Nao Uzumaki: Playing herself, Woman, and Man



ShadowValcore: -Nao would walk along the streets of Yukigakure it was cold as normal but she had grown to adapt quickly to any tempature it was part of her training with Kano, her mentor and former leader of the Akatsuki. Nao would close her eyes and sigh softly as she thought back to the last moments she had with him, the last attack the Akatsuki had brought to Yukigakure had caused his death and that Anbu the spears they carried and their mask still burned in her head the image of the person walking away from his body leaving him there bleeding out to die. She would never forget that person she would find them and kill them if it was the last thing she did after all that was why she was here, but she wasnt going to out right attack them no she was here undercover her comfortable and fermiler Akatsuki robes were traded for a soft and feminen red kimono and her long orange hair still lose but done more delecate looking. This was not the Nao that the other three Akatsuki knew but a far more lady like and proper one that she had been when she was a little girl growing up in Amegakure. Nao would open her eyes as visions of the whore of a mother she had came into her mind and she would shake her head. She was not going to do that, no she was going to sell herbs some that you could smoke others that could help make posins or even spice up food she had all kinds of herbs in her bag that was laid over her right sholder. She had perchused a cart here in the village and would set up shop on the side of the main road of the village. It was normal for wemon to petal herbs and flowers so no one would suspect anything and her Team mate Ash would be around once he got his role figured out. Nao didnt mind being inside the village alone wile the others sat outside the main gate, she had spent seven years alone after the death of Kano. Nao would keep walking till she reached the little empty cart that she had chained to the side of a building with the permission of the shop keeper and then would stop and bend down to undo the chain she felt people around her staring at her watching her as she did this but she continued about her work.-

ShadowValcore: NPC Woman: -she walked down the row of shops on the main street of the village as she did every morning to get the food to prepare her families meals for the day. she spoted a woman in a deep red kimono with long orange hair she had never see her before in the village at least at this time in the morning. It was rare to see new venders in Yukigakure but perhaps that was what she was she looked to be fiddling with the chain of the cart however she could be doing anything.-

ShadowValcore: NPC Man: -He walked out of the ramen shop after eatting his first meal of the day it was still early and he had to go set up his shop before more shoppers came and passed him by. As he walked twords his shop he saw the girl that had asked to chain her cart up to his shop the day before and nodded to her. she was beatiful in a rare way but she didnt look to be intrested in any of the men that stared her way the day before or even be bothered by the stares she got today. She seemed to be amune to stars of others witch was good for a vender no matter what they sold.

ShadowValcore: -Nao would finish unlocking her cart from the man shop and stand up the chain still in her hand and place it on the back underneith part of the cart before slowly pulling it away from the piller that she had chained it to. glacing around she saw many eyes on her so she had been right they were all staring at her. She lifted the larg bag from her sholder and placed it ontop of the cart as she started pulling out the herbs that were inside and  properly sortting and setting them up. She knew what each one was and what they did or tasted like so this was easy for her and she made it look effortless as if she had done it many times. She would finish that with in a couple of minutes the tuch the bag behind the cart like she had done with the  chain. she would then push her cart of herbs a few paces with a soft smile on her face that made her purplish eyes glisten she would stroll down a bit further so she was not in front of the mans shop selling her herbs but keep it in view. Nao would then stop and stand behind her cart waiting paitently wile listening to the chatter among the villagers and shinobi that walked around.-

ShadowValcore: NPC Woman: -She watched as the woman set up her herbs and moved her cart oh an herb seller it was about time they had got one back in Yukigakure it had been awhile since the last one had moved on. the woman would go about her shopping getting the rest of her supplies for her families meal before approching Nao's stand with a smile and looking over the herbs. There was such a large selection here and some that she had never seen perhaps they were not for cooking use but for use of the shinobi. she would look over and spot the herb she was looking for and let out a happy sigh.- "Can i have a small bushel of that one." -she pointed at the herb she needed waiting for a reply from the woman.-

ShadowValcore: NPC Man: The man would smile as he saw the woman approch the shop it would not be long before all the villagers and shinobi started to vist the little stand it had been some time since they had had a herb seller that had anything useful so he himself was looking forward to having her in town and with her being close to his shop she would draw attention to his shop as well.-

ShadowValcore: -Nao would nod softly reaching up to gather the cooking herb that the woamn had asked for she would gather a few pieces of the herb and tie a small piece of rope around them then smile at the woman. "Is there anything else i can get for you this morning?" -Nao would ask in a soft tone one that normally she never used unless speaking to children but in this case she was trying to stay kind and calm as she hand the herb to the woman and waited silently for an answer. Her purple eyes scaning the woman as well as the suroundings the whole time.-

ShadowValcore: NPC Woman: -the woman would take the herb from the seller and smile softly as she spoke.- "That will be all thank you." -she said as she put the herb in her basket and then took out her coin bag and pay the seller what she owes beforing turning and walking away from the shop. She was happy she could make the meal with herbs that she really wanted to make today and her step would be lighter and happier as she headed back to her home passing the man as she walked down the main street. It would not be the last time that she shopped from the plesent new herb seller she was quite happy about how things went today.-

CastielCaoin: Castiel would walk down the street coming from the kage building without his hat, his robe on for regular walking around atire. His skin was pale and scared from his many years in war and fighting. His left eye covered and tattos littered his skin along with the scars. His left shoulder exposed and diagonally across his chest with a silver pendant necklace around his neck with two lockets, one for him and one for his daughters each. He would walk around the villages roads, the spring had made the area warm and the snow melt even when they were called the land of snow. The spring was beautiful, hills covered in flowers and thanks to the empress and her crystal, spring was even able to arrive at the land of snow. He had come into the market square with a ciggerette in his mouth and a cantine around his waist as he looked around to each stand greeting his village members as he looks to the side and his active sharingan lit up twords a single orange haired woman. Her chakra was through the roof and her network was tuned. He tilted his head and strolled over to her and said- Hello miss, what a lovely day this is= he said with a smile on his face but inside his intruigue was bugging him- ShadowValcore: -Nao would nod and take the money from the woman before looking down at her herbs she would then fix the stack. For the first time since she came into this village people were not not staring at her like she is a threat. She had done it got herself to be normal to these people but her chakra was strong those who could see it,if there happened to be any in this village still would know she has chakra she had already planed on this and along with her cover she came up with a backstory she could tell if she got asked about it. Nao would fix the herb pile so that it looked neat again before looking back up and scaning the street of the village. It didn't seem to be a huge threat this village but she still needed to keep in mind that they were the ones that killed Kano, That person was here somewere she knew it and if they were old now or still young she would kill them for what they had done, but not till the time was right, She would glance around more as she stood by her cart. Selling a bit more cooking herb to more wemon and then she noticed it. A man whom she could tell was a powerful shinobi from his scars came up to the cart. He had one eye covered and she wondered what he was hidding benith the covering. She would smile softly at the man unsure if he could tell her chakra or not but she wouldn't risk exposing herself so soon even if he could tell.- "Hello Sir, It is a beatiful day indeed Sir."-she would say in a polite and kind voice as she looked him over wondering why he had approched her.- CastielCaoin: He smiles and looks to the young lady taking in all her features as he always had a phelosphy, keep your friends close and your enemys closer. He bowed to her and said- dont mind the eye cover, just a little accedent with the genin, say would you be interested in getting some ramen, my treat. im sure the other two here can handle the cart. - he said softly curious if she might wanna come along so he could get something out of her.- 

ShadowValcore: -Nao would look saprised as the man asked her for ramen she wondered what his goal was in doing so, the only way for her to find out was to accept and go with him. So she would nod her head softly she knew the man would watch her cart so she wouldnt mind and even if her herbs were stollen she hand plenty more outside the village she could harvest.- "Sure Sir." -she would say softly as she came around to the other side of her cart and stood near him. He was the enamy and she knew this but she acted as if he was no threat at all but in her mind she was on full alert.-   o

Missing Cas's Part from now till end due to both crash out posts were taken from log on Word-

ShadowValcore:-Nao  took his arm and fallowed sitting next to him in the ramen shop. She didnt normally go along with strangers but she could tell his power as she touched him. She spoted an Anbu fallowing closely behind them but she still wasnt sure who this man was. As she sat she would glance at him he was an intresting looking man who seemed to be around the same age as herself but who could be sure of a person true age in this time. Her purple eyes gazed over him softly.- "Thank you Sir" -she would say kindly

ShadowValcore:-Nao would laugh softly she was speaking to the kage of Yukigakure over ramen and he was suspicius of her he could feel her chakra no dobt it rivled his own but she just smiled softly and replyed- "That would be great Sir." - Then in a softer tone she would answer his second question.- "I am from the village of Amegakure, Though i have not been there since the death of my love i was given permission to take leave and go on my own as long as i didnt cause problems."-She said this just as calm as she had been the entire time. It was not the first time she lied in such a situation and her eyes would not give her away either she was a professinal at lieing. She would smile softly. as she continued.- "I bring no threat I just came to sell my herbs to make a living as i have done since i left Amegakure."

ShadowValcore:-Nao would smile softly.- "I was a shinobi I tracked Missing Ninja"-This was not a lie did track down Missing Ninja now, That was who the Akatsuki were hoping this would explain why she was so strong.  Nao would answer the next question a bit more softly though.- "My name is Natsuko but everyone used to call me Nao for short." -This was also not a lie except that she said it backwards her name was Nao and she was  Natsuko by some people. However she didnt say her last name for a reasson she didnt want everyone to know that she was an Uzumaki no one knew that except for the Akatsuki.-

ShadowValcore:-Nao would nod her head softly as she took a bite of her ramen before answering him saddness could be seen in her eyes as he asked about Kano she could not tell him that one of his own Anbu had killed him to be honest she didnt know who killed him only the mask that they wore.- "I don't know who killed him, only the image of the mask still burns in my mind. I couldnt get their in time to save him.."-the last part was whispered because it was how she felt she would get revenge on the anbu one day.- " I was eighteen when he died its been seven years but still i can not get the image out of my mind the person is probally gone by now."

ShadowValcore:-Nao shook her head softly as she took another bite of her ramen.- "He didnt want eyes my partner he only wanted peace he was doing what he thought was right and he died I am glad that you got justice Sir, I hope one day I to will get Justice for his death."- She would finish her ramen and look up at him. "In Death we find peace finally no more wars, The good die young wile the evil live forever it seems." 

ShadowValcore:-Nao would shudder slightly as she saw the Uchia eye so he was the one she heard about having one eye of the Uchia in him she would look down as he spoke he to knew pain and he was still good but she had to much pain in her life this was not the first time before she had let go but this time she couldn't- " I sell my herbs and wait perhaps the person will recive justice for their wrong doing and one day i will see their grave, I hold no remouce for the killer they will have gotten what is due i have found nothing to fill the void no matter were I go or what I due. I have not fought a battle since that day and unless the person comes to me I have no intent on fighting a battle again. Unless I have no choice." -It was hard for her to say that but it was true she would not attack anyone untill she found the person responsible for Kano's death or unless she herself was attacked. She had power enough that only this kage could probally match but she didn't want to use it untill she had to.-

ShadowValcore:-Nao nodded as she stood up and fallowed him back to the street.- "Thank you Sir." -she would say softly." It has been a nice First day here in Yukigakure" -she would head back to her herb cart noticing nothing was missing she would smile softly and take her place back behind the cart.-