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KuramaLucien: -Lucien walked into the village as he glanced back looking to see if Kamisori was close by. He would sigh not seeing the man as he whispered ,”Hokori… is he still close…” –he would look up to the sky seeing if his black crow was near.- Slowing his pace he would look around more and more as if he felt like he was being watched… these day’s it was hard to know if someone was near… spying… looking for Lucien as well as Kamisori.-

HoshigakeKamisori: -Kamisori was checking the perimeter of the village as he let Lucien go in, He wanted to make sure no one was there that might spot them out from the norm. After he finished his check he body flickered in next to Lucien as Hokori flew over head. He spoke softly so no one around would hear anything he said.- Doesnt look like we have much to worry about here....Could be our chance to finally relax and enjoy ourselves for a night. I know we havent gotten time to do that the past couple weeks....So we owe it to ourselves. - He looked around at all the buildings in the square and looked back to Lucien.- Know any good place to get a drink around here?

KuramaLucien: -Lucien would turn his head to the side looking to Kamisori- "Well... lets go that way.." -he pointed to the building up the hill, there was smoking coming from it so it was likely somewhere open for business..."it has been sometime... well since the last inccodent... we need to relax and think about where we are going next Kamisori..."

HoshigakeKamisori: Right you are - He said as they headed toward the building Lucien pointed too wasnt to far from where they were just a short hike up the hill.- Yea i know how you feel but for now we relax and treat ourselves. - As they started to walk up the hill he noticed that a few women were going into the place as well and looking from the way they were dressed they were not ladies of high standing. He looked to lucien and nudged his shoulder pointing to the women grinning-

KuramaLucien: -Lucien rolled his eye as he said "your welcome to catch an STD... I am going inside to eat..." -he said with a light laugh as he went into the tavern and sat down at one of the tables. There was a young woman looked at him as she kinda looked frightened in a manor. She walked up to Lucien cautiously as she said "Good Day... what can..." -Lucien did not wait but looked to the woman "Something... with...meat..." -he said as he looked away from the woman. "And a called one...please..." -he said again as ht pushed back hid hood revealing his scattered dreads and unclipping his mask. He then placed it on the table not saying anything more.-

HoshigakeKamisori: -Kamisori laughed as Lucien ordered his meal and drink, The young woman looked terrified so he couldnt resist laughing. He just simply looked at her- Ill take the same if u dont mind. - the woman scurried away nodding her head as she left he also pulled his hood back revealing his scruffy black hair and took off his mask setting it on the table. He looked back to Lucien.- You have always had a way with the ladies.

KuramaLucien: "Seems it the the wonderful scar you left on me..." -he glared to him as he knew half of his face was missing. Moments later Hokori came through one of the windows as he cawed to Lucien. Letting out a clicking sounds from his jaw the crow flew down onto his shoulder. "So... where do we head next Kamisori..."

HoshigakeKamisori: "Its not like you left me any better off ya know" - points to his throat which had to have a respirator implanted into it - " But anyway... I figure we just take this one village at a time. Never know who we could run into ya know? "- He said as he looked around the pub didnt seem to be to busy right now, which was better in the long run for them.-

KuramaLucien: "yes... I remember that day... a day were Astaroth brought us together as a team.. to show you fight in is glory as you are an equal to me" -Lucien would reach up petting Hokori lightly. Reaching into his pouch he pulled out a bag that smelt pretty bad.. it had pieces of flesh and organs Lucien picked from bodies as he placed it on the table. The Crow looked to it and fluttered its wings and went to the table and began eating. The crows left eye resemebled that of Luciens seeing it infact was his eye... something he implanted into the creature that same day- "As long as it stay's quiet here we should be fine..." -Lucien said as he reached and pulled his mask closer to him as he examed it..-

HoshigakeKamisori: "Its true it was truly a battle of the god's." - As he finished the young woman came back with theyre food and drink's. It appeared to be some kind of turkey leg and a pint of beer. He looked at it and then looked back to lucien.- " Shall we?"

KuramaLucien: -Lucien would nod- "We Shall" -he picked up his mug as he grinned- "The first one that can't walk out of here pays..." -he laughed holding his mug waiting for his agreement. Lucien knew damn well the mans liqour tolorence couldnt be as good as Luciens but then again he was his equal... if they both tie then they could always burn the village to the ground and kill all the people in the village..- "So.... ?" -he paused-

HoshigakeKamisori: -He held his mug up to Lucien's- "Agreed" - he said as he clanked theyre mug's together tapping it down on the table before taking a gulp and setting it back down. He picked the leg and took a big bite out of the fleshy part of the meat.-

KuramaLucien: -Lucien would take down his drink as he smiled to the woman running the place- "Another round..." -he said as he bite down on his meat. Little pieces of it would get stuck in his teeth as he played with his grim side of his face. It seemed to be good food... good drinks... just what these too wanted and that was for once a quiet night without any far that is.-

Barmaid: -smiles at the two gentlemen sitting down. i come over and gives the gentlemen their next round of drinks. "is that all darling?"-

HoshigakeKamisori: -As the bar maid brung over theyre second round. He thanked her before handing off the other glasses and taking another bite of meat. He looked back to Lucien.- So what do u think of this place so far? - He asked washing down the meat with some more beer-

KuramaLucien: -Lucien would look to the woman, seemed she was coming along well not stairing to much at his half missing face. he would try not to say to much to the woman seeing that the last woman Lucien spoke to ended up getting a "gift" from Kamisori... more along the lines of a Senbon Gernade.- "Well seems okay I would say... food is is the beer..." -he drank down the rest of his... he was not at two and still unfaised from the alcohol.-

HoshigakeKamisori: " I agree good food and good beer can never get old." - He wasn't one to play with his food so he was taking the last bite of his turkey leg. He looked around out the window just checking things out. It was true he wanted to drink but he wouldnt drink to much as they never knew who was going to come along. He spoke to Lucien reminding him of this fact.- Dont forget Lucien we can enjoy ourselves but dont surpass the fact that we have to stay on our toes. -raised a brow as he took another gulp of his mug-

KuramaLucien: -Lucien would raise up his mug wanting another drink...- "yes... you are correct. Also I wanted to speak with you about... well our "Home" -he looked at Kamisori more serious. "I learned of a group near us known as the Akatsuki... have you heard anything about this group... I remember reading about them in the books but I thought they were long dead..." -he said as he reached down and grabbed a potato on his plat and bit down on it taking a nice chunk from it-

Barmaid: -realising his glass is raisied i come over and says "same again sweetie?"-

KuramaLucien: -Lucien would nod to the woman-

Barmaid: -i take Lucien's glass and walks behind the bar. as i pour out Lucien's next drink i carefully observe the two gentlemen talking. i walk back over and passes Lucien his next round. smiles and walks back to the bar-

HoshigakeKamisori: -Kamisori rubbed his chin at the thought of home they had been back in awhile.- Hmm Akatsuki you say.... Ive read about them but just like you i thought they were long dead and if not when they run into us they will be." - He laughed outloud, the woman came and refilled theyre drinks.

KuramaLucien: -Lucien would nod again to the woman as he waited for her to walk away- "So you were saying...." -he picked up his mug and began drinking it heavily, washing down any meat that was left in his mouth. he wanted to hear more about this group... to know if Kamisori did know anything about them

HoshigakeKamisori: - He looked back over his shoulder as he leaned forward making sure the woman was out of ear shot.- Well they say that they were powerful S-Rank powerful.... But each one of them had theyre flaws. They seemed to roll in pairs just like you in me. They're main goal was the collect of all the Bijuu...But the bijuu being gone now i have no idea what would make them come back if back at all - He took his mug and took another swig looking to see Lucien's reaction-

KuramaLucien: "the Bijuu... the ones with tails if I am correct..." -he said taking another healthy drink. "So let me ask you... if these memebers... well are like us... what makes us any different? you know if the Kage found out about us we would be hunted down and killed... Not that I do not mind a good fight but still the question is there.." -Lucien said as Hokori cawed a couple of times as he finished his bag of guts-

Barmaid : -cleaning up some glasses on the tables, i try not to hear what the two gentlemen are talking about. i look at them confused but quickly moves back to the bar-

Ed: *groan-shuffle-mumble-groan* -The sounds of Ed's most recently made servant awoke her, as the man who her new home had once belonged to entered the room, 'breakfast' on a tray. She looked down at the raw slab of meat, oozing still with blood, in disgust and slapped it away, rising instantly from bed- Fool, I can't eat my meat raw! -He slunk away from her wrath, leaving the metal tray and the steak dripping on the floor. With an exhasperated sigh she smoothed her hair back. She had been having a good sleep. But, he didn't have a working brain anymore, she couldn't really expct him to know how to use a stove. Maybe the tavern was serving something... and maybe she could find someone to cheer her up. She dressed hurriedly, rushing down the stairs past the zombie, who was now staring at a blank corner of the wall, and crossed the street to the tavern.-

HoshigakeKamisori: -He chuckled at Lucien- Honestly Lucien here lies the funny thing...We and them are exactly the same the only issue is that were not open about it like they are. And its true that if Castiel found out about we have really been doing in our spare time we would be in for one hell of a fight....but either way what's done is done . Just better to keep it to ourselves than put it out there ya know. - Finishes his drink- But i think its time you and me find our next stop on the way home we still have a way's to go before we can rest for good.

KuramaLucien: -Lucien would look to Kamisori as he nodded- "I agree... it seems things are picking up here and now... well we risk getting ourselves into a fight that is not needed.." -lucien would take the mask and placed it onto his face and pulled his coat back over his head- "Come Hokori.." -he said as his black crow fluttered and cawed before flying up onto Luciens shoulder.- "maybe we should recruite... keep things low and then when the time comes..." -he glanced back to the barmaid as he looked to Kamisori- "he's paying..." -As Lucien laughed some and walked out-

Ed: -Not too many patrons, but still more than none, as had been the norm for this hour of eve lately. Both males, and both looked to be capable fighters. But, if they were the only form of entertainment she might find for who knew how many hours... well, beggars couldn't be choosers. Hopefully they were still here when she had finished her meal.- Ooh, roast tonight? I'll take four helpings -She told the wench, adding a mug of mead to her order. She sat at a table while she awaited her meal, facing her mask to the two males so that she could listen in on their conversation, crimson tinted eyes staring their way intently, and making no effort to hide her blatant eavesdropping-

HoshigakeKamisori: -He chuckled at Lucien- Honestly Lucien here lies the funny thing...We and them are exactly the same the only issue is that were not open about it like they are. And its true that if Castiel found out about we have really been doing in our spare time we would be in for one hell of a fight....but either way what's done is done . Just better to keep it to ourselves than put it out there ya know." - He took another swing of beer in his mouth and swallowed it down leaning back in his chair and burping loudly smacking his chest with his fist- " Ah that hits the spot." - He looked over his shoulder at the woman who had come in a few moments earlier. He looked back to Lucien and rubbed his chin.-

KuramaLucien: -Lucien would nod to Kamisori as he smirked- "Like us huh... bloodthirsty killers..." -he laughed a little more as he chugged down his beer and watched Kamisori...- "What are your thoughts there Razor.." -he used his commrads code name to make sure that this woman would not pick up on who they were... but then again it came to him. Kamisori used Luciens name..- he held up his mug- "Another..." -he said as he slammed the mug down on the table as he also burped-

Ed: -Her meal arrived, all four courses of roast meat and a huge foaming mug of mead, and just briefly she forgot about the two males, looking at the veritable feast in front of her. Not caring how slovenly she looked she tucked into the meal, demolishing the first plate in almost a minute flat. Then she slowed down, still using her fingers to eat while she turned her attention back to the men, occasionally washing down what she was eating with her drink-

HoshigakeKamisori: -Kamisori chuckled- " Nothing at the moment only time will tell, just got to keep a watchful eye on the horizon." - He waited for the bar maid to come and get theyre mug's and refill them. As she brought them back he took another sip out of his mug. Looking back up to Lucien realizing he had used his codename earlier he knew he felt the same.- "So what do u think Raven, could you ever live in a place like this where the beer is good, The food is great, and everything moves at its own pace. No worries about what or WHO you might be doing." - HE chuckled as he took a big gulp of his drink.-

Ed: Gods above, can't you men talk about something interesting -Ed blurted, her mouth half full of potato and meat.- Here I am, trying to overhear juicy gossip or something, and all you can do is blither on? -Hopefully, it was provocation enough to begin the festivities for the evening.-

KuramaLucien: -Lucien would grin some as he sat back in his seat some as he began to tilt the chair back some- "Honestly... No.. I live and thrive on battle, destruction... and pain." -he said as he was still waiting for the barkeep to refill his drink. As she came over Lucien would not to her some as he turned his attention to Kamisori.- "So you say S Rank... I wonder what it would take for us to..." -and then the woman spoke... a bit of an outburst...Lucien was not one to blurt out anything nor speak to anyone he did not know. Kamisori was the one who did all the talking... as Lucien only trusted him. Lucien would shoot a slight glare to the woman as his crow fluttered its wings and flew up to the high perch in the building. Looking down on them Lucien would interlock his hands looking right at Kamisori-

HoshigakeKamisori: -Kamisori slightly turned his chair as the woman outburst and stared at her.- Im sorry i forgot we were suppose to be the entertainment for tonight. We arent here for your enjoyment so go back to your food and carry on woman....No one needs to die. Well today at least. - He turned back to Lucien and continued his conversation as if nothing had happened.- So you were saying Raven?

Ed: I beg to differ. A good day is one where someone dies, although, preferably not me. Not until I perfect the art of coming back as something better than a mindless zombie in any case. And despite your ignorance yes, you are supposed to be my entertainment for the night. -Behind her mask Ed smiled. So far so good. She had appeared to rile up the males enough for them to give her a retort at least, rather than ignoring her.-

KuramaLucien: -Lucien would sneer some as he would look to Kamisori- "Yes Razor as I said... S Rank Techniques... we will need to learn them...I don't care what it takes but we need to. I think if we work hard enough we can crush any of the kages.. hell take these Bijuu for ourselves..." -Lucien listened to the words of the woman as he nodded to Hokori who was watching from above. The crow would swoop down onto the womans table as it looked at her curiously. The woman would see that this crow had one normal looking eye and the other with a single dot with a light bright rim to it... well known for the Nara clan.-

Ed: Shoo crow -Ed stated, waving a hand at the crosw[though not to near for fear it would peck her] She still had another two courses of her roast to eat, and she didn't want some potentially disease ridden bird polluting her meal.- Remove your bird or I'll kill him, I swear to the gods above -She stated, turning her masked features back to the males when it seemed the raven wasn't cowed by her movements.-

HoshigakeKamisori: -Kamisori simply took another swig out of his mug and nodded at Lucien turning to speak to the woman.- Listen woman the way i see it is this, You have two choices which are. One you shut-up and leave or two we kill you therefore shutting your mouth. - He began to gather chakra into his mouth waiting to see what Lucien and the woman would do next-

KuramaLucien: -Lucien would laugh some as he noticed that Hokori cawing at the woman keeping his eyes on her, he knew well that this little diversion would work all to well. So many play into the game of thinking that the crow was just a pet... it was more along the lines of helping with Luciens "Sacrifical eye Technique" While one eye of the crow was normal the other was his own eye... his own eye that was removed after the battle between himself and Kamisori. To preserve the use of the eye he had it implanted into his little compainion Hokori. Once more Hokori cawed and pecked at the womans meal as he took off into the air with the piece of meat. As the bird past it aimed to still keeps its eyes on the woman from above. it held the roast good and firm as it placed it down at its feet. Lucien would simply laugh at Hokori and what he was doing..-

Ed: -Ed was fuming silently, her meal all but forgotten...which was only likely to make her more mad later. One did not live of rats for months on end only to have their decent meals stolen by a rat with wings. She stood so suddenly that her chair crashed down to the ground in a loud clatter, causing the barwench to flee to the back room. She at least knew what conflicts meant in this place. But Ed was far too stubborn to realize she was getting in over her head.- How dare you tell me to leave. Do you have any idea who I am?! -Her voice, unfortunately, rose an octave or two, only reminding the males that she was a 'hysterical' woman. But she was too incensed to care. And she had hoped to illicit the same response from them.-

Woman Traveler : -A lone figure passed through the gates of this town.Slitted pale blue eyes scanning the streets,observing the people as she just strolled around with out a goal. Signing a little as she ran a hand through her short red strands. She wondered how long it has been since she last stepped foot in this place,before she continued her journey and was now on the way back to her coven to report what she had found.Luna thought that she might as wel rest here for a bit before going on. Walking up the stairs that led towards the tavern and pausing at the entrance as she took in the scene infront of her. Smiling a bit awkwardly and then muttered a greeting before taking a seat at a vacant table and merely observed them for a bit.-

HoshigakeKamisori: -He released his chakra from his mouth allowing him to talk. He said in a calm voice back to her- What your failing to realise here is that we have no care or concern for who you are. The fact being you clearly dont know who we are otherwise you would havent of even outburst the first time.- He chuckled as he stood up and walked around the room slowly keeping himself facing the woman- Now like i said you either leave or u die or worse because now that your seeming to even think of reatliating is just gonna make it more fun for me and my associate. - He slowly walked back over to

KuramaLucien: -Lucien would look to the side seeing a new figure coming into the tavern. Lucien nodded to Kamisori so he knew also they had someone else to play with if need be. Placing his hand into the rat seal Lucien began placing his chakra into his shadow as it slowly crept across the floor towards the woman, aiming to reach and take hold of heres. As he got closer and closer he would watch her close-

Ed: -Oh that just did it. Her father had always said her temper was her downfall. Or would be. She didn't really remember his last words to her that well. All she knew right now was a blinding wall of hatred that turned her vision almost bloodred with anger, a slight tremble coming to her emaciated figure.- That does it -She spoke aloud, waggling her fingers at the male who seemed to be the main of the two((Kamisori)) in the hopes of paralysing him. It would only last at best for a minute, two if she was lucky, but hopefully enough time to make the other suffer.-

Woman Traveler: -Luna tilted her head to the side as she listened to what the man said. Frowning a little,but held her tongue as this didn't really concern her.Narrowing her eyes a little as she noticed that the other was now paying attention to her. She merely brushed him of not noticing that his shadow was creeping on to her own,her body tensed a little as she figured that she might get drawn into this little spat even if she didn't want to.She only came here to rest not to fight,but she would resist if needed.-

HoshigakeKamisori: -He would watch the woman wag her finger back and forth and burst out laughing.- Is this some kind of new dance or something? The waggle your finger dance cause i really dont understand what yelling and wiggling you finger around does. - He chuckles as he looks over at lucien-

KuramaLucien: -Lucien laughed lightly as his own shadow was trailing closer and closer to the womans as he was aiming to link them together. Lucien had plans for this woman... Kamisori was doing well distract her as he grinned lightly keeping his hand in the seal of the rat.-

Ed: -The failure of her spell, the only comfort that Ed had lately other than the fact that there was one male who constantly pursued her[despite the fact that it was to take her back to her father for justice] made her lose herself. Forgetting her magic completely, as she was wont to do when as incensed as she was, she lunged forward at the main male((Kamisori)) and aimed a punch at his face-

Woman Traveler: -Resisting to bang her head against the table,as the woman who has been provoked now completly lunged for the man. Making her temporarily forget his partner as she watched the male and female go at each other.Ignoring the alarm bells completly as she wondered how this would turn out.-

HoshigakeKamisori: -As the woman lunged at him throwing a punch at his face he simply stepped off to the side letting the punch go past his face but her own body still comming at him. He used her own momentum against her to throw her over his shoulder and against the wall behind him. As she hit the wall he walked back over to Lucien as he took another swig from his cup awaiting his shadow to make its connection-

KuramaLucien: -Right as the woman connected with the wall Lucien caught her shadow holding to his own will. Everymovement he made, she made so he guided her to one of the chairs and sat down across from her. The half of his face which was still there looked at the woman, his single eye watching her. Lucien slowly spoke- "tie her up Kamisori... time to have some fun..." -Lucien continued watching the girl as he spoke "The reason I never speak is because everytime that man sees me talking to someone... he kills them..." -he grinned as he sat back in his chair, she would do the same.- "Interesting technique this my clan we call it Shadow possession..." -he laughed some as he kept hold of her. There was no escape from it... the only way is to rid the rooms of all the shadows in the room but seeing as well lit as it was... that was near impossible. Lucien would turn lightly looking at Kamisori-

Ed: -It really was such a shame she had choosen to focus on negative energy. She hit th wall, hard she might add to herself, almost winding herslef, as the male simply sidestepped her ill thought out attack. She felt herself become a puppet, but could not resist the call, and followed his directions until she was seated once more, though she still had no control over her own limbs.- Wait...-she was resorting to protests, how pathetic.- You don't want to kill me.

HoshigakeKamisori: -Kamisori would laugh maniachly as he walked over behind the woman and began wrapping rope around her. He starts with a rope around her collarbone leaving her neck exposed and runs the rope down under the chair and ties it to her calfs therefore if she tries to squirm it puts tension on her chest securing herself using her own energy. He then Takes a rope and simply ties it around her mid section making sure to keep her arms secured at her sides. As he finished tieing her up he pulled out his blades slowly from his back. He then channeled his chakra through the blades giving off electrical properties touching the swords together so the tip would spark he. Looked back to Lucien and nodded then looked back to the girl.- Why would i not want to kill you is the question. You obviously stole that choice from me by choosing to stay. -He lightly ran one of the blades across her cheek cutting it open and shocking her and making her muscles spasm.-

Ed: -Ed flinched as the dagger cut across her cheek, though the resistance from energy somewhat mitigated the energy damage.- There's a bounty on my head -she blurted, telling part of her history in the attempt to forestall her death. As anyone was wont to do when faced with their own mortality. It was all good making sure she did not need to speak to cast a spell, but if her hands were bound she was little more than helpless-

Woman Traveler: - Luna blinked as she was confused for a moment. Watching them mirror each other and then listened to what he was explaining. Rolling her options through her mind as he had said he was controlling her shadow. Making Luna think for a moment that if there werent any shadows he couldn't control them.Mumbling a few words as she hid her hands underneath the table a small dark sphere starting to form and grow in between them as she willed her own energy out.-"I think play time is over"-She said her voice monotone as she regarded the two man eyes narrowing into thin slits as they went from ther pale blue to yellow, tapping into her demonic side a little.- "Lights out" -She said smilling a little as she dropped the sphere and willed it to stretch around them swallowing them all into a world of darkness as it soldified in a dome around them all. Not letting any light in,meaning that there where no shadows to control vor the man who's one eye was only visible. -

KuramaLucien: -Lucien would keep holding her as he moved moved his hands releasing her shadow. there would be no reason to hold her any longer seeing that she was tied up. "you relize woman you made the mistake... you chose to run your mouth against two of the most dangerous men in all of these lands... Someday I am sure you will not remember the Akasuki but us..." -he said as Hokori fluttered down to his shoulder. he would look to his bird as it cawed to Lucien a couple of time. Lucien would have a sinister look on his face as he nodded as the bird flow over to the girls shoulder. it then pecked at her face lightly at first- "Answer the questions or he will begin taking chunks away from your face... maybe even an eye... he loves eyes. Suddenly the lights went out and Lucien sighed- "Kamisori... light the place up would u..."

Ed: -Again Ed lamented the fact she had focused on negative energy instead of the light. Had she been of a good orientation she could no doubt free herself. But,as for the reasons she had left her home, she had choosen this path. She was blind, totaly in the dark with nothing to see...and suffice to say, she panicked, thinking she was blinded, or osmething just as sinister. She thrashed againsst the binds that held her to no avail, before desperately shouting out- there's a bounty of a thousand gold pieces on my head. Please...don't let me die like this..not like this, not now –despite herself, and suddenly appreciative of the darkness she felt a single tear roll down her cheek-

HoshigakeKamisori: -Kamisori smiled against the glow of his blades still dimly lit the area- With pleasure...- He Laughed as he channeled all his energy outward throwing his hand into a snake seal. As soon as he formed his seal lightning would seem to shoot out of the pores of his body. The lightning spat over the area as he walked over to the woman in the chair. Some of the lightning arching against her body leaving contact burns.- I dont have time for games or bounties. - He said simply as he swung his blade around cleaving at the woman's neck in a horizontal motion. He simply turned and looked at the woman as he raised his blade up in the air towards her. Blood from the other woman's innards ran down the blade and onto his hand.- Now you interest us very much. - he said very low and stone faced-

Woman Traveler: -Luna didn't even flinch or show any emotion when the man who unfortunatly was now paying attention to her killed the other woman. Signing as she regarded them with impassive eyes. "Let me geuss, it's my turn now"She said her voice void of emotion as she regarded them her eyes turning back to their neutral color.-

KuramaLucien: -Lucien would grin as he placed his hands into the seals, as he rushed in the direction of the other woman in the room. Lucien would not miss a beat as he aimed to make eye connection with her eyes. With the flashes of light coming from Kasimoris last attack there would be no issue with finding the girl. If this was success Lucien would say the words "Weighted Feathers..." as the girl would see thousands of feathers surrounding them as they began pressing into her. giving her a since of being pushed and crushed to the ground. In the realisty of it all through she was cowering on the ground. Lucien would slip away and found Kamisori. "We must leave... burn the place to the ground..." -Lucien said as he walked out of the Tavern-

HoshigakeKamisori: -Kamisroi chuckled at her- I see you like to play aswell...but my games have only begun - quickly throws his hands into a clone seal , as he does more of himself appear around the tavern crawling out of the walls and down out of the ceiling. As the clones appear they simultaneously move in to attack her. Little does she know that these are not literal clones of himself but just high density illusions. As the clones move in on her he gathers chakra to his mouth when enough has built up he forms a snake seal. Once his hands are in place a beam of lightning shoots out of his mouth threw the clones aiming for her chest-

KuramaLucien: -Lucien would walk out of the village placing his mask and coat on as he walked... it would be a very long journey home... "Watch from the skies Hokori..." -he said as he walked without say another word..."

HoshigakeKamisori: -Kamisroi nodded his head as he walked to the door way. He turned in the door way and quickly formed a tiger seal sending his chakra to his mouth a giant dragon headed flame erupted from his mouth as he turned his head using it as a flamethrower setting the tavern on fire.- Well I do like what theyve done to the place. - He bursts out laughing as he follows lucien out of the town-