For any and those thinking of choosing the Ato Clan. Please remember that the Ato Clan is a Non-elemental Chakra Clan.

Clan Overall Description and HistoryEdit

After the Fourt Great Shinobi war and the settling down of the worlds violence, the Ex-ANBU Sai of the "Second" Team Seven of Konoha, parted his own way, meeting and reproducing several times with his madame, eventually "Drawing" his clan into existence. He made no haste, and continued to pass his unique abilities down his family tree, generation to generation.

Clan TraitsEdit


  • Hair: Jet black, low handing hair
  • Eyes: Usually Dull; Black
  • Skin Colour: Light skin, even pale looking

Personality traitsEdit

  • Patient
  • Socially akward
  • Level headed
  • Some calm and collected
  • Creative and or Artitic


  • Positive - Above Average Ninjutsu
  • Positive - Superior Intelligence


  • Negative - Below Average Strength
  • Negative - Inferior Stamina


Kekkei Genkai:Edit

  • N/A

Clan TechniqueEdit

  • Super_Beast_Imitating_Drawing
  • The ninja uses chakra-infused ink to quickly draws objects onto his scroll. The moment the brush is removed, the images leap from the paper, grow to life-size, and act according to the user's will. Because they are made of ink, a single blow is usually enough to dispel them.

Clan Abilities:Edit

  • Jutsu: Name: Rank, What it does, At what cost. [Only write if these Jutsu are limited to only your clan]
  • Jutsu: Name, Rank, What it does, At what cost. [Only write if these Jutsu are limited to only your clan]

Clan AchievementsEdit

  • Originator was a top class ninja, shooting to the rank of ANBU at a young age.
  • Helped protect there village from behind the scenes, multiple times

Recent Clan HistoryEdit

  • Fough in the last war
  • They broke apart and spreaded to different nations

Family TreeEdit