to growl a bit she has been training her ninjutsu and her taijutsu for hours now. She could use some rest and get something to eat perhaps.. Kairi would turn around as she walked into the streets off Yukigakure as she looked around as everything still was open it wouldn’t be that late then she thought as she walked over to the ramen shop the smell off the ramen distracted her to the shop as she was so hungry. Kairi would walk in as she looked around her bestie was sitting there at the bar aswell as a strange boy she haven’t met yet. she walked to her as she would sitting down next to her “How you doing today?”-she would ask as she was hoping she wouldn’t scare her by showing up without any sound. Kairi would smile a bit as she was waiting for her bestie to answer her as she looked around if there were more people around as she saw the spears reaching out at the balcony as she wonders the spears were familiar to her she supposed Kihaku would be here as well. As she would look back to her bestie as she then looked to the strange boy. Kairi wasn’t someone that socialised very well with strange people as she would smile a bit~

DolliesBelle: The silence came to stop as a few others came to pile into the shop, allowing buisness to pick up a bit. The young woman leaned forth in her seat a bit more and raised a hand to try and grab the waiters attention, only to see it get snatched pretty quickly by and older man. She'd retract her hand, coming to fall silent as she stared at the older fellow with a bit of concern upon her face. He seemed to have control on the moment; a demanding personality to him. It was not long before she gained this odd feeling from him staring at her, her eyes following him warrly as he made his way to the second floor of the building. "Strange.." she lully spoke to herself as she spoke up a bit louder to get the waiters attention "E--Excuse me Sir.. S--sir..". Her voice was hushed and faint to the sound; like a quiet whistle in the wind. 'Damnit..' she thought to herself as she turned in her seat and let her gaze wander away for a moment. She noticed the younger boy sitting himself at the chair by her, coming to smile to him in a warm welcoming way. Though, she spoke no words, her smile would be the proper hello.  She'd sit up in her seat a bit more, coming to to turn her head as she heard a farmiliatr voice. With the sight, she'd grin happily and giggled. "Kairi! Q--quite the early bird, hm?" Her voice seemed to beam with a charming chime to it, allowing her face to turn a brighter shade of red. Kiari was her bestie, a friend she held dear to her. "I am quite well this morning, how about yourself?" She questioned the girl, coming to lean toward her and offered her a more friendly atmosphere.

SanadaKihaku: -my bottle wa snow half empty when one of the waiters finally arrived with my order and an another bottle of extra strong Sake,causing me to merely smirk.~ You know me too well Toshiie.So how is the misses?~ I chuckled as the waiter that came to serve was my old teammate Toshiie of the Maeda clan, he was a Jounin too. But during his day off’s he worked at the local Ramen Shop for extra income, as he was saving up to buy his girlfriend an engagement ring and propose to her.After he handed me the bowl, he spend a moment with me telling me about his girlfriend, his students and his missions. As I enjoyed my meal I merely listened and nodded, the occasionaly chuckle when he spoke of his students and then he asked me about my students as I had just finished my bowl. I set the bowl aside and took another sip of my bottle before I would speak.~ Well I did not have a team up until recently. I have been assigned a fresh batch of Genin. Under wich my step-brother Kenshiro. So things will probably get quite interesting for me.~My voice would suddenly turn to a whisper as I leaned closer to Toshiie.~But of course I will still be working as ANBU along with Kamisori, though wel operate in the dark my friend. Castiel requested us to behave and act as Jounin  in front of the villagers. Our work as ANBU’s,as well as our identities,must remain secret.So be careful out there my friend.~ I nodded him goodbye, I had taken up enough of his time and did not intent to have my former teammate and good friend of me and Castiel. Lose his job because of me.Ãnd so I finished the rest of my bottle and handed it to him as he departed. Right after opening the second bottle and taking a few more sipps.-

Ichiro2Aburame: -He would see the woman smirk over at him warmly; he knew she was trying to be friendly. So he let off a feint smirk at her as her friend came over to her greeting her. He closed his eyes for a moment looking back over to towards the menu trying to see what he was going to order, he looked up and down at the menu seeing how many delightful things there was to try. He didn’t know what he wanted he just knew that he wanted to try out everything, he then noticed her friend look over at him and begin to look at him curiously, he turned to her and nodded slightly at her before turning his attention back towards the menu an raising his pale hand into the air, attempting to gain the waiters attention. But since there were so many people quickly filling up the place, he didn’t succeed in gaining someone’s attention. So he sat there for a minute ear hustling on the two conversating next to him with his arms crossed looking at the menu.-

xKireiHimex: ~Kairi would smile as she would nod “I’m mostly early up to do some training and stuff”-She would say as she then would think “I’m quiet alright this day I’m just a bit hungry after some training”-She would grin some as she would yell over for a waitress as one came to her as she would look up to the waitress “ah it’s good to see you today Miss Kairi would you like to order some of ur favourite vegetable ramen with some sake Miss?”-the waitress would ask her as Kairi is a familiar face for her as she is the sister to the kage afterall mostly know her. “Yes please”-Kairi would say as she looked to the boy next to him “and I would like that you would order some off the ramen he want’s to on my name aswell as her order come’s on her name”-she would point to her bestie and the boy next to her before she would speak again “If that is quiet alright?”-Kairi would look to the waitress as the waitress would nod at her and turned her face to the boy that was looking at the menu “what do you like to order?”-the waitress would ask the boy as she waited for his answer before she went back to the kitchen. Kairi would smile  a bit as she wonder’s if the boy was to shy to speak to one off them~

DolliesBelle: She smiled at her bestie, allowing her to listen to what she had to say. "Always training hard, Kairi. You'll be quite the Jounin someday.. maybe following in your brothers steps and become Kage..." She'd chuckle a bit, looking to the waitress curiously. She zoned out a bit as she looked over to the second floor balconey, allowing her head to tilt to the side a bit as she caught a small glimpse fo the man who was down here before. She had never seen him around here before; let alone the village. She'd furrow her brows slightly and began to play with her frothy coloured hair, allowing her mind to wander into a bit of deep thought, as if she was trying to put a name to a face. 'Maybe Kairi would know..' she thought to herself as she looked back to her bestie and the younger boy beside her. She smiled at her offer to buy him Ramen, it was cute; typical Kairi. 'She's such a kind and gentle soul.. maybe that's why many know her to be one of the best chuunin around' . She continued to think to herself, just minding her own business for a moment.

SanadaKihaku: -as I took my time,drinking my second bottle, I walked over to the balcony edge and looked around the shop.By now the entire place was full with people and a line was gathering outside. It caused me to chuckle. It seemed people truly feared me,to such a point that they rather wait outside for people to finish,rather  then having to sit on the second floor. In close proximity to me. In the past it would’ve pained me to be so feared and probably hated.But now I just didn’t care anymore.I had Toshiie and Castiel my only true friends. And of course my younger sister and our young step brother Kenshiro.I shot a glance back towards the girl I spotted earlier only to find Castiel his younger sister and another boy sitting with her. I watched them for a while as I took another couple of sipps from the bottle.Pondering what I would do when my team would meet for the first time.-

Ichiro2Aburame: -Shocked a bit by the woman’s friend offering to buy him ramen, he looked at her for a second going in his pocket and pulling out the amount of money for the ramen she had just offered to him. He would then extend his arm out towards her offering the money to her hoping she would accept it as a token of his appreciation. He then said to her as he offered her the money “I appreciate your kind gesture and wanted to thank you but I don’t really know any other way except by offering you this.” He said within a low calm voice nodding lightly at her, hoping that she would take it. Trying to be social and polite, for the boy was not really a person to socialize well with others and therefore It leads people to think he is either shy or just creepy.-

xKireiHimex: ~Kairi would look up to the boy as she would smile friendly “I don’t need your money really, I wanna pay this for you. All I want for it back is some friendship off you if that’s okay”-She would smile some as she looked to him still “Please order some ramen”-as she would kindly point to the waitress that was waiting for him as she then looked to her bestie “me.. Kage”-Kairi would laugh a bit as a slight blush would appear “well.. I don’t see myself as one. I’m to kind to people as I would be a terrible Kage in time’s that I’m needed without being my nice self”-kairi would explain to her bestie as she looked back to the boy some as she was wondering if it was ok for him to ask for friendship instead of money. As she then looked up to the balcony “KIHAKU”-she would scream for him “Be a bit social and join us.. I pay”-she would mumble as she then looked back to the boy and her bestie “Oh.. I’m Kairi Caoin By the way. ”-she would say to the boy as she was wondering for his name~

DolliesBelle: And there came the name. Her bestie came to shout out to the man upstairs. She'd wince at the shout, coming to look around in an attempt to find out who she shouted it to. She was a bit unsure if Kairi was going a bit coo-coof or a moment or it was herself going loco. She batted her lashes in thought, coming to tug her hood down and allowed her hair to unravel and flow free;relaxing herself. She was tense, there was no hiding that. "G--Goodness Kairi.. that was quite the shout.. u--uh... I think it would be handy if you ever made any position higher than Chuunin... It certainly nabs attention!" She giggled nervous, coming to fiddle with her hair shyly.

SanadaKihaku: -I Sighed at the shout. ~Oh great, just my luck. Oh well, best not to tick her off. Not interested in one of her Genjutsu tricks to get back at me.~ - I simply walked over the edge, my hands in my pockets and the bottle still between my lipps as I dropped to the ground, landing cleanly on my feet. The people behind me being startled and watching me with fear in their eyes. I walked over to the threesome at the bar, taking a few sipps in the meantime,emptying the last dropps.As I stood next to the girl I noticed on entry and set the bottle down on the bar.Toshiie immediately reacting by taking it and handing me another bottle. I leaned sideways a bit,peeking past the girl. So what is the emergency,Kairi? That you would call me down?~I took the bottle and opened taking a big gulp as I eyed all 3 closely with my one eye. Curiousity taking the ebst of me,as I wondered if these other 2 were frightened by the fact I appeared as a person with only one eye. But it was partially true. I once had only one eye. But not anymore. Within the empty  eyesocket that once contained the same grey eye as my left, now held  one of the 2 sharingan eyes of Tatsumi Uchiha,the Kage’s deceased wife.-

Ichiro2Aburame: -He would nod at her before pulling his arm back and saying to her “I’m pretty new to the village, so making friends with you would be a nice thing.” He said to her as a smirked crept across his face and he looked at the lady standing behind him and ordering his food. He would order the Ramen as the lady instructed him to do closing the menu up and sitting it on the table, as the lady walked away into the back room to put in the order. He would then look over at the woman as she screamed the name of someone and chuckled a bit thinking to himself “She must be well known around these parts.” He thought to himself, as he watched the man jump down from the second story and walk over to them. He would then observe him for a bit while he made conversation with the lady that offered him food, thinking to himself “He must be well known as well.” Grinning at the two closing his eyes for a second not thinking much of the man’s eye and not really noticing it at all.-

xKireiHimex: ~Kairi would smile some to her bestie she thought some as she would agree eventually on her bestie even though she loved to be a chunnin for now to have such great friends around. As she would glance over to Kihaku “there’s no emergency..but acrobatic as always huh..”-she would mumble as she glared at him “If you didn’t want to join us you better should have stayed upstairs then.”-she would say as she narrowed her eyes as she then would look back to the boy “Ah, welcome in our village then”-she would smile softly- “can I know your name atleast??”-She would ask him softly as she would scratch the back off her head a bit as she was a little bit nervous but she always was that if she met new people and new friends she didn’t know yet. As she would wait patiently if the order for them was ready~

DolliesBelle: She'd sit herself up a bit, coming to glance over to Kairi with a bit of a worried look on her face. She seemed to be a better social butterfly than her. She always admire her braveness to be bold and open. Something she had yet to master herself. She'd look over to the new arrival, eyeing the man with a bit of a warry look in her vibrant eyes. Her hands continued to play with the pink stands of her long locks, keeping her thoughts to herself before snapping into the moment. She had fallen into her own state of daze, a part of he rmind that allowed her to think deeply over nothing; spacing out. "K--Kairi... H--How do you know this stranger here?" she gestured to Kihaku, her voice faint to the sound.

SanadaKihaku: -I Chukled softly at Kairi her comment,the sound muffled by the part of my shirt that covered my mouth like a mask.But when the girl spoke,my eye went blank. The memories of that dark day. The day Tatsumi was killed and I and Castiel found her corpse in their own home and Kairi sitting next to her. The first time we had met. Small trinkles of sweat would trail down over my face. My mind could only think of that moment . And I found myself incapable of speech,instead I took a big sip from the bottle to try and wash that dark thought from my mind. I watched them, wondering what kairi would tell them. Hopefully nothing about my role as Head of the ANBU, as that was to remain secret. Only the part of me being the Kage his right hand was a public knowledge to most .-

Ichiro2Aburame: -He looked at her before saying to her “Ichiro... Ichiro Aburame, But you can call me Ichi. I would prefer that if you don’t mind.” He said while looking around the room and his stomach then started to make a growling noise while waiting on the food to come back, as he looked over to the man and waved his hand a bit. Thinking to himself “I wonder did he die or something.” He thought because the man had spaced out taking a sip of his Sake. He then looked around at everyone that was within the shop curious and suspiciously as the lady made her way out of the back with the food and he got excited a bit but not showing the slightest emotion. For he was not one to show emotion but was always excited about new things, he also couldn’t wait to taste the ramen; he could even smell the delightful smell all the way from where he was sitting.-

xKireiHimex: ~Kairi would look to her bestie “ah ive met him on the day my sis in law died.. and then I met him sometimes at my brother’s office.. he’s a Jounin here”-she smiled as she knew he actually was an ANBU but she couldn’t tell them that as the boy spoke to her and told her his name “ah it’s nice to meet you Ichi”-she would say as the waitress arrived with their food as she placed the ramen in front off Kairi and the other infront off the boy as she then placed the sake next to Kairi’s ramen as she would say something “Enjoy your Ramen”She said as she walked off again. Kairi would look at her ramen as she would take her sake first and took a sip from it as she wonders what to say now~

CrowsisxXx: Kushiru walked into the ramen store with sweat dripping from his face. He made a "I'm so tired from today's hard work" face, as he slowly wiped his forehead. He let the breeze set in through his body before he actually went to go sit down. He looked around the store to see familiar faces he had seen around the village, but never knew the people personally. He had been training in the forest not far from the village, practicing his kunai throwing and tree jumping. But after many tries and attempts to succesfully do it, he had failed in his trials and challenged himself a bit too far today. He went to sit on the bar stool and put his head in his arms, closing his eyes. Within the forest, he had left several kunai stuck to tree branches and trunks. Along with the breaking of other branches from his attempts to jump from one tree to another succesfully, the small area was quite a mess. He had been training for about three days now, and already at Genin level he was suspected to already know the basics. "I'm going to go on missions..and I can't even throw a simple kunai correctly.." He hit his head against the table a couple of times, before sighing again. "I can't believe this.." He was completely fustrated, not wanting to eat or drink. But the smell of ramen filled his nose with pure pleasure, as he picked his head up again. "I mean..I guess I could go for a bowl.." He mumbled, looking around at the others.

DolliesBelle: She listened to what Kairi had to offer, allowing her eyes to once more glance toward the Jounin. It had been a while since she was in the presence of a wiser and stronger person. The fact her bestie knew the man put her to some sense of ease. She'd lean forth in her seat and offered Kihaku a warm and welcoming smile. "Pleased to meet your aqquaintence,  Sir". Her voice chimed with a pleasent sound, a warm tone to the moment. She'd quirk a slender brow at the sound of some sort of thumping, allowing her head to turn to peer over her shoulder. She'd spot  no one behind her, but over to the far right of the counter. She'd furrow her brows in worry that this boy was pretty much harming himself; her more motherly side coming into play. "U--uh.. " she paused, allowing herself to tug at her hair in nerve.  She drew her attention to Ichi, so much happening at once. "M--My goodness.. s--so many new faces" she faintly muttered, allowing her heart to slowly race in her timid state.

SanadaKihaku: -I blinked for a bit as the young girl aressed me and shook my head.~ Right, likewise, likewise , uuum… hmm I don’t think I catched your name yet.-I glanced around as everyone seemed to quikly finish their meals and get out.It caused me to sigh lightly.~ Am I truly that scary a man?~I merely muttered those words as it ook another sip of my bottle and asked Toshiie for another bowl of Miso Ramen.~ So I take you kids have nothing to do today huh,that your hanging around here.- I merely laughed a bit to ease tensions.-

Ichiro2Aburame: -She placed his bowl onto the table sitting it in front of him, before walking over to the lady. He saw his food and started to gobble it all in one go (Like some sort of hungry cave man xD.) Finishing it in the matter of seconds and slamming his bowl onto the table, satisfied by the service and the food. He would then look over at the woman smiling pulling up his black coal mask above his face. As he made his way towards the door and waved his hand to them walking out of the shop.-

xKireiHimex: ~Kairi would wave to Ichi she was glad she could help him. As she looked up a new boy arrived as he was slamming his head on the table she would blink some as she would think a bit before she would say something “ehh.. You want some ramen..”-She would offer him not knowing truly what to say. As she would face Kihaku for a moment “Yeah I got hungry after some hourst raining.. as I will hang out here for a bit longer..”-she would say as she would eat a bit off her ramen as she turned her attention back to the new kid wondering if he would accept her offer or if he would deny it caus she was just a stranger to him like he was to her~

CrowsisxXx: Kushiru looked up with a bright smile. "Yes please..Mmm.." He bit his lower lip a little, as his stomach reacted due to his lack of food and water. He didn't know if the place took money for food, so he backed away a little. "I uh..I don't have any money.." He said, feeling inside of his pockets. He glanced behind her for a moment and saw two bowls sitting on the counter. His eyes sparked a little as he remembered how his father ate ramen with him after every training day. But after sending him off to train to become a full fledged ninja, he hadn't seen his father nor mother in forever. His eyes began to water, as small streams of water dripped down his dusted and dirty face. He put his head down, letting his hair cover his face. "As a matter of fact..I'm not hungry anymore.." He didn't look at the woman. A sudden depression hit over him quickly now, missing his family and home. He put his hands on his stomach and squeezed the clothing, feeling hungry but in rejection of eating because of the memory.

DolliesBelle: As the younger boy left, she'd come to realize her own time was drawing to a close. She'd slip out of her seat and offered Kihaku a sweet smile. "The names Myrah Haruno.. " She nodded to him and quickly hugged Kairi and fled the Ramenshop, giggling a bit. "Take care~ And be nice, Bestie!"

SanadaKihaku: -I nodded as both the Young man and the girl I now knew  was Myrah departed. When the other boy declined Kairi her offer,but clutched his stomach , I merely sighed and walked over to him.I gave him a light slap against the back of his head.~Whatever is troubling you boy, you need to eat, we all can hear your growling stomach. And don’t sweat money, me and Kairi will cover that. The advantage of being the Kage’s right hand and in Kairi’s case his sister. So~I glanced to my friend Toshiie and merely nodded at him as he walked away to return  a bit later with a bowl of Miso Ramen and placing it in front of the boy.~Eat and enjoy it, you can worry later ,you got that ?~It was easy to read that I was being dead serious and better not to refuse me.-

xKireiHimex: ~Kairi was hugged by her Bestie as she went off as Kairi would look back to the boy “If I offer you something you never have to pay for anything honestly.”-She would say as Kihaku would interrupt her as she would nods as she raise a brow when Kihaku would slap the boy lightly against his head “I’m Kairi Caoin and who are you if I may ask?”-she would look to the boy she was a bit concerned if he did eat enough or if he would have something to drink everyday at all as she would look to him with a curious face~

CrowsisxXx: Kushiru felt a small slap hit against his head. He didn't look at the man, but he heard everything he said. When he lifted his head, his teeth were biting his lower lip rather a bit harder this time. Tears were over flowing his face and he began to sputter a bit, trying very hard not to embaress himself in front of strangers. "" He managed to agree, looking at the miso ramen. He saw the steam and noodles float around in the bowl. He was tired from today. Missing his mother and father, as well as not completing his training today. He picked up chopsticks and began to eat it, making wimpers and sobs as the noodles raced through his lips.

RikuzuInuzuka: -The twenty-one year old Inuzuka jounin would step into the ramen shop quietly, her head buried in her paperwork as she was studying the info on who was going to be on her team as she looked up slightly to find an empty seat as she would sit down setting the papers down in front of her as she would speak up a bit “Hey I need a beef ramen and a large plate of beef for Yomi over here and a sweet tea!” she called out so the waiter could hear her voice as she went back to looking over her papers hearing the voices of conversation fill the room as a small sigh escaped from her lips while she looked over names and stats of her new genin team that she was going to be meeting up with soon . “hmm such an interesting team huh Yomi?” She said as the large dog next to her would bark out loudly causing the girl to giggle a bit. “Yea I guess you’re right I can’t wait to see how these kids turn out.” She said with a small smile.-

TakomeAkimichi: -Takome arrives at the ramen shop doors with her shinobi pouch on the lower part of her back a few inches above her butt, while carring two bags and as she open them and walk in, Takome finds herself looking at a bunch of other Yukigakure shinobi who are already here at the ramen shop. Takome takes a deep breath, then exhales it as she walks up to the ramen counter. Takome takes a quick look around and sees there are no empty seats currently at the moment. Takome goes to the side of the counter while reaching backwards into her shinobi pouch with her one free hand and takes out her sketch books and her sketching tools. She sets her two bags of tacos that were filled with her homemade variety flavored tacos and places them on the floor. After Takome places all of the things on the floor, she sits down on the floor, while leaning back onto the counter. She takes out one of her mild tacos and begins eating her while sketching in her sketch book.-

SanadaKihaku: -I looked at the boy and nodded approvingly as he started eating and decided to sit on the chair next to kairi. But found we were now join by Rikuzu or Gekko ,the Nickname some kids gave her one day. I was enjoying my second bowl of ramen as well a smy bottle of extra strong Sake and looked at Kairi.~So kairi, what have you been up to lately anyways ?~ I then tilted my head to peek past her and threw a piece of the meat in my bowl at Rikuzu~Hey gecko,catch!~I merely chuckled as I eyed another young girl entering the shop.She seemed familiar and then it hit me, the pictures in the map I was given. She is to be one of my students, but it’s something I wouldn’t reveal to the young girl just yet.-

xKireiHimex: ~Kairi would look up to those that have joined her as she would wave slightly as she looked to Kihaku “mmm.. doing that a chunin supposes to do I guess. Training.. Helping other’s and all that.. but ive been mostly doing both”-She would say as she then looked to the young boy enxt to them as she would smile “You enjoy the Ramen?”-she asked him as she didn’t know his name yet so she didn’t know how to call him either. As she would look to the other girl that joined them as she would smile seeing her sketching as she then would look back to the young boy~

CrowsisxXx: Kushiru nodded as he finished his bowl of miso ramen. He looked up, feeling rather guilty as if he had just ate something he shouldn't have. "Kushiru.." He whispered, looking up. He then placed the bowl to the side and looked down again. Without another word, he grabbed his kunai pouch and strapped it around his waist. He was getting ready to leave to go out into the training fields to practice some more. It would be time that he would finally get to meet his sensi, but before he did he thought it would be best to warm himself up..and relieve some stress over his back. His ninja shoes bumped after each step on the wooden floor as he halfway fled the ramen noodle shop. "This time.." He thought for a moment. "This time..I'll get it right."

RikuzuInuzuka: -Riku looked up as she noticed Kihaku call out to her by her nickname as she turned her head quickly spotting the meat that was thrown towards her as she would catch the meat in her mouth chewing it a bit before swallowing as she would speak up. “Ey Ki nice toss! Thanks for that by the way!” She called out giggling as she noticed the kid who was running out of the ramen shop. She looked at her team file as she noticed the boy on her data file as she looked over to Yomi speaking up clearly so that Yomi could hear her. “Hm so that’s one on them ey Yomi?” She asked waiting as her partner would bark out loudly causing another giggle from her as she would sit there quietly as they waited for their meal to arrive.-

TakomeAkimichi: -Takome would reach into the same bag as before and take out yet another mild taco, for she had just finish the one she had been eating. Within a few moments Takome sets her sketch book down as she had finish sketching a sketch of her and her twin brother. Before taco starts eating her second taco, she gets up off the floor while holding her taco in her hand.- Excuse me waiter can I please get a bottle of water, a cup of cinnamon tea and a bowl of beef ramen please. -Takome asks the waiter this in a cutely and friendly voice. As she waits for the waiter to finish assisting the others and bring her the things she orders, she finds what looks like a tall jounin shinobi male glancing at her. Takome smiles towards the tall jounin rank looking man, then she would sit back down on the floor starting to eat her taco she still had been holding in her hand.-

SanadaKihaku: -I merely nodded at both riku and Kairi. – hmm. So how is the training coming along Kairi? Learned anything new yet? And hey Gekko whatcha doing? You seem so lost in thought.~I Chuckled lightly as I looked to the young Genin and then back to the girls.~Any of you ,know the shrimp with the tacos ?~I pointed at the young genin as I asked both riku and Kairi about her. It was my nature to always address the young genin with the stranges of names, either one si made by merely their size. Other s by their behavior. I just couldn’t resist.But it was something I had inherited from my parents.-

xKireiHimex: ~Kairi would look up to the girl Kihaku was pointing at as she would look closely inspecting her “Not that I know.”-She would say as she would start to eat the rest off her ramen and then would take  a sip off her sake before she would answer his other question “I haven’t got anything new yet, all ive been training are those I already knew. I just train them so I don’t forget them.”-She would shrug as she would smile softly but friendly as she would look up to Riku “Hey Riku”-she would wave at her~

TakomeAkimichi: -Takome would finish her second taco and gather up her things. She would put her sketch books and sketching tools back into her shinobi pouch and pick up her two bags of taco. Takome would smile as she begins to walk towards the door. But as she reaches the door she realizes she forgot to pay the waiter for the food even though she hadn't of gotten what she order yet. She rushes back to the counter and sets the exacty amount of money on the counter and then leaves.-

xKireiHimex: ~Kairi would look at the girl leaving as she would stand up aswell after she finished her ramen and her sake as she would hug Kihaku “well I have to go home.. I’m gonna make the dinner for the family afterall..”as she would smile softly as she would pack her stuff as she would leave through the door after paying for everyone she promised to pay for~